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  1. You might find this resource helpful for your cards https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/240213-l-master-list/
  2. Well nothing today for us except for dawn is in stores... So what now? Another week with nothing? Another week closer to a year for FO?
  3. That' pretty much my take. If you replace an auto blaster with a blaster cannon it is 0 hp. If you replace an auto blaster with a linked 1 2 or 3 blaster cannon for 4 + 2+ 2+2 it would take 1 hp. As to if that can be added to it later or not I'm not sure myself... I'd say that may be gm dependant.
  4. Your cards your choice. Just trying to save some room... make it less busy... k.i.s.s. keep it simply simple As for the linked... yes you could have linked three other auto blasters so you might want to add something to indicate that option. ( I think there is a max of linked 3 or 4 but don' quote me) And I would leave the retractable but not add any extra text that I seem to recall you had with it. I would also take out the " doing so will use the current weapons location" text. As well as the whole ' hull s foil wingtip cockpit' text. I'd say that's more than is needed... kinda redundant with the v.d.f.a.p.s And last... you have vent and dors as locations but not as firing arcs. They are a valid firing arc too.
  5. Oh and the one hard point is only for the first linked weapon as far as I know. A quad ion cannon would still only be at most 1 hard point of it was replacing a blaster cannon... and I'm pretty sure if it was replacing a linked weapon it wouldn't even be 1 hp.
  6. IIRC yes. And yeah now you mention it a quad might be linked 3. Sorry was going from memory not from books. As to the card... it's good. But again the location determines the firing arc... ie ventral mounted turret could fire ventral all (port starboard fore aft) and dorsal the same. A turret mounted on the port could fire port fore aft (and to some degree vent and dor) And a turret mounted on the fore could do port starboard fore. As such you really don't need to have where it's mounted AND the firing arc. Also retractable doesn't mean fixed... it could also be a turret that is retractable... the way the card looks seems like it leads me to thinking retractable can't be a turret. Forward / fore... good question for the devs... personally I would think they are the same and maybe done by different writers but what do I know. Looking forward to seeing a complete set of your cards (I really like the full art ones myself)
  7. Effectively. Linked takes a hp unless it's replacing a linked weapon I believe. Then when rolling for combat with enough advantage (2 iirc) you add damage = to the damage of the weapon. If it's linked 4 (quad laser cannon) and 2 success are rolled with 8 advantage you have base damage plus successes plus base damage per 2 advantage up to linked value...(6 base damage let's say since i don't recall exactly) you would end up with 8+6+6+6+6 or 32 damage... however with only 6 advantage you could only activate linked 3 times for 26 damage
  8. I agree wholeheartedly. However we both know that's not going to happen even though there really is no need for the news blackout.
  9. Hey. Same here... 2008 jeep grand Cherokee diesel and 1000 for an alterator. #fun
  10. Preach it BROTHER And still only one choice for the likes... too bad.
  11. Small Rebel Capital Ship?

    Minstrel class... has a hanger which can accomodate 2 shuttles a 6 fighters iirc. So that should be large enough to take their 2400 ... Apparently a built in hanger can accommdate more than a retrofit hanger can. Alternatively is an interceptor IV (flatline and brilliance)
  12. Hydraulic Control Circuits

    I'm sure "fighter" refers to X-wing y-wing and the like. As in small ships that really have not the room for such an upgrade
  13. From what i understand arc is more flavor than mechanics. If you install a new weapon you decide what arcs it may have. As in you can say it's forward mounted or a turret.
  14. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    @Absol197 I would say chops' possibly an ace: rigger/ pirate. He's got that rebels against everyone who's not family kind thing going on.
  15. Fingers crossed. We are SO done with waiting... we hope! And pray! May the force deliver Fully Operational unto us. And by all means expedite it at that! 😉