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  1. I will say I thoroughly enjoyed the salvo shots that might Onager made in a few games this past weekend.
  2. Scatter is fine for flotillas. I absolutely hate it on squadrons, but they already have counter.
  3. I mean... this has been their policy all along. It has applied to all of their subscriptions for a long time... "If your subscription is active, you will be charged for and receive every new release for that subscription. Once you have been charged for a product a refund is not available."
  4. Coop LCGs tend to have a lot of legs. The LotR LCG has been going forever and still has new product in the pipeline. The Arkham Horror LCG shows no sign of slowing down. Marvel Champions will likely be the same way. I'd be ecstatic if they announced a coop LCG for Star Wars. Competitive CCGs are a tough sell. Most fail sooner than later.
  5. In fairness, Destiny didn't have mass appeal and hasn't been selling well for a very long time. The first set sold well. The second set changed the feel of the game from fun and casual competitive to fast and cutthroat. I don't think that's what a lot of people were looking for and no subsequent set sold as well as those initial packs. I was actually a little surprised to find that FFG was still producing Destiny. I hadn't seen any in a gaming store (I frequent multiple) for so long that I assumed the game had been cancelled already.
  6. Not surprised at all. The first set was great. It was a fun and casual competitive game featuring a popular IP. A lot of people I know bought into it. Then, the second set hit and the game dynamic changed. The game felt quicker, more combo heavy and not nearly as fun for my casual crowd. I remember the designer at the time saying that this was exactly as intended. Literally everyone I know gave up on it at this point. I'm a little surprised the game lasted this long. It just didn't have mass appeal. I feel that they may have had better luck steering it in a direction that led to longer, more casual games and less in the direction of "I got out cards X, Y and Z... you want to play it out or just concede?". Maybe we'll get a quality replacement game.
  7. It's up on Thingiverse now... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3965248
  8. I haven't posted it yet. I'll post it sometime this weekend and I'll definitely share a link then. I still need to print out the part that holds the smaller status cards. I usually try not to post to Thingiverse until I have a full sample print to show off.
  9. Thought you guys might want to see this. I designed and printed an insert for the core box. Should fit quite a few cards. The token box slots into the center. There's even a slot for the reference cards. EDIT: Added to Thingiverse... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3965248
  10. Will do. I've done box inserts for a couple of FFG games. I prefer to post with a few actual print photos. Expect probably tomorrow. Maybe tonight.
  11. Me too. Design is done. Test print is mostly finished. There are two long rows for card storage with dividers that can slot in. Down the center is a token box with slide out lid and then another box that stores the HP dials. My plan is to put the design up on Thingiverse as soon as the test print is complete (probably tomorrow). The plan is to keep all of the scenario/villain cards in the box and then to keep all the players cards in a binder.
  12. Per the rules... "After an encounter card with this keyword is revealed, the player resolving the card reveals an additional encounter card. Complete the process of resolving the original card before revealing the additional card." You deal a card to a player. If it has surge, you fully resolve it and then deal a second card to the same player.
  13. I found Rhino (I/II) to be pretty easy for Spidey/Capt Marvel. However... that's clearly the point. As others have said, it's the tutorial mission. I've also played a ton of LotR and AH, so I might as well have a ton of experience with this game already. Juggling threat and HP feels natural. Just skimming through the cards, I can definitely see how Ultron (II/III) with the Expert scenario cards added will be far harder.
  14. I tend to run a Vic2 heavy list with a larger bid. When facing a list like yours, I tend to just turtle at speed zero in the opposing corner, wait you out and get a very unsatisfying 6-5 victory by being second player. Two Vader Cymoon's are good, but multiple, properly kitted Vic2's deal more damage at long range. If you deploy at Speed 1 and then I turtle and drop to zero, we're getting maybe 2 rounds of shooting... maybe only 1.
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