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  1. Wow. I Feel so out of the loop. Came on only to realize that I was on page 14 of 27! I havent even had time to download the last few iterations of the project. Just from skimming the thread... I like the mothership / pod idea. Perhaps just call it mothership to pod clamps and pod to mothership clamps ( m2p or p2m)... although personally I'm not sure that pod is the best term to use since it could be a completely separate and distinct vessel in its own right. Perhaps master and slave? Some may take offense to that but this is star wars where slavery is a very real and common problem so the terminology would make sense in universe. Also I really like the idea of using a triumph to add an extra widget beyond the stated limit. Then there is the whole wheeled / track / Walker dilemma... perhaps a one advantage option to change from track to wheel or Walker... I know... I really need to look at the updated project / ruleset to know what I'm talking about before I open my mouth but hey, I've missed the collective!!! As to armour... would it make more sense to just have the base frames start at 0 armour since it is rather easy to increase that through so many options... perhaps that is just on certain templates or maybe even all... I could be wrong but I think there are some other vehicles beyond the walkers with 0 armour. I'll check that later unless someone knows off hand the answer. Glad to see we are still going strong and as always hats off to all contributors with a special thanks to EliasWindrider
  2. It's tough. My wife's family went back 2nd weekend in September. We had her 2 brothers and the one brother's wife and their 3 boys (2 to 15) and her parents here for about 2 months so I understand what you mean. I dont know about you but I love it when my mother in law is here... lots of good Caribbean food to eat... I always gain a couple dozen pounds when she is here... oh ok. Fine, I was exaggerating. But at least 5 anyway.
  3. So even busier than I was aware of. I hope you had a great visit with the inlaws at least...
  4. @EliasWindrider out of curiosity, any new updates or alterations of late? It's been a while and I think it is close to completion. Any further changes are likely more polish than necessity. So with your busy schedule and chilli'n with the in-laws (which I totally understand, just had mine for 2 months) I realize you haven't had much time for this lately so just asking... ?
  5. That sounds like a good idea to me, however that could possibly be implemented over all sil, not just 6 and up. It would require a fair bit of rework on the numbers of the smaller ships but it would make the ships more accurate I would think. Perhaps it could be a triumph option in the table? Seems to me that that would actually mean 3 different sizes of hull per sil though so is it adding too much complication to the build process?
  6. So I might be a little lost here. Haven't looked in a while since I've been very busy irl... but one thing to take into account for most shuttles is the restricted status and another is the cost... most light freighters (ie yt's) are small personal ships that are fairly cheap. So perhaps costs of the ship as well as a possible restricted status on a shuttle frame and hull combo makes the difference for why someone builds a yt type personal freighter vs a much better shuttle option?
  7. So I think I was using bad math. 0÷2=0 rounded up doesnt = 1. Sorry. As to the crew to pax I was thinking something like x crew = 1/2x pax round? up or down? (crew quarters are smaller than pax quarters) although you are right and it is a bit of a bigger benefit to reduce crew and increase pax than the other way around... perhaps 1/4 then? And round down to encourage the use of all 4 crew slots to gain just 1 passenger slot?
  8. @EliasWindrider I just discovered a quirk ?. Seems that when using elegant design as well as a couple of the other options available for halving pax and our RAW, a vehicle with zero pax actually goes up to 1 pax. Anyway, on a serious note, what are your thoughts on having a reverse of officers quarters? Seems that it should be possible to reduce crew requirements to increase pax amounts. Although I would consider having both of those options in the assembly stage rather than the frame stage. And I was wondering what you might think about extra hard points either being available in the assembly stage or being there as well... and possibly changing the 'only select once' to 'up to sil'.
  9. I also like the idea of simplifying the checks also effecting mods on parts simplified ie reduce the difficulty of the frame reduces the difficulty of the mods to the frame
  10. Either that or they just keep rebuilding frame after frame saying to them selves... I can make this better, take it apart and restart.
  11. So not unreasonable. And realistic for something like the croc. It is not a simple ship.
  12. @EliasWindrider btw, thanks for all the hard work. I'm sorry I wasn't more help on stating out some of these ships. Been too busy the past couple of weeks.
  13. But what types of costs in regards to ad/tri are we looking at for those builds. I' agree some should be quite hard to replicate for the average back yard astromech&mechanic, but still not entirely impossible
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