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  1. You are not alone. Waiting a bit longer.
  2. Ok, I am now unsure because I just went and looked at the last two items I bought and one does and one does not have a numeric code attached to the Proof Of Purchase. I am luck, like you I still have all the package and could prove it with a picture if need be. But it does make me wonder.
  3. I thought it was great and laughed out loud when I read it.
  4. This is good news, all three of the packs I am missing are now on the "At the Printer" list. On the boat now! Wonderful. Progress is happening.
  5. Oh I do agree 100%. I think it is sad how many game companies seem to believe that they need only communicate through Social Media. That semi-official posts are enough. WotC even closed down their official forums because they believe their tweets are enough. If it were up to me, official news would be posted to the official website. But it isn't up to me. And I think to ignore what little news I get just because they didn't package it the way I want is a waste of my time and energy. Clearly that one answer seems to fit the situation I see, no app yet. So given the situation, I will not expect anything for at least a couple of weeks more. Setting my expectations this way allows me to stay at least somewhat sane.
  6. Didn't they post on the 28th that it would be a few more weeks? That puts the release into mid-May at best and is them informing a part of their customer base. Now of course I would agree, a news post here on their website would have been a better way to handle it, but that is just my opinion.
  7. Minis are different sizes so I doubt this. The Runebound ones are significantly smaller than the Descent ones. The mini would be dwarfed by the standard Descent ones. Love the idea though, kinda wish they incorporated it that way. Really? I didn't realize there was a size difference (only own Descent). The pictures I have seen all looked identical. Can you give an estimate of the overall height of the Runebound mini? On another thread mitchjmiller was nice enough to post this picture for me. http://i.imgur.com/si9CzHt.jpg Sad that FFG elected to make them different scales, it seems counter intuitive to me. But it is what it is.
  8. Just to make sure I understand something right, the Hero & Monster packs are not tied to a specific expansion. I know the lieutenants are from specific expansions but I think the Hero and Monster packs are "independent". Do I understand this right?
  9. Thanks for the heads up, it helps set realistic expectations.
  10. This is good news, all three of the packs I am missing are now on the "At the Printer" list.
  11. Re-read it, I wasn't telling you what you were feeling, I was showing that I understood how you were feeling as you are not the only one to feel frustrated, and I was offering some friendly advice to enjoy the game whilst you wait for the release. I am in the exact same boat. I bought the core game and a bunch of expansions, and haven't played any yet, and am looking forward to the apps release. In the meantime I have built a foamcore insert for it, sleeved all my cards and am currently painting the figures. I'm sorry if you mistook my trying to be friendly for some sort of personal attack on your emotions. palleon, I know. That is why I was thanking you. Salty and board.
  12. While I can see the game mechanic reasons for this I have to admit the mental visual is quite funny. "dafrca grab the Longbow from Bob." "Sorry, I can't. He is knocked out on the floor." "It's right there, pick it up." "Sorry, I can't. He is knocked out so I can't touch the Longbow."
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