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  1. This is an issue for me as someone who does most of their theory-crafting on a train commute with intermittent internet coverage. Please change this.
  2. I'm a new player. Well, I played 1.0 for about 6 months about 18 months ago. The option I'm going down is not buying any 1.0 items and slowly expanding my collection. This is for a few reasons: I want the new models I don't care if its more expensive I don't want to be overwhelmed with options from Day 1 I want to get excited with every re-release that gives me new toys to play with This also ensures I use some cards which might not be used otherwise as they might be sub-optimal for competitive play Just my approach. Everyone has their own view on this of course!
  3. Yeah, it's hard to say. However, they did put Wampa in the 2.0 TIE Fighter Expansion and he was previously only in the Assault Carrier (Epic) expansion for 1.0. So, that gives me some hope that they won't force people to buy Epic ships solely for upgrades in 2.0. Palpatine could easily be included in 2.0 Lambda or 2.0 Decimator expansions for example.
  4. I'm happy to expand slowly with each re-released wave. Understand it's not ecomonically best, but I want the collection to expand bit by bit and not get overwhelmed with content straight away. Also want the newer models. However, buying an Epic ship for the same price as a conversion kit, but not ever using the ship, doesn't feel right to me, if the cards are in the conversion kit of course. Maybe I'll just wait and see.
  5. So with 1.0 you had to buy some Epic ships for certain upgrades. I don't think we know if this will be the case in 2.0 or not yet. However, I don't play Epic. The Epic 1.0 Upgrades are in the Conversion Kits to my knowledge. Do you think its better to buy the conversion kits if you don't want the Epic models? Or do we think FFG will not do this upgrades strategy again with 2.0 and will put all non-Epic playable upgrades with non-Epic ships? I could just wait until the say what's going on with Epics in 2.0, but not sure if conversion kits will still be around by then. Note: I don't have any of my 1.0 stuff anymore, so starting from scratch.
  6. Are they ones in the new TIE expansion the same color as the ones in 2.0 core?
  7. Those of you that have been lucky enough to get a 2.0 Core already, are the TIE Fighter models any different? Early views from people were that they are the same, but not sure if anyone has done close comparisons. Thanks.
  8. If this new dynamic cost balancing works out, then you will be flying I6 pilots because you want to, not because they have a better power/cost ratio. Anyone hitting above their weight will have their costs increased and vice versa. Sounds lovely.
  9. Thanks for the feedback @GuacCousteau and @knute. I'll tinker around with this a bit more. One question about Dutch though. If he uses his ability on another ship and that other ship has R3. Does R3's ability trigger?
  10. Working on my first 2.0 lists. Been quite awhile since I played X-Wing. Looking for feedback, particularly if I'm doing something absurd or missing something obvious. I'll have 2 Cores and 1 of each Imperial & Rebel expansion, so I don't have access to all of the upgrades. Imperial: https://goo.gl/fjYK7Y Rebel: https://goo.gl/fiYqMA Imperial (200) Darth Vader — TIE Advanced 70 Fire-Control System 3 Ship Total: 73 "Mauler" Mithel — TIE Fighter 32 Ship Total: 32 "Scourge" Skutu — TIE Fighter 32 Predator 2 Ship Total: 34 "Wampa" — TIE Fighter 30 Ship Total: 30 Gideon Hask — TIE Fighter 30 Crack Shot 1 Ship Total: 31 Rebel (199) Luke Skywalker — X-Wing 62 Ship Total: 62 Wedge Antilles — X-Wing 52 Outmaneuver 6 Ship Total: 58 Gray Squadron Bomber — Y-Wing 32 Ion Cannon Turret 6 Ship Total: 38 Blue Squadron Escort — X-Wing 41 Ship Total: 41
  11. Let's say we discover an alien racoon Mars. They look similar to humans, but are all green... Is that bad? Rokugan is not real (sorry) , and is not a realistic depiction of any time in humanity. Don't treat it as such. If they add different skin colors, fine. If they don't, fine. It's totally their call. And to be honest, they are a business, and this may come down to what responds well with customers. Again, that's fine. There's something inherently wrong about forcing our view of humanity onto a fantasy setting. And skin color would just be one of the elements... Not even started on sexuality, hair color, food choices, heights, etc.
  12. BTW, I've been talking to a large distributor, whom I will not name, but they've confirmed two things. 1) Product availability and pricing has not been confirmed yet and is not expected until July 2) The current scheduled release date for the product is "October" So, anyone that is doing pre-orders, is doing so on a guess.
  13. Unless I'm mistaken, you can only include a Phoenix province if you are playing Phoenix as your primary clan. Apart from your primary clan, I believe you can only play neutral provinces. I think the OP is about what you would auto-include regardless of your primary clan.
  14. Looks great, and I'm not usually a fan of promos cards. However, I'm not sure I like the color of the clan symbol. I think I'd prefer you use the standard one personally. Just my opinion though.
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