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  1. Thanks for listening! Glad you enjoy the show! For anyone that's interested, we had some custom alt-art cards made, check us out on facebook to get a set. We've got Lando, Bail, and a double sided Kuat/Cymoon ship card. I think they really turned out nice. As far as us being banned, that just isn't true. We've never received any type of communication from anyone saying we were banned from anything. Our show is certainly not designed for children, but most R rated movies are dirtier than we are. I really don't understand all the animosity towards us. Nor am I interested in arguing about it. Our goal with the podcast is to hang out, have a few beers, and talk about this awesome game we all love, with a bit of a focus on tournament and competitive play. We have a lot of fun doing it, and I hope people enjoy listening to it. If not, our podcast is actually completely optional to listen to.
  2. Tournament starts at 10am. 3 rounds of swiss and a cut for top 2
  3. GT stands for Grand Tournament. It's a gaming convention that's been run in Lansing for several years, but this will be the first year for Armada. ORJ stands for Outer Rim Job, a Podcast I am a part of. We recently had some custom alt-art cards made, and these will be handed out to all the players at the GT.
  4. Join us for the Michigan GT on October 12th! We'll have prize support from FFG, Custom Alt Arts from ORJ and full sets of acrylic defense tokens from the GT! Plus a great tournament! at the Causeway Bay Convention Center in Lansing, Michigan We have limited space so sign up fast! http://store.michigangt.com/product/star-wars-armada/
  5. Check out the Outer Rim Job, we're dropping the 6th episode later today. Facebook.com/orjpodcast Also available on iTunes, stitcher, or soundcloud
  6. it's kind of stupid to make alt art version's of unique cards in the first place. SFO and DTT would be nice. those are cards I'd like more of. and the list of those goes on. Flight controllers, intel officer, spinal, a bunch more probably.
  7. I think the biggest difference I notice is that new players tend to fly towards where your ships ARE and experienced players go to where you WILL be. it causes new players to be out of position., so the experienced player can battle the new player's ships one at a time.
  8. most of those are explained in detail on the back of the card of the unit with said ability. the only thing I think is really missing from the quick reference is in the attack order, it doesn't say that rerolls and surge conversion is part of the roll dice step, NOT the modify dice step. that's a bit confusing since in armada (and I assume x-wing, but i only played it once when it first came out) the modify dice step is when rerolls and changes are done. it would have been nice to note that somehow on there.
  9. FFG made a pretty good one. it was part of the launch weekend kits. Most of the stores in my area (Metro Detroit) have a bunch left over. It's a very handy little thing.
  10. that sounds terrible. I'm sorry that happened to you man. If you don't want to glue them to the bases right away (depending on what you're doing it may be a lot easier to base after you're done painting) What I do, is lay everything down on parchment paper (or baking paper) and spray everything, rotate it and spray from a different angle (I usually do very light coats from all 4 directions) wait about an hour, flip the stuff and hit the other side. (if you're going to do it this way, you want to move the spray can quickly side to side and make sure to change direction past your minis, since that area where you're stopping will get hit with way too much paint) another nice way to do it is to just poster tack things to a stick or something (the best thing to use is a paint stirrer stick from home depot or wherever) lets you easily get all angles. (this is a good idea if you decide to glue them to the bases first)
  11. yeah, compared to rebel troopers they're way better in melee. they have one more usable die face on both attack and defense. if we assume precise 1 and nimble are equal (in a melee, and probably in general, I'd argue precise is better anyways) it means stormtroopers are quite a bit better in melee, or with grenades. and their primary heavy weapon is way better too.
  12. All the 3rd party ones I've seen are all pretty accurate. the FFG ones are garbage. I have litko ones, I got range and distance in different colors, been using them for a long time, they still look brand new, and I really like them. but I've seen other 3rd party ones (not sure from where) that are just as good. I honestly think everyone needs a set of acrylic 3rd party range/distance tools. I think one of the FFG ones is ok. that green an white one I think is right, and the (i think regionals last year?) one that's double sided and dark translucent is pretty close, but it's not perfect. my litko ones are dead nuts on with the cardboard one right when it was new. (my cardboard one has deteriorated from bouncing around in the box so the litko ones are better than the cardboard at this point)
  13. As always, we do appreciate everyone's feedback, even if it's negative. We do want to know what you think. Our goal with this podcast is to come out, have a good time talking about a game we <REDACTED> LOVE, and share some tips and strategies with everyone. We like to joke around to make things more fun for us, and so it doesn't feel like we're running a lecture or teaching a class. Not everyone is going to enjoy our humor or find us funny, I understand that, and if you feel you don't want to listen, that's up to you, I wish you would, but I respect your decision. The point is, it is not our goal to offend anyone, and I really don't think we've done or said anything offensive. I'll grant you that we have definitely slandered some fictional characters, but.... you know, they're fictional, and if you watched those last couple episodes of rebels and thought we were wrong about Pryce and her sex dungeon....... Let's just say she was enjoying that torture WAY too much for it to be the first time. As far as the music goes, the music will be rotating and changing in different episodes going forward, I was running way behind on this episode trying to get it out in a timely fashion and didn't have time to look at the music. That said, I am not promising to totally clean up the music, I think that song we ended with is hilarious, and there may be others like it in the future. My man stitches loves him some cocaine. We've gotten a lot of great support from many of our listeners, and thank you all for listening. We're going to start doing some occasional streaming in the next month or so, look for links to that here and on our facebook page https://m.facebook.com/orjpodcast/ Until then, Enjoy the Rim!
  14. Hopefully everyone enjoys this <REDACTED> episode! We're still working out the best way to record but I think I did a pretty <REDACTED> decent job cleaning it up. We love to hear your <REDACTED> feedback, so let us know here or whereever the <REDACTED> Feel free to reach out to us with any armada questions you may have, if you bring up something interesting we'll discuss it in our next episode! Thanks for all the support!
  15. I thought we said we didn't have a problem with your list, I think we played in round 2 at MI regionals, (I can't imagine 2 guys running garm and 2 peltas) we talked quite a bit about your list, I think we all liked it. not having Gallant Haven makes it OK. I got beat because I got outplayed, that happens and I'm fine with it. All the FCT made it so you could fling Bwings all over the place, I wasn't expecting you to be able to do that. It's certainly a similar list that does similar things, but not the pariah that GH yavaris needs to become.
  16. Appreciate all the great feedback guys! We've begun discussing episode 2, and I promise the audio quality will be better. we had some technical issues, and just didn't record things in a very ideal way.
  17. agreed. and the kuat may become the preferred BT avenger ship (even though it only has a squad value of 2) but it already has the defensive retrofit slot, and adds an ordnance slot
  18. agreed. and the kuat may become the preferred BT avenger ship (even though it only has a squad value of 2) but it already has the defensive retrofit slot, and adds an ordnance slot
  19. agreed. and the kuat may become the preferred BT avenger ship (even though it only has a squad value of 2) but it already has the defensive retrofit slot, and adds an ordnance slot
  20. If FFG started selling acrylic rulers they'd have to start making them right. out of all the ones they've made 1 of them is close to correct. (I think the store champ one from last year? I discovered this weekend, the distance 2 is short) and there are plenty of 3rd party acrylic rulers that are all PERFECT I have some from litko that I really like, but I've seen at least 2 others at tournaments that also look very nice. and if you're worried that they're not official or whatever, I've used them at all kinds of local tournaments, gencon, worlds, regionals in multiple states, and never ONCE has anyone said anything other than "where did you get those" to speak to the OP, tournaments are about getting 3 fun games in, as many people have already said, I just went to michigan regionals and got absolutely smoked. I think I was 28th. I was a bit disappointed in my performance, but I had a ton of fun. I second the idea that regionals and above should be at least 4 rounds. but for regular stuff, 4 rounds is just too much. saturday we started right at 12, took no breaks, and didn't finish until around 11. that's a long day. and for a regional that's fine, but I have no desire to do that every other month or so for a regular tournament with 6-12 people.
  21. I played you in the third round, even though I did lose, it looks like I at least did the best of the 3 similar lists you played. (maybe a small consolation prize for my feelings?) I thought I had it going into the game, but I was definitely wrong. My squadron dice were a little cold, but honestly, dice rarely make much of a difference. it usually equals out in the end. I do think there's something to your list of people thinking it's weak since it only has 2 activation. I certainly underestimated the list. At the end of the day, I got beat by a great player who knew his list very well. The extra speed of his fighters made a big difference compared to my very slow rebel ones, it allowed a small mistake moving jan to turn onto a huge problem. I really got outplayed in that squadron fight. It was a fun game that I enjoyed even though I lost, and it goes to prove that great PLAYERS win big tournaments, not great LISTS. Nice job @Capt. Griff hope to play you again in the future.
  22. it looks like the quasar has a red AA die (on the one in the picture, not the card shown)
  23. Awesome! Welcome to Armada man! it's a really great game. I think you're going to really enjoy it.
  24. if you add a home one and a rebel fighters (the first one) to that, you'll be able to build a decent amount of things and be able to figure out what you like. that'll give you a nice set of options.
  25. I think home one is way more iconic as well, which, for me is notable.
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