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  1. If this was a store championship? Yes. Regionals? No, not really.
  2. It's always possible on casual night to say "You know, I'd rather not fly against Palp/Aces, do you have a different list you'd like to run?" For some reason people just don't ever speak up about their feelings and would rather be grumpy. Even most "tourney" players unless specifically preparing for a tourney in the next week or so have a janky list they want to try out but never feel like they have a chance to. Like always, more open communication about how to improve your social contract (the game) will always make it better. You probably don't HAVE to play against a tourney list on a casual night, and no one will think poorly of you for bringing it up, I promise.
  3. Well I've only been playing since December... I just happened to sell a different miniature game hobby which ffg has a card game license for which let me buy in a full faction, and I chose Imperial ;-)
  4. I was all in imperial and only imperial until very recently (I always liked Dengar a lot, he seemed poor and nomadic and reminded me of me as a kid-we moved around a lot) so I started scum (along with most wanted and my fire spray) and found them too much fun to play. I've not touched Empire since, and have picked up my second favorite bounty hunter(s) the IGs to play with next. Beware that path... It's hard to turn back.
  5. No, you just apply the crit last. Edit: because according to the faq it was the "most recent one" applied. But that's a different topic. Edit two: ohhhhhh I see what you are saying. Hmmmmm I may need to retract it.
  6. If you need a fluff explanation, Boba Fett just beats you to a pulp and throws you back in the pilot seat and leaves you shaken and with PTSD. If it happens to RAISE your pilot skill because of discarding adaptation, your adrenaline is up, because you survived an encounter with Boba Fett. There you go. Done.
  7. Thanks all, it was actually just a casual before league night game, but I was asking for general knowledge with an eye for tournament play, but my own thoughts were more or less confirmed. Thanks!
  8. Hey there I just had this come up last night and would like a bit of clarification on at exactly what point an action is locked in. Just for clarity I am including each action here, even though it is more than came up last night (the specific issue, btw was talking through the options and said EVADE, and then prior to putting the EVADE token down and on the same ship activation changing the mind to a FOCUS action if it matters). Is there like a finger off in chess? I know with dials you can put it down and pick it up and change it and we always ask each other for confirmation that we are happy before moving on. With some things where information is gained, like a target lock, or even a boost or barrel roll if you lay out a template there is information gained so I can see that, but until moving on to the next ship (or in the case of the last ship), what is the rule? Does a player have to mumble quietly to themselves to talk through their options or is the first thing they say what their opponent jumps on in the case of no information gained? TARGET LOCK - Target ship is declared and range is measured. Action is locked since information is gained. edit: Only if legal, as mentioned below. BARREL ROLL - Direction must be declared and action is locked as long as that direction is legal (does not overlap or leave the play area). This must be taken along the base even if the desired spot on the base wasn't available. If legal BARREL ROLL not possible another action may be chose, including but not necessarily BARREL ROLL in other direction may be taken. BOOST - Player must select the direction of the BOOST at the time the action is declared. If legal (the ship does not overlap or fly off the table, the move is locked. If not, another action may be chosen, including but not limited to a different BOOST direction which follows the same pattern of choosing the template first. FOCUS - ??? EVADE - ??? OTHER RANDOM TOKEN BASED (EXPOSE, CLOAK, ETC) - ??? Thanks!
  9. And what exactly prevents it from becoming the norm? Math. Except really for the vast majority of of events of the size of X-Wing tourneys this Pokemon article explains the math of why you are probably better off taking 2 IDs and trying to win just 2-3 games than trying to win all of them and risking losing 1, which is kind of the opposite that ffg op should encourage since it's not really play :-/ http://thecharizardlounge.com/2015/01/07/a-practical-guide-to-intentional-draws-at-pokemon-city-championships/ Edit sorry if it was already posted, the thread is long and I have to go to work, I was just annoyed by a snarky "math" comment, when really math is what makes it so awful. They should make an ID an equivalent to a loss. Second edit like I said in the other thread, draws are kissing your cousin. They are the worst, there should be a winner and a loser and if it comes down to something at the end like a dice roll, so be it, if I wanted a cooperative game experience I'd play one of those excellent games on the market.
  10. That's where I'm coming from too. Good habits carry over of being clear with everything. It's nice not just outright losing from one mistake.
  11. Draws are like making out with a cousin. Bad enough if it's unintentional but if you do it on purpose, even if you're doing it somewhere it's allowed, there's just something kind of icky about it,
  12. Just a quick confirmation that I'm playing Valen Rudor's ability correct. It's a free action as defined by the rules, right? So he can use it when overlapping another ship, like to barrel roll away, for instance and then, if it's not his step yet, fire at the ship he was previously bumping if it is in arc? Quick follow up to that, if he has the squad leader upgrade, can he use that on a ship that is overlapping to get them to perform an action? Again, I assume yes, but am a newer player, just double checking. Thanks.
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