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  1. Which means you could say that the top players chose other factions for a reason. Data suggests that Iden is good but not overpowered and other factions currently bring things that are just as good if not better.
  2. Iden, and the Empire in general, did not over perform in Invader League. I believe all of the Empire lists are now out at the round of 16. If something was truly as overpowered as many here are saying, she would have had a much stronger showing than she did. Her repeater, while having a strong dice pool, lacks pierce and does not do good damage shooting into cover 2 which is really important in today's game. Her sniper is also not reconfigurable which hurts when it's on a 140+ unit. She's good but currently lacks synergy with her army which is important, and Bossk is honestly better at the operative role she is trying to fill right now. His surge to crit, better gun for the meta, and bounty are big boons for him right now. I have a strong feeling though that once Inferno squad is out she'll really hit her stride. It feels kind of like playing Cassian without K2 right now.
  3. Invader league uses all the battle cards available. What ifs about empire players isn't really a strong point, players play certain factions for different reasons and the # of total GAR players in RR was at least close to the # of Empire players. I believe it was 54 GAR players and 47 Empire players but the difference in % of how many made the cut is quite a stark contrast.
  4. Data collected on the single elims lists which was done by jasonisconfused on the discord channel. Note that Notorious Scoundrels just had a podcast talking about elims data and they'll probably be going more in depth about it over the next few weeks. Archetype Breakdown REPUBLIC: 20 - 11-Act Rex: 6 - Obi/Rex: 3 - Rex/Padme: 2 - Obi/Padme: 2 - Rex 2xARC: 2 - Rex/Padme 1xARC: 2 - Obi/Rex/Padme: 1 - Rex/Padme Saber: 1 - Rex Saber: 1 REBEL: 20 - Cassian Tauns: 4 - Jyn/Cassian: 3 - Cassian/Luke: 3 - Cassian/Op Luke: 1 - Cassian/Op Luke Tauns: 1 - Leia Walkers: 1 - Op Luke Walkers: 1 - Cassian/Sabine Walkers: 1 - Luke Tauns: 1 - Sabine Tauns: 1 - Jyn/Cassian/Sabine: 1 - Leia Tauns Snowspeeders: 1 - Leia Tauns: 1 SEPARATIST: 14 - Grievous AAT: 3 - Dooku 3xSnipers: 2 - Grievous 2xSTAPs: 2 - Dooku 2xSTAPs: 2 - Dooku 1xSwords: 1 - Dooku AAT: 1 - Grievous 3xSnipers: 1 - Grievous 2xCommando Guns: 1 - Grievous 3xSTAPs: 1 IMPERIAL: 10 - Krennic/Iden: 2 - Iden Double Bounty: 2 - Iden 2xTank: 1 - Krennic/Bossk: 1 - Iden/Bossk: 1 - Vader: 1 - Veers AT-ST: 1 - Iden Dewback Bikes: 1 Notes: - I didn't split out archetypes based on the presence of cheap operatives like R2-D2, K-2SO, or Chewbacca - Archetypes filled the remaining points with corps, snipers, and occasionally single cheap supports like E-Webs or AT-RTs - This breakdown doesn't pay any attention to upgrades - I probably screwed something up Activation Counts - 8: 2 - 9: 9 - 10: 18 - 11: 18 - 12: 10 Bids - 0: 15 - 1: 7 - 2: 4 - 3: 2 - 4: 2 - 5: 2 - 6: 5 - 7: 1 - 8: 1 - 9: 2 - 10: 5 - 11: 6 - 12: 1 - 14: 1 - 15: 2 - 16: 3 - 17: 2 - 18: 1 - 20: 2 - 25: 1 - 30: 1 And also some RR faction v faction stats done by Sailormeni on the Discord channel. I think the main takeaway is that GAR is probably the strongest faction while Empire seems to be the weakest simply because they can't seem to handle GAR effectively. Also the units that are traditionally good for Empire are not as effective in a world with Vital Assets out because they lack speed and do not want to close the distance, which all Vital assets does is encourage lists with mobility and close range damage.
  5. As others have mentioned Obi really does have a playstyle switch during the game from a defensive unit to a offensive playmaker and his command cards reflect this and timing them right is important. Sticking with your gunline in the beginning with Obi is important for the clones to survive for the later part of the game. General Kenobi should really be played probably on turn 2 because that's when most units really start to engage at range 3 and Knowledge and Defence is probably a turn 3-4 card that you want to time when you know a lot of fire is about to come your way. After that Obi should probably be making moves on objectives and Hello There is a great turn 5-6 card. Obi's loadout should probably be force push, reflexes, and tenacity every time with aggressive tactics there if you're a solo commander. I like aggressive tactics surges on Obi that way I can still guardian some sniper fire that isn't crits coming into my clones and still have a surge for defence. It's very helpful vs civil war snipers and bx snipers but isn't as great vs ARC snipers because of critical.
  6. One of Boba's biggest challenges going forward will probably be competition with Iden. If she is fully kitted out with hunter, OP, environmental gear, her gun, and ID10 she is only 3 points more expensive than a naked Boba. Her command cards are great and are much better than Boba's, not to mention her natural synergy with Veers giving her aims and her having two 2 pips. She also helps her army out by being able to contribute that courage 3 bubble. She'll be very flexible with her guns being able to deal with strong red save armies like clones, or choosing to bring her repeater and being able to decimate white save factions like CIS. Lets not forget that ID10 can contribute a 3 white dice suppressive attack for melee or range 1. This turns her dice pool into something extremely scary with her repeater, and only 1 dice less than a dewback melee. You can also dump 5 suppression onto a target when you play ID10's 2 pip if you also shoot the target of the card. I'm not sure about durability, but 6 health, nimble, quick thinking, at least 1 shield from ID10 but probably 3 throughout the game because of free recovers, and being able to easily generate free aim tokens for 5/6 (she can get at least 3 uses of OP, the aim from her 1 pip, and her 3 pip giving her tactical 1 and steady) of her turns just seems like a massive boon for her. She is also quite strong for a lot of the objectives empire is already good at and can play and least hostage and payload fairly well. The advantage Boba has is constant SS2, bounty, speed, and impervious. This doesn't really seem all that great though considering Iden has 2 cards that let her ignore cover and Boba rarely gets his bounty due to his dice pool only being decent but not great at range 2 or below. His lack of ability to generate free tokens that seem to be so common in the game now is also quite a stark contrast with basically every other character and some units. I think if he was printed today he would have had tactical 1 because he's the OG clone and have had stronger command cards. He is a decent example of early wave syndrome and possibly command card power creep.
  7. So every points update I go and look at Sloane because I don't like that card, and after this update you can fit quite a bit next to her now such as a Lambda+4 tie lns+interceptor+aggressor/bomber. 7 ship Sloane swarms sounds like a terrible list to play against.
  8. Kylo+holo+rush brings a good bid of 13 and I'm pretty sure they don't even need upgrades. Idk if rush is a meme yet though but he's interesting.
  9. Basically the Avenger swarm but with Vonreg. I actually think I prefer avenger over Vonreg because at least avenger won't explode after executing a maneuver.
  10. @Brunas the first podcast in months and y'all start triggering me about the 1.0 jumpmasters of legion. *it's actually a much worse situation than jump masters please send help*
  11. Kylo is looking really solid in HS because he's one of the last 3 dice force users in that format.
  12. Any bets on "Holo" with power cells being FO's most played pilot once the ship releases?
  13. Almost all the tie FO named pilots are overcosted by a considerable amount; hopefully the update in just a few days changes that. For example, compare Malarus to Tallie and it just blows your mind. They have mostly gimmicky abilities that are hard to use effectively but pay crazy amounts for.
  14. I think Vonreg is worse than soontir imo and if he costs more than soontir he won't be even close to worth it. He's also very comparable to Grand Quiz who I think is also much better than he is and has 2 force, so he should be looking at the high 40s. People just look at his ship and say "oh he has double reposition or can get double mods so he must be more expensive" but it's limited double reposition and he's losing dice for doing his tricks so it's actually quite worse than what people think it will be.
  15. I want FO tie fighter pilots to drop significantly. Theres no reason Malarus should be 39 when Tallie is 36. I'd like to see around 8 point drops for most of the pilots except for Scorch and Longshot who only need like 1-2 points drops. I'd also love to see fanatical drop to 1 point and crack shot go up to 2 so there's an actual reason to take my factions specific talent.
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