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  1. FYI... Days of Knights in Newark, DE (USA) has a ton of AGoT 1st Edition stuff still on the shelf. No idea why. If anyone is looking, give them a call. I'm betting they'd ship it to you for a fee.
  2. I'd also be interested in hearing more. No specific examples at the moment, but I feel like there are plenty of examples throughout the various scenarios of individual investigators being able to use clues for a specific purpose OR locking out investigators from contributing clues if they're not in a specific location.
  3. I got the box and I now understand the complaints. It's not bad, exactly. It's just awkward. I'm not sure what the intent is for the box. It's way to big to house the Night of the Zealot campaign and related cards if you take out the insert. Leaving in the insert feels like a waste of time. I'm thinking that this sized box will be perfect when companies like Broken Token or Go7Gaming come out with the inevitable wooden inserts. That's really what I'm waiting for.
  4. So... since I won't be getting mine until later today... Is it fair to say that storing the cards horizontally in standard "grey" FFG sleeves leaves somewhere around 1/2 inch of space to the side of the cards? Seems wider than it needs to be, but not so wide that it'll cause a problem? Also fair to say that the box is longer than it needs to be? Again, seems like a non-issue because I have plenty of POD cards that will need storage. I also have a 3D printer, so it's relatively easy to add custom inserts that hold the tokens and what not.
  5. Haven't seen it yet. What do you mean by too wide and too tall? I would think that height wouldn't matter at all if you're storing this thing horizontally. Is the box significantly wider than a sleeved card on it's side? The pictures I've seen make it look pretty reasonable.
  6. KrisWall

    End of Netrunner

    We don't know that. The tone of the articles suggest that FFG wanted to continue the game, but that the license wasn't renewed. Let's not jump to conclusions. This may be an example of WotC wanting too much extra money to renew the license. It's happened before with them.
  7. KrisWall

    The Deep Gate Shortages

    It's fair to assume that these books have a long lead time. In that sense, FFG should know EXACTLY how many books they have available to sell. They should have told their sole distributor EXACTLY how many books would be available to distribute. The distributor should know EXACTLY how many orders they could take before running out of stock. So, we have a few issues. FFG isn't making enough supply to cover demand. The lead time is such that correcting a production shortage issue can take 6 months or more. FFG's distributor is taking WAY too many orders. This might actually be more of a distributor issue, compounded by FFG's under production issue.
  8. KrisWall

    The Deep Gate Shortages

    This is the core of the issue. I've successfully acquired the last three books and am expecting The Deep Gate to arrive today. The first three a ton of effort with orders from my FLGS unfulfilled and scouring eBay/Amazon for availability. This last one was from Team Covenant and I got lucky with 70% of their orders being unfulfilled. On average, I've spent about $25 each for a product that I should be able to EASILY buy at my local store on release date for $15. At least I don't have to deal with international issues.
  9. KrisWall

    The Deep Gate Shortages

    This is how I feel. I'll give them a pass for the first and second books. They don't get the same pass for the third and fourth. Also... I'd love to know what went wrong that the distributor took so many orders that they weren't able to fulfill. Was this an example of the distributor taking way too many orders, or was it an example of FFG screwing up production and under-supplying the distributor? Ultimately, FFG has chosen to work with a single distributor, so any distributor shenanigans fall on FFG's head.
  10. KrisWall

    The Next LCG

    Looks like a Warhammer Quest reskin. WQ was a good game and I'm glad to see it revived with what will hopefully be more content in the future. I'm still hoping to see a proper AH style Star Wars coop LCG.
  11. Wanted to let everyone know that I just got an email from Team Convenant saying that FFG underproduced The Deep Gate and had to allocate product through their sole distributor. TC's order was cut by 70%, meaning they only received 30% of what they ordered. Luckily, I'm in the 30% and will be getting my book on Friday, according to tracking. FFG seems really bad at gauging demand and producing adequately for many of their product lines. This is just another example.
  12. KrisWall

    Resolution 3 of The Gathering

    The new Investigators don't exist when you're dealing with the resolutions. If all of your Investigators die, Lita is lost. If at least one lives via resigning, Lita gets to stick around.
  13. I'm not sure why they'd bother. The X-Wing ones seem to be sold with the intent to allow you to differentiate your squadron using a different colored set of bases. With Legion, the expectation is that you'll be painting the bases if you want a way to easily differentiate.
  14. The OP kits have more or less killed the game for me. I'm on the east coast of the US and play a lot of Armada. I'm used to being able to drive to one of many stores in the area on a weekend with some friends and have a nice day of gaming where performance dictates what you go home with. The Legion OP kits have underwhelming prize support and seem to be focused more on single store month long campaign play. It's a shame. I really want to like this game, but without an Armada style OP system, I have no motivation to play. The game is good, but it's not better than any number of other table top games or board games I have access to. Legion is expensive and time intensive enough to be a primary game. Unfortunately, it doesn't have enough appeal right now to be a primary game. With more units and a different OP system down the road... maybe. Really a shame because I really wanted to love this game.
  15. KrisWall

    3D Printer Models Question

    To throw my 2 cents in... I have a Prusa i3 Mk2S. Generally speaking, I'll print war gaming related vehicles and terrain at either a 0.15mm or 0.20mm layer height. My printer can go down to 0.05mm, or 50 microns, but the printing becomes crazy slow. I generally just take the model off the printer, do a quick filing down of any snags or burrs and then prime/paint. I've never had anyone complain about the quality. 99% of the time people will just say "oh, that looks super cool". Also, good to know your printer and how best to print models. A few things to keep in mind... 1. Not all parts of a model need to be printed at a super high resolution. I tend to cut the model up into pieces and print the detailed areas at a higher quality. I glue everything together when done. 2. If your printer is properly calibrated, vertical surfaces tend to look smoother than horizontal surfaces. Diagonal surfaces really show the layers. When splitting up a model, I try to keep this in mind and orient the different pieces appropriately. I recently made a custom wheeled troop transport for Warhammer 40k. I printed the sides of the tank separate from the body to get a better print. 3. Curved surfaces show layer lines more so than straight lines. All else equal, I'll avoid curves when possible. If I'm making a satellite dish, I might make the dish look more like this... \_/ than a traditional bowl. Looks just as good on the table, but so much easier to get a quality print. 4. Avoid overhangs if possible. Ideally, every layer should be the same size or smaller than the layer below it. Most printers have a "supports" option that creates a scaffolding used to print parts that are "hovering in space". The top of these parts will look great. The underside, resting on the supports, will typically look terrible. I only use supports for times where I know nobody will ever see the underside. In other words, understand the limitations of 3D printing tech and design with those limitations in mind. If you're using models from a site like Thingiverse, it'll be a bit of a crap shoot. Not everything on that site was actually designed to be printed. A lot of it was just designed.