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  1. I just updated xwing.cgi to add csv files for pilots and upgrades. At the bottom of the 'Pilots' and 'Upgrades' pages (second edition only) are some links to the data in alternate formats. I recently added text as a simple list of all the stuff, and now there are csv files available as well. If there are any suggestions on how to better format it or other formats that would be useful, I am always open to suggestions. http://xhud.sirjorj.com/xwing.cgi
  2. I'd post a pic of my alt-art from OCX but it might get me banned
  3. I take back all the complaints I made about the sequel trilogy just rehashing old designs.
  4. My CR90 also came with a severly warped huge ship base. I mentioned that as well. I got a reply suggesting that I submit that a separate issue because the initial dial request had been put on hold as they get replacement dials printed. The representative said: So they are working on it.
  5. IIRC, the pic on the CR90 box says that the conversion kit has the right dial.
  6. Good! It would really suck if they had to replace all of them!
  7. In assembling the parts of my CR90 expansion, I noticed that the 2 dial parts that do not have the maneuvers on them are mislabeled - the Republic one is 'CR90-REB' and the Rebel one is 'CR90-REP'. No big deal, but when I looked at the part with the maneuvers, the backs were right, but the front has 'RDR' in the middle. I compared the maneuvers with the dials from my conversion kit and they are in fact Raider maneuvers. I really hope this is a fluke and they are not all like this...
  8. Having made boxes for both conversion kits, i would almost prefer if each ship had a single box thick enough to hold all the dials and base cardboard (but not plastic). I went with the option for the most ships so i have a lot of boxes with 1 dial and cardboard base in them.
  9. Yup! FWIW, that graph is generated whenever you load the page, so it should be getting 1 pixel wider every day - on the x-axis, 1 pixel is 1 day (at 100% scaling).
  10. Probably due for the next wave announcement soon (http://xhud.sirjorj.com/xwing.cgi/timeline2)
  11. Since the game officially has damage decks in 2 different sizes, there is a use case for damage deck boxes (for for small and large sized decks) capable of holding 33 sleeved cards. I also have some unofficial damage decks that I would love to store in boxes as well. Some simple generic boxes with space to write down what deck is in there should be pretty easy to make. Then, when the new faction-specific damage decks come out, you would have the templates to make faction-specific versions. Any chance of this happening?
  12. One other mistake - the conversion kit does not include Porkins. Oh! I think Porkins should be Biggs.
  13. On the rebel conversion kit document, the b-wings aren’t quite right. The boxes themselves might be right but not on the right (1 or 2 ship) pages. Thanks again for doing these!
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