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  1. I have forgotten about the Lost Minor Clan, and must tell you that bringing them back as the Raven is kind of tempting. Will think about that...
  2. Guys I was pondering this and will like to hear your take on what will happen to the Loyal 100th Spider once Rokugan becomes the Onyx Empire. I am thinking: 1. Extermination - Fallowing the events presented by WC 5; once Kanpeki finds out that they were responsible of abducting his child he will unleash his fury on them. 2. Die out - Not many individuals left and hardly any support from the Clans. 3. Minor Clan - Not many individuals left, the Spider Clan Great Clan status is revoked and becomes a Minor Clan. A blessing in disguise due the Imperial decree forbidding Great Clans from waging full-scale war upon any Minor Clan. Will it be plausible to keep an untainted, shoriudo followers, version of the schools as a separate Clan/ Faction? What do you think?
  3. I am planning to run this as a test scenario in all Spider game. The premise will be that it was the Spider who solve the political dispute at the Naishou Province and they were assigned to take care of it. It will be fun to see them work this, especially where they going to place the tainted barracks. PS Sorry for the topic hijack PsiNorm.
  4. Guys, does anybody have a link to the Lost Minor Clan School presented in the Imperial Rchives. I know Daigotsu Max posted them in the AEG forums, but I did not save them. Thanks in advance.
  5. Although I think both. I am rooting for the Empire loyal led by Shibatsu. And will love if this group will take the route of the leper colony, discussed in PsiNorm's topic. Although, I do not think I will able to participate but the premise of my Campaing will be affected by the outcome of these events. Keep up the good work guys.
  6. Thanks guys. I wanted to create an npc atbleast one rank higher to be an antagonist for one of the characters (a courtier) who took the sworn enemy disadvantage. I did not wanted just to create a name with only some skill numbers but something more substantial.
  7. Guys, you recall what were the guidelines to create a character at a higher insight rank? Was it +50xp after character generation for an IR 2 character? +75xp for an IR 3? And so on?
  8. Thanks guys I was planning to add a new Shugenja family to the Spider Clan too, lol. I was thinking for my Campaign, triggered by the events of WC 5, Kanpeki attacked Otosan Uchi and destroyed most of the loyalist Spiders (Shibatsu included) in retribution for kidnapping his heir. Iweko II, wanted to honor his brother's courage and preserve Shibatsu's legacy, funded a Minor Clan with the Iweko loyalist Spider survivors (roughly about 20). Since their clan was compromised mostly of bushi and courtiers, I wanted to add a second family of dedicated shugenja. So story wise I wanted to do the more plausible coursr of action.
  9. Hi guys. Can the Daimyo of a Minor Clan: 1. Create a Vassal family? I believe so. 2. Make the Vassal family a full fledged family? Not sure if this is an Emperor action only. Thanks
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