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  1. KrisWall

    Custom avatars?

    I think we can all imagine what that reason was.
  2. KrisWall

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    The cards don't have the points values on them. You'd never need to reprint anything except the points list PDF when a points change occurs. The X-Wing App is not required in any way, shape or form to play X-Wing.
  3. KrisWall

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    They also have PDFs available for download that have the points costs listed. You don't have to use the app at all. When they update the points in the app, they also update the PDF.
  4. KrisWall

    3X3 GAME

    My group is considering running one of these operations as a store event. Could be a lot of fun.
  5. KrisWall

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    If the upcoming announcement is for a Huge Rebel ship, I think a lot of people will be disappointed. I'm in an area that used to have a very healthy Armada community with multiple events every month at one of many stores in the area. Nobody is playing anymore. There are few if any events. The game is functionally dead. Nobody I've talked to thinks the SSD is going to get people playing again. A Huge Rebel ship also wouldn't get people playing again. FFG almost needs to do something drastic like an X-Wing style 2.0 to jump start the game. Releasing huge ships that wouldn't see play in average games isn't going to jump start the game for many people.
  6. KrisWall

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Would be cool, but I think the average Star Wars fan probably doesn't even recognize those as being Star Wars related. I think it's far more likely that you'd see Clone Wars era Republic and Separatist ships. Lucrehulk would be pretty cool.
  7. KrisWall

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Article also says that a future Armada expansion will be announced at Adepticon in just 3 weeks. That's the only really interesting part of the article for me. Looks like Armada may not be fully dead. We know the SSD was developed relatively early in the line's lifecycle, based on the product number. This will be the first truly new product announced in a LONG time.
  8. KrisWall

    Deckboxes in Prize Wall. Only work for unsleeved decks?

    Good question. They'd be worthless to many people if they're only for unsleeved.
  9. KrisWall

    Team games?

    Nice reference. You're looking for "Team Battle" on page 64 of the Rules Reference. It's basically 2v2 with each player controlling 600 points. Uniqueness spans a team, so no doubling up on Boba Fett. There are a few other caveats.
  10. KrisWall


    It's been called MathHammer in Warhammer/Warhammer 40k for literally decades. My group still calls it MathHammer for Legion ...and for X-Wing.
  11. KrisWall


    T-47 has some options that other similar units don't. It's speed is a huge advantage in certain circumstances. It's great in Disarray where you can just deploy it alone with the rest of your army in the other deployment area. Run the T-47 straight towards the enemy that the rest of your army is focusing on and you've largely mitigated the army splitting that Disarray can cause. AT-RTs can't really do that. The game isn't just about maximum damage output.
  12. KrisWall

    Engaged units and Guardian

    Force Lightning is both melee and ranged. He just moves in and then melees them.
  13. KrisWall

    Abusing New Ways to Motivate Them

    That's incredible and I'm really glad to hear that it worked well for you. I hadn't considered that Recover the Supplies might be a really good mission for this list. I did make a few changes after playing the list. I'm planning on testing this out between now and another store event on 3/30. Darth Vader w/Force Push, Force Reflexes and Saber Throw Imperial Royal Guards w/Electrostaff Guard, Recon Intel and Tenacity Snowtroopers w/Comms Tech, HQ Uplink, Fragmentation Grenades, Flametrooper and Recon Intel Snowtroopers w/Fragmentation Grenades, Flametrooper and Recon Intel Stormtroopers w/Imperial Officer Stormtroopers w/FX-9 Medical Droid Stormtroopers Scout Troopers Strike Team w/Sonic Charge Saboteur, HQ Uplink and Recon Intel Scout Troopers Strike Team w/Sonic Charge Saboteur, HQ Uplink and Recon Intel The list works more or less the same with a few changes. In round 1, scout and move forward, while playing defensively. Hopefully you'll have Limited Visibility. If not, stick to LOS blocking terrain as much as possible. In round 2, Vader orders himself, the Guards and the Snowtroopers without the Comms Tech. The other Snowtroopers and the Scout Troopers pop their HQ Uplinks. Scout Troopers go first. They take the wound, going down to one model and then Move, Move, Arm followed by a Detonate after they complete the Arm action. This will almost certainly kill the Saboteur, but it'll also hopefully do some damage, and more importantly, give a decent number of enemy units two suppression tokens each. The other unit goes next, raising that to four suppression each. After that, the Royal Guards charge the best shooting enemy and the Flametroopers bring up the rear to flame large trooper units. With the frag grenades, they'll be rolling all black and red, so it should be pretty rough. Three units of Stormtroopers act as general support, taking pot shots as needed to drive up suppression and going for objectives. I think it'll work, but I need to test out the Saboteurs.
  14. I'm fortunate in that my deck is a great Annihilation Ritual deck. It has two board wipe cards, lots of Brobnar and Dis creatures and two copies of Arise. I play light on creatures, discarding all of the Shadows and half of the Brobnar. I use Brobnar creatures to kill my opponents and if I have a board wipe in hand, I'll use it if they get up to 5 creatures or if it looks like they're gaining too much benefit. Once I feel like they've purged most of their creatures, I'll use Arise to pull back whichever house represents the largest number. At the point, I usually win a few rounds later.
  15. I have a deck that has Annihilation Ritual. I love the deck. I've never seen anyone else play the card.