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  1. Might you treat us to a brief synopsis? as I am rather curious as this point and am always looking for nifty NPCs to toss into my games.
  2. Yes, Thank you for pointing this out. I'm good and all with including some changes to characters and adding in homosexual relationships. But this specific change borks up the entire Triangle between Shoju, Kachiko and Hoturi. Not to mention the the now eradicated storyline involving Hoturi's Foxwife. And I guess this means that Kachiko doesn't trick HOturi into murdering the Previous Phoenix champ at Winter Court for "assaulting" her honor?
  3. There's a few that I would like to see altered/changed. As a disclaimer I have only played the card game for a few weeks like a decade ago. 1: Spider Clan being accepted into the Empire. This was a horrible idea in my opinion, leave them as a perverse mockery down below the wall. 2: Mantis Clan Absorbing and destroying the fluff of multiple Minor Clans. 3: Mantis Clan getting away with **** near everything they do. 4: Toturi Proclaiming himself as Emperor, Now I don't disagree with him seizing power to avert civil war, but I think and in My Rokugan, I believe he'd proclaim himself Shogun, activate that most ancient Title and rule as Regent until a suitable heir can be found or the Clan Champions can agree upon something. 5: Scorpion Exile. This just doesn't make sense... Lets take the shiftiest and most underhanded group in the Empire and just toss them over the hill and hope they stay there? 6: Apocalypses and Massive scale wars every other year or so...who the hell was left to fight come the Destroyer War? THe clans had been at war for ages. How did anyone find time to do anything? 7: Make some better Advanced Schools for the rest of the Clans, seriously the Mantis get so many, same with the Crane. 8: Improve the quality of the Minor Clan schools as most of them are kind of ****.
  4. Perhaps my favorite "What the..." moment comes out of the RPG, 2nd Edition "Legacy of the Forge". There's a artifact or some nonsense that is being guarded by an Oni. An Oni that doesn't think he's an Oni anymore and worships Amaterasu (sp). OH and the big kicker was that the Oni was summoned by the Kitsu family to guard said object. Not secretly either, it's found in a scroll detailing the whole summoning and all that.
  5. If I remember correctly, the Wasp Family was Originally Ashinagabachi before absorption into the Mantis (Something I disdain heavily). But now that I think on it yeah, most of them are just "Animal Clan" Right out of the gate. In my games so far I've only ever made 1 Minor Clan, the Tiger Clan and it was a end of game reward for my players who had busted ass for 18 months as Magistrates juggling a lot of stuff. Was a Kitsu Samurai-ko trained as a Matsu and a Hida, trained as a Hiruma, who did Hida stuff who got married and in lieu of their services and proactive nature against the minions of Jigoku were granted leave to form a clan. They chose to be the Tiger Clan, family of Kenzo (as that was the Hida's first name).
  6. A few house rules that have evolved out of my group. All Characters are granted the skill Lore: Clan/Affiliation/Order equal to Half their IR rounding up. This is to represent that they were raised among their clansmen and have some semblance of knowledge of their clan's ins and outs. Different School could make this a bit tricky as the character would've have spent more time with a different clan than their own, I suggest having it refer to the clan they spent the most time with overall. Number of Kata active equal to your Insight Rank. Haven't had a problem with doing things like this, I just didn't like how kata required to be activated.
  7. 1: Consolidate all the fiction to a full books/novels or a 'History of Rokugan' type thing. Do some Novels of the major story arcs and the like. 2: Get a consistent art style for the artwork, and keep Genzoman away from it all. 3: Some form of video media, either Animated or Live Action. Preference for Animated. I think someone made mention of a Clone Wars type series for it. Totes down with that idea. 4: Rewrite the timeline from the end of the Coup going forward. No Mantis Great Clan (at the least none of this absorbing and destroying the Fox, Centipede and Wasp) Keep the Spider Clan as a twisted mockery in the Shadowlands. 5: Get CD Project Red to helm a Video Game adaptation (Can you imagine Witcher 3 in Rokugan?) 6: Launch of a Series of L5R Themed Pogs. They died before their time and we should bring them back.
  8. My choices are purely out of the RPG as the area I'm in never had a CCG following. Overrated: Hida Kisada. Up until the Clan War and the letting the Shadowlands through I was good with him. Rather liked him. Then he just went '**** it, demon army'. And somehow ends up as a Fortune out of the whole deal. Though he is tied with Yoritomo as well (Uber fanboy superpowers). Underrated: http://l5r.wikia.com/wiki/Shosuro_Mukaithis guy is fairly awesome, Wish there was more of him.
  9. In order of questions: 1: There is, most of 4th edition to my knowledge is post 1200. 2: Several both official and fanon. There was a trio of books Kyuden Kakita, Seppun and Akodo/Ikoma that were for Winter Courts. Also a few others of the Fanon variety that cover Kyuden Hida, Moto and I think a couple of the minor Clans. 3: The culture is heavily important, I suggest using the Young Samurai's Primer, should be able to find it online rather easily. 4: Personally I disagree with them being part of the Great Clans, I've always liked using them as a steadfast villain group down in the shadowlands as a perverted mockery of the Empire. 5: Get some people to help out with being the NPCs.
  10. 4th Edition. Some of these were taken from the old AEG forums, I do not remember the original Author/Poster so I do apologize. 1: Everyone gets Lore: (Their Clan/Monastic Order/Ronin) equal to One half IR rounded up. I let it count towards their Insight since I hand out XP very rarely. 3 Years and they're IR 7 on average. 2: Let dice pools exceed 10k10, as I personally like the feel of rolling something like 18K11. Just feels more awesome and fun. 3: If something is roleplayed out with a PC learning the skill, working the NPC into an Ally or whatever I tend to give a decent reduction in cost for the work put in. Exceptional Roleplay may generate it for free. For example had a player spend 5 months of gaming deepening his understanding of History, now that is 5 real world months, 20 sessions of making a point to be in a library, talking to scholars, reading books etc... So I gave him two ranks to start him off. Every PC at my table has done similar to varying degrees of intensity. All are good with it. 4: I do use the Little Truths Hit Location rules as called shots had been getting called all the time and it was a solid rule set to use. Also I use their Crafting mechanics as well. 5: Unspecified bonuses for Players who actively roleplay out speeches or haiku or attempt the artwork their character is doing rather than immediately resorting to the dice. They still have to roll afterwards. Barring one instance where a former player's Hida delivered a stunning speech about duty and honor that left the majority of the table in tears, I figure if I'm completely unable to hold it together after a speech they've earned the win. 6: If you chip in for dinner you get a void point for the session. I'm a cheap broke bastard, I make no apologies. 7: Gave Jitte and Sai's a free raise towards Disarming since that's the intended design and purpose of the weapons. Can't think of anything else off the top of my head.
  11. Looks interesting. Whats the Daimyo Project PDF by the way? it sounds intriguing.
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