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  1. Hey everyone, i'm back with the 4th session in the series. Sorry for the long wait, but there was some issues with scheduling and the like, but I hope you enjoy!
  2. Hey everyone, managed to get session #3 onto youtube. Here you go for anyone that wants to watch! I'll try getting session #1 up later this week. Unfortunately we did session #2 in person so there is no VOD of that. Also i just want to mention that I ocasionally stream me making assets for the campaign on twitch so if your interested in that I also do that as well.
  3. Hello everyone, thought i would come by here to tell you all about the streams of our WFRP sessions. Now to give a little background, this is my first time GMing anything and the PCs have no prior experience with warhammer or any tabletop rpgs. As of right now we're two sessions in and everyone involved has been having a blast so far so i thought it would be great to stream some sessions since you don't really see Warhammer on twitch. We usually do our sessions every Wed in the late afternoon (around 8:00pm CST) but this is susceptible to change. So everyone who's interested in watching us fumbling over our selves make sure to keep an eye out for the stream and follow me on twitter for any updates. Also feel free to ask me if you have any questions. The Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/scoutfreak My Twitter: https://twitter.com/scoutfreak Thank you all once again and I hope you enjoy the show! Session #3 Session #4
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