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  1. I own it all. But I also wish this were true. We love you, BSG!
  2. Hmmm... so, you've lost 10 times out of 10. You're using 3 investigators, which provides you a pretty big disadvantage. You're also randomizing the investigators you get, which is another disadvantage. On a positive note, given your win/loss ratio, I believe you probably haven't made any rule mistakes. :-)
  3. Well, Gencon came and went. Looks like FFG is pulling a "fight club" motto on this one. "First rule of BSG: We don't talk about BSG". I'm actually starting to grow a little disenchanted. Their corporate attitude to such things is probably technically "correct", but it lacks the heart and community engagement that many of their rivals are open to adopting. FFG seems to be moving in the direction of Asmodee's policies, which can be summarized as "the only time we talk to the public about games is via authorized upcoming product previews".
  4. Just curious what this game is. It seems like an RPG more than a tabletop game. Am I getting something wrong?
  5. Well, I hope you are correct, Farkaskoma. I would hate to see the death of one of the best games ever made.
  6. Well... at first glance I'd say this looks almost EXACTLY like CMON's Rising Sun! It has almost identical look to the board and components - even down to the player screens! If I didn't know FFG was previously working on L5R, I'd have sworn they used the same artists! That said, there need to be more games of this type. I look forward to seeing how this one's mechanics and overall feel distinguishes itself from the competition.
  7. Yes. This is a good alternative. Allows me to give the group a chance to play and enjoy the game before asking them to dive into it with me.
  8. @General Zodd I don't think the poster above you was complaining so much as giving reasons why there's a perception that the model is that a "group buys one copy". I think to some extent the idea of that perception is accurate. You'll use only one set of tokens and act/agenda/encounter cards, no matter what the player count. So, the crossover piece is limited to a portion of the core box - just the character cards. That looks a bit odd to someone new to LCGs. The best solution seems to be how FFG packages this up. To your point, though - FFG just didn't make this kind of core set plus solution available. So, nothing we can do. If we want to only use 1 core, we must get out the bubble gum and duct tape and make sub-optimal decks.
  9. In Canada, Dunwich and the first 2 packs dropped last week. I can confirm, since I'm $70 some odd dollars poorer. Bought them at 401games.
  10. Now that I've got 1 of each, and I have constructed the decks, I see what everything is talking about when they believe 2 cores is "required". I've got an easier time constructing for 3 players, than for the other forum-goers here looking for 4, but I managed to construct the default decks for Roland and Agnes. I used Jenny as the 3rd deck, because she can use 5 cards from outside her cycle. I also added a lot of the "extra" neutral cards from the expansions into Jenny's deck. I'd say without optimizing, everything is "okay". I'd say Roland and Agnes are fine, but Jenny's "leftover" deck could use a bit of "help". I think that by shuffling a few of her neutrals from the expansions to the Roland/Agnes decks in exchange for a few meat and potatoes cards (like one knife/flashlight), it spreads the wealth and evens things out. Then I've got 3 pretty good decks. Not great, but pretty good. I haven't looked at upgrades yet (and I know that might be the next issue), but I've got enough to play the beginning of the Night of the Zealot, and get my folks hooked. Once they taste the Kool-Aid and ask to play again, then I can Sigh and say "but, you know... if you want to build a great deck for the character, you're going to need....", etc.
  11. Maybe not that atrocious. Available at 401 games right now. I just checked their site. Good news if you're in Toronto.
  12. Thanks. That's exactly what I need to know to give my folks a fix... (Hey! The first one's free!)
  13. I guess it's because it's a cooperative game. With MTG or Netrunner, you're at home, creating your own deck, etc. and it feels like you want to work on it to get the edge on your opponents. It makes sense to have your own card pool Cooperative games feel more like the board game model. You bring it out - everyone plays together. You're not frantically thinking for hours on end about the optimal deck. Also, there are examples of cooperative card games that FFG has produced that don't require more than one set. E.g. Warhammer Quest. And that's the one I'm "Graduating" from. I've got 3 players, not 4 like the OP. I don't mind asking the other players buy their own copies... but we come from the boardgaming side, and I have to "convince" them to do so. The best way to convince them is to get them playing the game. If I can make 3 fun decks out of my own set - which is the core (and hopefully Dunwich), that brings me a step closer to convincing them that this is a system they should purchase a core for.
  14. Can you build 3 viable decks at this point with a single core and a set of Dunwich cycle? If so, what flexibility would you have for investigators? I'm only asking because I haven't been able to get hold of Dunwich yet (out of stock).
  15. If you want to successfully get her for the scenario, you don't have to evade the Ghoul Priest. Just move to her and take an opportunity attack. (It's nice to have the dog as an ally to soak up and deal some damage, btw). Note that a parlay with Lita does not trigger an attack by the ghoul priest. Then for action #3, you attack Mr. Ghoul. Just make sure you are prepared. Don't spend the clues to break the barrier until you've cycled through and got the gear you need (e.g. .38 special), and make sure your horror is topped before you try this. You have a few extra turns here, I find, and you can probably deal with most random happenings in the deck.
  16. Is there somewhere with those decklists? I just bought the game. I'd love to be able to introduce it to the group to convince someone else to get a core set as well, but I'd have to make it a playable experience for them. I don't mind buying Dunwich if it makes this possible.
  17. Kinda like every time someone asks George RR Martin when the next book will come out, he kills a Stark? Back on topic - I'm also eagerly awaiting this. My group's not keen on 1 vs many, but I think when the app can convert this into a coop, it will breathe new life into the game.
  18. I most definitely need an app to refresh my interest in the franchise. Looking forward to it.
  19. The rights will revert to GW. GW has a habit of coming down hard with the lawyers on fans who do anything with their intellectual properties.
  20. For anyone speculating on the legalities of when it can no longer be sold, it is pretty telling that there is not a single GW licensed game in the "At the Printer" or "Awaiting Reprint" state on the "Upcoming" page.
  21. :-) Thanks for the review and confirming it is worth having. I'd settle for "High Quality, Franchise tie-in, High Price"... but not "..., Obscenely High Price". After having done a lot of "looking into" this, more out of interest with what's going on with the industry, than an obsession with purchasing this particular game, I have discovered the following: There is only one distributor (Lion Rampant) in Canada for Asmodee (owner of FFG, and in turn owned by a conglomerate called Eurazeo). The distributor does indeed enforce a minimum advertised price on retailers for FFG product. My B&M store makes more per purchase than they otherwise would have (good). But then, so do the online retailers as well. I'm just bummed out to find myself on the wrong side of a supply and demand curve they manipulated to bump their product line from "Premium" to "Luxury".
  22. I tend to believe that clerk. 6 Canadian online and B&M stores. All the very same price $115.95 (well, one is $115.99, but whatever). : http://www.meeplemart.com/store/p/55324-Star-Wars-Rebellion.aspx http://store.401games.ca/catalog/7096928/star-wars---rebellion http://www.boardgamebliss.com/products/star-wars-rebellion?variant=8161002817 http://gameshack.ca/star-wars-rebellion.html http://www.greatboardgames.ca/star-wars-rebellion.html https://quichegames.com/products/star-wars-rebellion So, I tend to believe that employee. If it was just different rates for different retailers, you'd see SOME variability in the price! Theory? Different policies for different countries? (this exhibit being Canada)
  23. I went back in today, and one poster is correct - all the big box Star Wars games were the same price = $116. When you add sales tax, the walkaway price is $131 each. I asked why the price was so high. The sales guy who usually shows me what new games have come in mentioned to me that Fantasy Flight has a new "minimum advertised price" policy, so they have to sell them for that price or more. Someone in the thread mentioned that this is to combat online retailers. I don't think this is working if "Board Game Bliss" is selling for the same price as my brick and mortar store. I think the only casualties here are me (I won't get the game) and Fantasy Flight (one less sale).
  24. Actually, I usually shop at 401 games, which is a brick and mortar store (that's where I got my price). They have the same price as the online store you quoted, so I'm not sure it's a policy thing. As someone else posted, it's probably the exchange rate. Whatever the reason, I'll cross my fingers and hope someone else I know ends up getting it instead.
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