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  1. Sounds like outer rim prison guard trooper... they take no pride in the armour eh!
  2. Take care with those cains! We have two games... First is aor and we have a css that we found full of battle droids which we reprogrammed then had to use as a shield to flee from the Empire and effectively loaned the ship to the rebellion, a 'smuggler friend's ' hwk 290 and a beat up xwing we found then sold for money for cargo which we traded and bought an interceptor iv brand new from cec and 4 new modular fighters... course this list also isn't including the gozanti that we liberated from the Empire and gave to the rebellion nor it's twin which we blew up. So there we effectively have 2 sil 5 ships and 5 sil 3 ships Then in our FnD game we have a g9 due to it having enough weapons and crew requirements that we all have a job while flying.. however we passed on an e9 because our pilot is attached to her ship, and almost had a pathfinder but the rebellion... requested... It to help evacuate a planet before the Empire destroyed it to try and eradicate the rebel cell that had been causing too much ruckus. I really like the interceptor iv for its encumberance value but think a c-roc or 3 would probably be better for us... if we had enough npcs to crew them.
  3. I am not saying you are wrong nor that I am right. I'm also not saying that I believe it to be malice. However the hypothesis or story ( I have yet to see concrete evidence i feel adequately supports it) that a shipping company went under only really covers points 2 and 3. This leaves 5 points unexplained and effectively no word from any valid reputable source that I am aware of (No offence intended to those whom have presented ideas OR info they have received from ffg but word of mouth and the like is hearsay and thus not admissible as evidence) I have seen no - Links - Copies of email - News reports of shipping companies going under - Or any other valid proof. All we truly have is a commonly accepted hypothesis being presented as... fact?... IMHO anyway. Thank you for listening.
  4. It's possible that the books contain some sort of spoiler of the Han solo movie or the last Jedi or even the fabled boba fette movie. I am wondering if the delays in the books has something to do with the missing bothan info in the new German translation. It does seem strange that all this seems to have happened at a similar time. 1. Bothan info disappears. 2. 2 books on the boat 'dont' arrive in a port 3. 1 book in development halts all progress. 4. Ffg makes no move to update as to the delays or even the missing bothan info 5. The only word they are presenting is word of mouth from unconfirmed and unconfirmable sources as responses from customer servive to ppl who call and is usually a ' thanks for your interest we hope to have it soon.' 6. Another book in the same product line is announced and follows suit of no forward motion (spy) and product info page disappears 7. Another book in the same product line is announced and follows suit of no forward motion ( dawn of rebellion ) and product info page disappears. It all stinks too much of Disney pointing and saying... !STOP!
  5. It is very nice. Have to ask about the price... It seems all the prices are not comparable to the book's listings... Some as much as double or even more and I can't say I saw any for less. Is this related to triumphs and advantage / threat and despair?... And the missing books? Any idea when you will be expanding to cover the rest of the books?
  6. Some generous gms may even house rule that it gives you a rank if you already have the skills but no ranks. Can't say as I've heard of any that are that generous but hey it doesnt hurt to ask.
  7. Oh Don't sound so sad that we can agree to disagree... or is it disagree to agree... I'm confused... what were we talking about again? 😁
  8. The easiest is the money if you have a trader entrepreneur quartermaster pc in the group. With enough xp in their respective tree they can make a fortune trading using the rules outlined in the crb under galactic economy... using the rarity modifier a small investment with the right talents can quickly turn into 1/2 a million or more per session. Our quartermaster took a beat up xwing and sold it and used the proceeds and a hwk290 (75 encumberance) to turn it into something like 1.5 million credits in one trip... bought an interceptor iv (10 000 encumberance) and had it decked out with hanger bay and 4 modular fighters and is now ready to do the return trip with a cargo hold full of 300 000 worth of product which he will be able to sell for probably close to 1.5 million again... this time almost pure profit. (He is paying quite a bit on taxes to stay legit) If the trader...or ... or... has more than one of those trees it's even better. Talents to keep in mind are master merchant, know somebody, wheel and deal, and sound investments. Buy or sell for 25% more or less, reduce the rarity of a legal item you are buying once per rank, sell for 10% more per rank and gain 100 credits per rank... Combined with the rarity modifier they could be buying for 25% less then selling for 500% (or better) more. It is a little broken but that is also up to the gm... there are pirates and such that would be more than happy to lighten the load of any trader.
  9. That sounds suspiciously like an apology where none is necessary. We can have differing views and still be friends. Ghosts Of Dathomire protect you and yours as you prepare. May the force be with you. It is important to be reminded that there are much more serious matters in the world than when a book will or won't be out.
  10. Much as ppl don't want to hear it you do speak truth
  11. I'm sorry if it sounded like I was panicked. It was actually supposed to be a hint of sarcasm with no offense intended towards the quoted poster. I don't believe it will be 2.5 years. But without any info from ffg everything else is a guess and we can't even begin to guess when it will be. Hence 2.5 years is a concrete abstract number which is just as accurate as 12.25.17 and the kids can go spend their Christmas cash elsewhere. My point continues to be that it is not entitlement to want a news update as to the delays nor is it unreasonable. If ffg wanted to they could say something but they choose not to. Their call, but some paying customers are unhappy and with valid reasons.
  12. Ok so ill assume it's going to be a strike situation and we will be waiting 2.5 years for the book to 'arrive' in N.A. Thank you. That was all WE were asking for I believe? - looks around at the others and nods -
  13. I can admit I am looking forward to FO but I'm not taking it personally... furthermore i haven't preordered the book. That doesnt mean i dont want to know whats up and feel it is reasonable to ask. I guess my attempt at a lighthearted expression of my point of view was not terribly clear.
  14. Hence the reason I said they are able to do as they please to some degree. I personally think it has something to do with Disney and not some fabled shipping company going under but hey, who am I to say
  15. I have seen a few posts by some ppl saying 'ffg said this'... that is not the same as ffg actually putting out a simple news release. " THIS HAS HAPPENED AND IS EFFECTING THESE OTHER PRODUCTS AND WE EXPECT TO BE BACK ON TRACK IN X MONTHS, WE APPOLOGISE FOR THE DELAYS AND EVERY REASONBLE STEP IS BEING TAKEN TO GET THE PRODUCTS YOU SEEK TO YOU IN A TIMELY FASION. WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR PATIENCE AND FOR THOSE WHO HAVE PREORDERED HERE IS A WEB ADVENTURE TO MAKE UP FOR THE DELAYS. FURTHER HERE IS THE NEW CREATURE STATS AND SPECIALIZATION TREES THAT ARE IN F.O... Sorry I guess I must have missed that news article.... oh wait that's right. They still haven't released it. And I am sorry for thinking that this a reasonable request for a company to do in this day and age. It is their company and they have a right to do as they please to some degree but I really don't think that wanting some official info from ffg means I'm suffering from a case of entitlement disorder. ... Oh wait guess what I just heard from ffg... true story... FO and GOD and SS are available and instore today!!! Get them now before they are sold out!!! Too late? Oh sorry... Well I can sell you my copy of SS for 1000 if you really want. I wasn't in time to get FO either. Ok. Maybe that was too much kidding for ppl here so I do apologize for it but really any word not from ffg is not really any word at all right?