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  1. I played a 200 pt Epic game and had 4 sycks, 2 with PRS, one was on Serissu. Serissu lost a point of damage on 2 occasions and was able to recover her shield both times. The other suck also got to recover a shield. While the ion certainly telegraphed my maneuver, the one forward was actually really helpful and usually what I wanted to do anyway. I love PRS and I would include that thing on anything that either cannot do a 1 forward or would otherwise want extra shield/hull to stay alive longer (e.g. the hwk). I suppose the trick with PRS is to snag whatever opportunity you get to activate the ability, because you might not get another one (it also helps when you have a lot of other viable targets).
  2. Thank you all for your response. Had I known this clarification beforehand, I may just have won that game. Instead, my ship blew up because of the second crit (misapplied by Greedo's ability). Also, I agree with ZealuxMyr. I used to avoid Greedo because of the negative, but the ability to dish out crits after the shields drop is pretty impressive for just 1 point.
  3. I have tried to find the answer to this peculiar question around the web but to no avail. This question pertains to Greedo's ability, which for the sake of reference I will repeat here: the first time you attack each round and the first time you defend each round, the first Damage card dealt is dealt faceup. This is where it gets interesting. During my last game, the ship with Greedo on it received one Crit. That Crit was a Minor Explosion (Immediately roll 1 attack die. On a [regular] hit result, suffer 1 damage). As per the directions I rolled and the result was a [regular] hit. Here is the question: Does Greedo's ability now work on this extra damage dealt by the Minor Explosion (because it was technically the first damage card dealt) even though the damage was not dealt by the opposing player's ship directly? Thank you
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