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  1. And the interceptor IV (flatline and brilliance)
  2. Relax in this. We love the work you have done and I don' see how anyone can complain. As to requests... it would be awesome to have the ad-1s modular fighter (though I can see why you wouldn't include it seeing as there is no other pic than in the spec mod book), the c-roc (not the image I was going for but I'm pretty sure there is one there that you would find acceptable) edit : fixed the pic
  3. Personally i love your talent sheets. They rock. Yours and bastion kains are my favs... for different reasons. Soooooo glad to hear you'l be finishing them up. Just in case you are not aware there are some force powers in some of the FnD adventures on top of those in the splat books... ghosts of dathomire and chronicals the gatekeeper I believe... just in case you manage to get that far. 😊
  4. Problem is that IF he was to do that and program a bot to search AND post then HE wouldn't actually be the one to see and post the news... it would be his bot! So all the effort of programming would be for not since his goal is to be the first to see and post.
  5. I think we should interrgate him and get him to spill his beans about just what exactly he knows. I' sure he has some interesting tidbits in there that he could divulge😈 *added* Too bad the spy book isn't out yet... we could use the tools and rules in there to get even more secretsout of him!
  6. @Absol197So... what do you think it'll be? Warrior book? Adventure? Era? Something else entirely?
  7. Well we all know that those spies were responsible for what happened to God so it's no real surprise on my part that they are up to it again
  8. And invisible materials so you can't see the pages or cover even.
  9. I'm sure that some would prefer the same size as the armada sleeves or another size that would work with an existing sleeve. Myself personally I would say what ever is best for you. Worst case they could just resize the cards themselves to fit what they want.
  10. Lmao... Welcome to the game FFG isn' very good at keeping stock flowing. It's literally feast or famine. Get an idea of the books you want then buy them when they are available. In case you didnt know...as a note there are 3 core rule books for 3 'separate and distinct' lines that are supposed to be interplayable. So if you only want to do force games go with FnD but if you want to play han solo adventures go with edge of the Empire and if you want to do rogue 1 adventures go with age of rebellion. The important part is that you CAN buy any of the core books to play the game. It's just that their focus is ... focused on their particular flavor.
  11. My sharpshooter doesn' do much ship combat so i went with SS heavy and commando. Not quite as good at upgrades as I would like but he is great at most forms of combat and has decent survivability... And when he gets an autofire rifle... muah ha ha ha ha.
  12. Gunner and sharpshooter together... having 4 upgrades on your dice pool for RL RH AND GUN is great. Another great combo for it is SShooter and heavy... although I'm not sure how much use auto fire talents would be in a y wing. Of Course if you want the character to be able to fly too then start with gunner and add sharpshooter as a second spec. That's all they will be able to do well, but they will be dang great at it.
  13. I think that part of the key is paraphrasing and another is all due honour and source citing has been given to ffg and even every encouragement to purchase their product. The author of this spreadsheet in no way states that they created the content and they further refuse any form of payment and specifically state if you wish to give money then buy an ffg book. This author actually present this material more as a tool to help you decide which book you want to buy. Kudos to this author and it is a a great resource.
  14. Well my artisan / armoured would like those rules.
  15. For the first while in our aor game we were cut off from the rebellion so the only thing we received was some items for duty. We had the option to go and work for the community we were in but otherwise we only got credits if a trooper we eliminated had some on them... which never happened. However we were able to supply our whole outfit with the troopers' castoffs. Now that we are reunited with our fleet we have access to most anything we need/ want from our armoury. And still no pay as yet. Mind you we have been given leave for doing such a great job dealing with our mission so myself and a team mate are traveling around and doing some trading while the group takes a break.