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  1. KrisWall

    Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)

    My thoughts... My wife and I normally play two investigators each and are fairly casual players. I've played numerous card games over the years, so I understand how to optimize during deck building. She doesn't as much. We built a pretty average Guardian/Seeker/Survivor/Mystic "take all comers" set of decks and approached The Forgotten Age how we'd normally approach things. We played on easy. We killed all the monsters. We got all the clues. We stomped our way through the scenario, crushing everything in our path. It didn't work well. The Vengeance mechanic effectively cranked the game from easy to super hard over the first several rounds. No spoilers, but we took numerous traumas and a few permanent player kills over the first two scenarios. It was grim. It almost broke us. But... I took a step back and thought about how to approach this new campaign. We restarted with a Rex deck built to grab clues quickly and a Sefina deck built to evade everything and generally protect Rex. Both decks have some combat ability, but neither can kill swarms of critters. Knowing a little more about the scenario, we made better choices when bringing supplies along. The net result was that the games went swimmingly well. We finished the first two scenarios with only a single mark under Yig's Fury, coming from the second scenario. I don't think we actually killed anything during either game. It was an interesting and refreshing way to play. I'm really curious to see how the rest of the campaign goes. We could definitely be in trouble if we run into a critter we MUST kill to progress. TL/DR - The initial scenarios of The Forgotten Age can be super hard if you try to smash your way through. They're much easier if you try to sneak your way through instead.
  2. KrisWall

    Pssst! Hey. FFG.

    Other than not being self contained stories, that's more or less what the deluxe expansions are. What I'd love to see instead, would be standalone scenario packs that include a themed investigator. I'd happily spend $15-20 for a pack that includes Johnny McNewGuy, his signature cards and a scenario that ties into his background. You wouldn't need him to play the scenario, but it might benefit you to do so, kind of like how a certain actress may or may not have special setup notes in a certain scenario.
  3. Just have a bunch of prebuilt decks and then let your friends pick what flavor they want to play?
  4. KrisWall

    Good couples game?

    My wife and I play. She also enjoys MoM 2nd Edition, but probably isn't a "board game person". I tend to make my own decks and sometimes I make hers also. Sometimes we steal decks from ArkhamDB.com. While this game can be pretty involved, it can easily be involved for one person and not even a little involved for the other person.
  5. KrisWall

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    I guess ordering a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich at my local diner should be considered gambling and regulated by world governments. After all, I like my bacon to be crispy and I'm spending money (consideration), hoping (chance) that my bacon will be crispy (prize). The OP is really stretching here. Every single Keyforge or Discover box contains the exact same thing... a fully playable game with procedurally generated components. If you want specific components, that's on you. FFG isn't implying that you need to go out and buy 100 copies of Discover to get all the potential characters. I buy a copy of Discover. I get a fully playable game. Let's say I don't enjoy it. How is that different from buying something like Catan and not enjoying it? Let's say I love it and decide to buy a second copy so that I can have twice as much content to play with. Given the nature of the game, I'm guaranteed to get a unique experience for the second purchase. There will always be edge case individuals with addictive personalities who want to own ALL OF THE THINGS associated with a game (or TV show or whatever). EA caters to and encourages this mentality. FFG is no catering to or encouraging this mentality. I won't get a BETTER play experience by purchasing a second copy of Discover. I'll get a DIFFERENT play experience. Same goes for Keyforge. With Keyforge, I'm getting $10 worth of game for $10. Due to the nature of the game, I won't know if I like the deck until I pay for and open it, but I'm still getting $10 worth of game for $10. This isn't a gambling issue. It's potentially a satisfaction issue.
  6. FYI... Days of Knights in Newark, DE (USA) has a ton of AGoT 1st Edition stuff still on the shelf. No idea why. If anyone is looking, give them a call. I'm betting they'd ship it to you for a fee.
  7. I'd also be interested in hearing more. No specific examples at the moment, but I feel like there are plenty of examples throughout the various scenarios of individual investigators being able to use clues for a specific purpose OR locking out investigators from contributing clues if they're not in a specific location.
  8. I got the box and I now understand the complaints. It's not bad, exactly. It's just awkward. I'm not sure what the intent is for the box. It's way to big to house the Night of the Zealot campaign and related cards if you take out the insert. Leaving in the insert feels like a waste of time. I'm thinking that this sized box will be perfect when companies like Broken Token or Go7Gaming come out with the inevitable wooden inserts. That's really what I'm waiting for.
  9. So... since I won't be getting mine until later today... Is it fair to say that storing the cards horizontally in standard "grey" FFG sleeves leaves somewhere around 1/2 inch of space to the side of the cards? Seems wider than it needs to be, but not so wide that it'll cause a problem? Also fair to say that the box is longer than it needs to be? Again, seems like a non-issue because I have plenty of POD cards that will need storage. I also have a 3D printer, so it's relatively easy to add custom inserts that hold the tokens and what not.
  10. Haven't seen it yet. What do you mean by too wide and too tall? I would think that height wouldn't matter at all if you're storing this thing horizontally. Is the box significantly wider than a sleeved card on it's side? The pictures I've seen make it look pretty reasonable.
  11. KrisWall

    End of Netrunner

    We don't know that. The tone of the articles suggest that FFG wanted to continue the game, but that the license wasn't renewed. Let's not jump to conclusions. This may be an example of WotC wanting too much extra money to renew the license. It's happened before with them.
  12. KrisWall

    The Deep Gate Shortages

    It's fair to assume that these books have a long lead time. In that sense, FFG should know EXACTLY how many books they have available to sell. They should have told their sole distributor EXACTLY how many books would be available to distribute. The distributor should know EXACTLY how many orders they could take before running out of stock. So, we have a few issues. FFG isn't making enough supply to cover demand. The lead time is such that correcting a production shortage issue can take 6 months or more. FFG's distributor is taking WAY too many orders. This might actually be more of a distributor issue, compounded by FFG's under production issue.
  13. KrisWall

    The Deep Gate Shortages

    This is the core of the issue. I've successfully acquired the last three books and am expecting The Deep Gate to arrive today. The first three a ton of effort with orders from my FLGS unfulfilled and scouring eBay/Amazon for availability. This last one was from Team Covenant and I got lucky with 70% of their orders being unfulfilled. On average, I've spent about $25 each for a product that I should be able to EASILY buy at my local store on release date for $15. At least I don't have to deal with international issues.
  14. KrisWall

    The Deep Gate Shortages

    This is how I feel. I'll give them a pass for the first and second books. They don't get the same pass for the third and fourth. Also... I'd love to know what went wrong that the distributor took so many orders that they weren't able to fulfill. Was this an example of the distributor taking way too many orders, or was it an example of FFG screwing up production and under-supplying the distributor? Ultimately, FFG has chosen to work with a single distributor, so any distributor shenanigans fall on FFG's head.
  15. KrisWall

    The Next LCG

    Looks like a Warhammer Quest reskin. WQ was a good game and I'm glad to see it revived with what will hopefully be more content in the future. I'm still hoping to see a proper AH style Star Wars coop LCG.