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  1. I'd just buy the premade faction decks if you're not planning on building a big collection. They're listed as House Intro Decks below... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/a-game-of-thrones-the-card-game-second-edition/
  2. I need to read the rules, but in most FFG games the concept of "suffering damage" is a defined concept. You've likely suffered a face up damage and then simply flipped it face down. You didn't actually suffer a facedown damage.
  3. I'm well aware of how Armada works and why the pass upgrade was implemented. I made no value judgments on the need for a pass mechanic in Legion. I do, however, think that a pass mechanic would be valuable in Legion for the same reason that it's valuable in Armada. A "standard" Vader build uses up around 30% of your points. Palpatine is the same way. Losing out on activations really hurts when your opponent can just wait you out. Being able to delay even one activation would make some builds more viable and would have no real impact on others.
  4. Any pass mechanic we might eventually see would likely be similar to the pass "mechanic" in Armada. In Armada, there is an upgrade card called Strategic Advisor. It's an Officer upgrade that can only be attached to a large based ship. The text is "When it is your turn to activate, you may exhaust this card to pass your turn (your opponent activates a ship instead)." Armada has no Recover equivalent, so this is a once per game thing and requires a large ship, which is something not all fleets have. In other words, it's a limited option. I'm imagining that Legion could have a similar upgrade card. The wording and points costs would need to be tweaked, but this is a general idea. At most, you could have two of these in an army. "Hold Your Positions" Command, 15points Exhaustible, "When you would activate this unit, instead shuffle it's order token back in the order pile and end your activation."
  5. Sounds about right. The only tricky part is making sure the neck is roughly the right length.
  6. Agreed. Their main issue seems to be that they die too quickly and their firepower seriously degrades after the first bike dies. An upgrade card that solves either issue would make them amazing.
  7. Sure, that's also my understanding. Is your contention that you want to see a penalty be applied when that happens?
  8. I'm a bit confused. For a two man Sniper Strike Team, the Sniper is the Leader mini. The spotter usually dies first. If the spotter is out of sight and the sniper dies, you'd just pick up the spotter and replace it with the sniper. I don't think there is a scenario where the spotter is left alive while the sniper is dead. Are you maybe talking about the full size teams?
  9. This seems to be the main issue. Add some line of sight blocking terrain pieces and suddenly you don't have a situation where two gun lines are just shooting at each other with no line of sight issues at all. I agree that in those situations, the unit with the most efficient long range weapon will dominate. It also makes for pretty boring games. My local group treats most 'casual' play as theory crafting sessions to test out list builds for use in organized play events. We looked at average table layouts at events like LVO and try to replicate the general feel. In other words, the tables all have multiple pieces of line of sight blocking terrain and generally require you to move around a little if you want a clean shot every round. This makes for both better games and better players. Piloting a static gun line army doesn't require much player skill. Piloting a gun line army that can win while moving around to get shots and claim objectives requires a higher player skill. Practicing those sorts of games improves your skill. Practicing a static gun line doesn't improve your skill.
  10. I don't think any of the reactions were hostile. I just don't think you're getting much agreement. That can sometimes feel like hostility, I guess. I think a better solution to deciding whether or not a model is in LOS is to roll a die or flip a coin when it's too close to call. That doesn't fundamentally change the game, but does take away the need to constantly make contested decisions. The ability to safeguard models by keeping them out of line of sight is just too important to certain strategies. I like to take two man Scout Trooper Strike Teams. I'll typically put the Sniper/Leader out in the open and have the spotter guy hiding out of LOS. The unit can take a million wounds and that spotter will live. Leader replaces the spotter, per the rules and then next turn you can have him move out of cover and take another shot. Same with objective squatting. I'll keep at least a Trooper or two out of LOS to make sure the unit can't get wiped.
  11. LotR, Arkham Horror and AGoT are all trucking along. LotR is probably late in its life, but new content is still coming out. Arkham Horror is very popular, with no signs of slowing. AGoT is also not showing signs of slowing. L5R isn't for me, but it's popular and is selling well. Kind of sounds like you just want Netrunner back.
  12. Your house rule fundamentally changes the game. If it works for you, great. It definitely wouldn't work for me as I play a lot of organized play events and rarely play "in my garage". Your answer is effectively the same as playing with no terrain and just arbitrarily giving some units cover based on 2D areas of the board.
  13. You sounds like a man who has glued his fingers together more than once.
  14. Entirely depends how many they make and how many people want. Unfortunately, this is sort of a unique situation. As mentioned above, FFG will typically hand out tickets and then you can come back anytime that day with the ticket to buy the promo. At the end of the day, all tickets are null and void and they hand out new tickets the following morning. If they make enough, you're good. It's entirely possible that they sell out on Friday. I'd make the FFG booth your first stop when they open on Saturday.
  15. Deathtrooper DLTs get an extra die versus Stormtrooper DLTs.
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