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  1. I discovered in the first round in a small tournament last weekend that my Bossk’s ability works only after dice are neutralized. A friend in my playgroup was playing next to me and i told him that i had been accidentally cheating in the games i had played against him!
  2. sirjorj

    Cryodex Question

    (@Killerardvark) This weekend I am helping run the 3rd small tournament event at my FLGS. We used Cryodex in the first 2 and it worked very well. I do have a question about it though. When inputting players, you can attach a list URL to each player to log what they are flying. Then you create the tournament and add the players to the event. Cool. Now fast forward a month or so to the next event. You repeat that first part for the new players, but returning ones are already in the system. So you create a new tournament and just add them. But some (or all) of the returning players are flying something else. If I replace their list URL, is the original one lost, or is that data stored in the event and not just the player?
  3. I wonder if the Colossus Racers could be their own faction. Maybe even all bundled in one large squad pack (or core set). Could make for a nice option for new people getting into the game.
  4. I just don't get how a gas cloud is defensive. I think it would be more interesting (and thematic) if shooting through a gas cloud risked detonating it and doing damage to everything near it. Make it be an offensive obstacle instead of a defensive one.
  5. Nice catch. Thanks for the heads up! Update: Inq TIE has the listings as well.
  6. Let your opponent initiate the pre-game hand shake. Then accept his early concession!
  7. I'm pretty sure @Goldsquadronpodcast will have it on youtube in the near future.
  8. It's like they designed the droid with the lego version in mind!
  9. f-117 is not a plane - it is a geometry problem with wings!
  10. My thoughts exactly - it reduces the threat of obstacles. And thematically, it doesn't make much sense. If you are being attacked though a gas cloud, I would think it would risk igniting and doing more damage than protecting you. Maybe it should add a red die instead of a green. That would at least change how you play.
  11. "And don't you forget to finish your filet o' fish!"
  12. I only brought it up because I know that with the first edition boxes you handled the alternate paint jobs with some little indicator.
  13. I'm printing out the new microhangars and gearboxes and i noticed that your T-65 MicroHangar is for 01 and 12 (core set and expansion). Technically, the expansion x-wing is a little different - doesnt have the 5 pips on the wings. Sorry to nitpick and thanks again for making these!
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