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  1. Thanks for the reply Sadgit. The quest book for this quest doesn't mention goblin archers on the camp site. It specially th OL receiving 1 fatigue token if 1 or more archers are on the caravan site. It also mentions the lair as the tile for the reinforcemens to be deployed. I didn't see any mention of the camp site tile. So, typically in the game, fatigue tokens seem like a "negative", but here they are not? They are merely used as a counter? So you could use any token? I've been reading the rule/quest books and have been having a rough time absorbing the rules. Not sure why orif thereis an easier way to grasp them. Its just my kids and myself playing and we don't have any access to any seasoned gamers on Descent. I really want to learn it and show my kids that board games can be just as fun as a video game or better.
  2. Hello! I had to apologize on the Talisman forums before I started my post because I'm sure I asked a lot of some basic newbie questions but this is a hobby my family and I recently got into and we had a lot of questions on Talisman and Battlelore. We recently got Descent for Christmas and already had some questions. So again, thank you for taking the time to read and reply. It is greatly appreciated. 1. The first quest Acolyte of Saradyn...In the quest book it says if the goblin archers stay in the caravan tile at the at the end of a turn or 2 they receive 2 fatique tokens. Do they each receive 2 or is it 2 total (1 each). Also, I have read the rule book and I thought it said monsters do not take fatique tokens...that it gets converted to damage. I do understand the quest book overrules the rule book. 2. Reinforcements in Acolyte of Saradyn: it says up to 2 goblin archers get be place in the lair every turn. Does that mean if you move them out of that tile you could just keep adding? I will have more questions on this game. My kids and I love it but this one seems pretty complicated, but we love these games and the community here that assists other non seasoned gamers like us. Thank you!
  3. These are really great. Would love to buy these. Now that we sleeved the cards the adventure cards don't stack to high without falling over. Really nice job on these.
  4. Because unlike Life your Strength and Craft cannot go below your starting value (that is the one written on the character card, it is called Strength or Craft value, when a card refers to your Strength/Craft value it means only the value written on the character card). When the game forces you to lose 1 strength/craft, you discard one token of the respective stat. If the game forces you to lose your Strength (Strength = your Str value + number of the Str counters), that is what the Random spell does, you lose all the counters, meaning your strength falls down to your base value. That makes sense now. Thanks Cruan. How about this one: One player received the old Hag which directs the player to discard their followers and I believe they can't get any new followers until the old Hag is gone. What about in a future turn the same player receives the Potergeist card. Now, do you take this follower or no because you still have the old Hag? Wasn't 100% sure either way.
  5. My kids and I started a new game of Talisman. This one moved a little faster. We are probably around 4-5 hours and it is still going. 2 players are in the inner regiin and 2 in the middle region. We seem to have adventure cards left all over various spots on the board. For instance, on the Hidden Valley we have 2 cards (healer and magic portal). Space says to draw 3 cards so we drew 1 card and encountered in number order. If a card like magic portal says "you may pass through if you wish" then i assume this card is not mandatory to do anything, correct? I noticed this on other spaces or cards so thats how weve been playing it. Ive also noticed some players getting really strong, like 20 strength. I guess due to how long we've been playing. Why do you not put out red and blue counters to start the game the way you do green? Might have a few more questions along the way. Fun game.
  6. Hello. I believe for one thing we did not shuffle the cards too well. We were literally exchanging each trophy for 1 counter. Sometimes the players held on to the trophies for a little while but when we did cash them in was 3 cards for 3 counters as an example. As for why else it took so long to get going I chalk it up to my family and I not being seasoned board gamers yet. We do have a few other games (Xwing, Battlelore and Descent), but have several questions with those as well. Sometimes the rules seem so dense and there are always exceptions to rules and exceptions to exceptions. If we are having a bit of hard time with Talisman I'm afraid Descent may be well over our head. Haven't opened that one yet. I want to learn these games though because my kids really seem to enjoy them and I would much rather play board games together than sitting divided playing video games. Plus, I think board games are more educational.
  7. So in regards to the trophies. You have to save them up before turning them in? Maybe I missed that in the rule book. I thought you could trade EACH enemy card you defeated in for a counter. So it isn't 1 for 1? I did hand out1 gold piece to everyone at the start of the game. Still seems hard to get enough gold to do anything. I think I'm doing a few things wrong.
  8. We recently added all the Battlelore expansions to our core game. The possibilities seem endless in customizing an army. I highly recommend all the expansions.
  9. Hello Everyone, I'm new to board games and Talisman. I have Battlelore and X-Wing and recently for Christmas my family and I started getting into some other games we received, Talisman being one of them. Descent was another. My family and I encountered a few things initially that came out during our first play. I am sure there will be other questions as we go along but these are the first ones: 1. Is it normal to go around the outer region for a couple hours before moving to the middle region? This is what happened to us. Couldn't beat the Sentinel at the bridge. 2. On one turn can you go clockwise then the next time go counterclockwise? 3. How do you accumulate gold? I can't find a way that you actually accumulate gold. 4. On the adventure cards what does the Encounter Number in the bottom right corner mean and how does it work? 5. If someone is turned into a Toad and has to place their cards and gold on the space they were turned does the next person who lands on this space get the gold and cards? If there are multiple cards there from the player being turned does the next person who lands there get all the cards plus draw a new one or do the cards already there count as the ones you take? 6. When you go into a battle I have a couple questions: A. When battling a creature from an adventure card you drew...you have to do regular combat if the card says strength, correct? Meaning you can't use your Craft values? B. When battling another player when you land on a space occupied by one or more than one other players can you CHOOSE to battle using the Craft values or do you have to use Strength? C. If there are multiple players on a space you land on do you battle them all or choose only one? 7. What happens when you land on a space and based on the adventure card you draw or the instructions on the space it says to pay x number of gold and you don't have any? What do you do then? 8. If you are down to the last green counter (life) and lose a battle to a creature from a card or another player the player that loses last green counter is out of the game as that character but can restart as a new character, correct. 9. How many colored counters can you amass for each category (strength, craft and life)? Is there a max? 10. A player in the game was told they turned evil...does that mean they get one of the cards with the good on one side and evil on the other side and that they have to flip it over to the evil side? I can't find a use for these? 11. On the purchase cards...how do these work? We played for hours without ever using these. I think it was because of not understanding how to collect gold. Nobody ever seemed to have more than 2 or 3 gold. 12. How many spells can a player cast on their turn? I understand they have to cast before they move though. Sorry for so many questions. I feel sometimes like the rules to these games are over my head and I'm not sure why. I read the instructions but then start playing and find myself constantly looking in the book for answers. Sometimes I find the answers other times I don't and get more confused. I want to understand the games because my family and I do enjoy them. Thank you to anyone who takes their time to answer any of these questions. Very much appreciated.
  10. Wow!!! Thanks Budgernaut! I'll look these questions over and see if some come up in our next game. Thank you again!
  11. Thank you for taking the time with such thorough answers. It is funny, I was actually going to ask if a flesh ripper brute could attack a different unit on a pursue. Good to know they can.If I may, I have other questions for rhis game that I am still unclear about: 1. Again, with the flesh ripper brutes; Does the pursue 2 get used before a counterattack with another unit? 2. Can any unit counterattack another unit if it is being attacked that turn? 3. Can a poisoned unit still attack or does it suffer any damage when it attacks? 4. A specific scenario: Daquan faction plays Darken The Skies command card. This card orders 3 Yeoman archer units. We only had 1. Card says during attack step each ordered unit that did not move during move step gets 1 additional attack. Does that mean a total of 3 attacks each with w dice rolls? 1st attack, double shot and the bonus from command card? Would rhat also mean if we did have all e units and they didn't nove that it would be 3 attacks each? 9 total? What if they eliminate an enemy on the first or second attack can they use remaining attacks on another unit. How/when would a counter be used during all this? 5.If you play Death from Above lore card can you get a lore token from a die result? Actually, can you get lore tokens from die results rolled because of lore cards? 6. On the scenario card do you get a victory point for each hex that is occupied by a Rune Golem oronly a max of 1 victory point? 7. Do you get lore on a counterattack? 8. For the FR Brutes can they use Pursue 2 in any direction after defeating an enemy unit? Can they use Pursue 2 in any direction if they aren't attacking? 9. For the scenario card, Without A Trace, it states friendly units that occupy hill or forest hexes may commit heroic results produced during a combat roll to recover 1 health. What if you roll multiple heroixs? Is it srill just 1 health recovery? 10. When commiting die results for combat is there an order to follow? Any help is greatly appreciated and if anyone has their own questions I can try to assist.
  12. I may be wrong The Uncanny One...I thought Flank or Flanking was on their card but I see it isn't. I see Pursue there. So how does the Pursue factor in? It would be the 2 combat dice + the 2 from the lore card for the first attack and then with Pursue a second attack with 2 combat dice + 2 more for the lore card? Then I can move up to 2 more additional hexes after that based on the rule for Pursue, if I choose to move again?
  13. Hello All, Been playing a few more games of this great game with my kids and more questions keep arising. Here are the newest questions. Please let me know if I played this correctly or not and what I did wrong: 1. I was the Uthuk faction and I played the command card: Calvary Charge. The card reads "Order 3 cavalry units. Add 1 die to each combat roll performed by friendly cavalry units this turn". I was either attacking a Daquan unit that was in a forest (adjacent) or I was in the forest. Now, I understand that attacking into or out of a forest hext reduces your attack dice to a maximum of 2 before modifiers. The flesh ripper brutes have 3 attack dice stated on their card but I removed one for the forest hex. The command card mentions adding 1 dice to the combat roll so I did to go back to a total of 3 thinking the 1 I am adding is a modifier. Is that correct? Also, if the brutes flank instead of advance do they roll the 3 dice again? 2 for the limit of the forest hex and 1 added back for the command card? 2. Second question: I played the Unrelenting lore card in conjunction with a surround command card. Surround, I believe was 2 in left and 2 in right sections. Unrelenting lets you use a flesh ripper in conjunction with the command card units. So for me in this instance it is a total of 5 units being command. The lore card says "move the brutes unit 1 additional hex and add 2 dice to each of its combat rolls". Again, if a forest hex is involved which I think it was would it be 2 (the max for the forest) and then add the 2 for the lore card? Also, the card says add 2 dice for EACH of its combat rolls. What does it mean by EACH? Does that mean IF you happen to flank initiating the second attach? And would that attack also be 2 dice +2 dice if a forest was present. If not, 3 + 2 dice, correct? Thanks in advance everyone. We really like this game. Just want to get the rule right.
  14. Elves would be cool addition to Battlelore, Toenail...are there any Dwarves availalble for this game? As for Elites, I would love to see a larger version of the Rune Golems. Or maybe the Dwarves could be an Elite unit. How about Eagles as Elites? Roc Warrior is cool but I keep wanting to see something like the Eagles from Lord of the Rings. I just picked up the Hernfar Guardians and Warband of Scorn and am anxious to see how these units mix in to the existing core set. Considering the Dragon expansion.
  15. Thanks very much for the responses SpawnGarret and Budgernaut. That helped out a lot. A couple more questions if I may: 1. What is the difference in the game between a ford and a bridge? Obviously, the illustrations are different as the bridge is a built structure but how do these effect the game? 2. Once you go into "Upkeep Phase", specifically resolving VP points... if a player round after round does not move his unit from a banner marker does that mean that every round he keeps getting that VP or VPs depending how many were on the board to begin with? My daughter's strategy every time we play is to immediately go right to all the banner markers on the board and try to stay there to accumulate the VPs as fast as possible and with being able to win at 16 she wins pretty fast. 3. In a counterattack can the countering unit use their special abilities if they were triggered by a dice roll? For instance, the Heroic symbol triggering Viper's Bite. I have other questions as well, but I don't want to take up too much of anyone's time. I just want to make sure I'm playing correctly. We are enjoying this game immensely! Thank you again.
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