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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's the internet. There's always going to be a negative outcry to just about any announcement. Having said that, I don't think there would be many legitimate reasons for a negative outcry in this case.
  2. I doubt anyone would be upset. Star Wars Armada recently released a campaign box. Some people bought it for the campaign. Some people bought it for the new pilot cards and missions. Some people didn't buy it. I don't remember anyone complaining very loudly.
  3. Makes total sense. I'm guessing they model came off of one of the DLP 3D printers... the kind that "pull" a model out of a resin bath, using lasers to harden each layer of resin along the way. I'd be shocked to find that they did something as "old school" as make a mold using a master copy. It's simply easier today to print out another copy!
  4. For those of us who follow such things, the orange coloration of the Luke model before priming in Sorarstro's video is a strong indication that it's an advanced 3D printed copy. As such, it's probably not a production copy and isn't a good indication of what the final plastic will be like. It's not uncommon for companies these days to paint up 3D printed samples before a product is released and use those for marketing. You can very occasionally see 3D printed "stepping" on some of Games Workshop's Rumour Engine samples.
  5. My FLGS has a preorder/want list that they maintain for games that aren't yet up for distributor preorder (like Legion). I've put my name down for a core set, a pack of dice, a Stormtrooper Upgrade and an AT-ST. That will be enough for a full 800 point list with some options. I'll probably end up picking up a Speeder Bike box at some point as well.
  6. Thanks! I think that last bit is what so thoroughly confused me. Failing the Buckleberry Ferry Hide test didn't seem to do anything... I guess because it didn't! Haha. Given that the Black Riders have a fight value of 5 and that you can only declare one defender, I guess a failed hide test usually means that someone is going to die? It doesn't seem like most Allies (or some Heroes) can absorb a 5 damage attack and live!
  7. Hello all! I inherited a relatively small collection from a friend, built a few decks recommended from RingsDB and played through the core set scenarios a few times. In other words, I'm a relative noob who generally understands the game. I've also been gaming for years, so I usually pick things up quickly. My friend and I decided that we'd approach LotR LCG by playing through the Saga Expansion for the actual LotR trilogy of books. We cracked open Black Riders with him playing a combat oriented deck and me playing a questing/support deck. And... I don't get the Hide mechanic at all. Specifically... When does the test occur? When the card is revealed and added to the Staging Area during the Quest Phase? Does the test also occur when If the test occurs when the card is revealed and I've already committed most of my Heroes/Allies to a Quest, am I going to more or less auto-fail? Can my buddy commit Heroes/Allies to the test or is it just me? What is the penalty for failure? What is the benefit of a success? I may be dense, but I read the rules a couple of times and can't find anything. We just played it by largely ignoring the mechanic and ended up fighting what felt like WAY too many Nazguls. Thanks for the help.
  8. This is unlikely. The tournament rules will probably just specify a 6x3 area and then describe how much terrain is needed and how it is placed. The mats are just super convenient because they're flat, they give a nice surface for rolling dice without damaging anything and eliminate the need to mark off a 6x3 area.
  9. Runewars doesn't have a 6x3 mat. FFG only makes 3x3 mats. They currently make a variety of space themed ones under the Star Wars banner as well as the grasslands one under the more generic FFG Supplies banner. For X-Wing, you use a single 3x3. For X-Wing Epic and Armada, you use two 3x3's next to each other. For Runewars, you use two of the 3x3 grasslands mats next to each other. I'm expecting to see a 3x3 desert/sand mat shortly before or maybe right after Legion releases. The grasslands mat released right around when the Runewars core box dropped without advance notice. It just showed up one day.
  10. I'm having a hard time spending too much time on terrain given that we don't know the terrain rules or deployment guidelines. My fear is that I'll end up with a bunch of really cool Star Wars themed terrain that can be used for something like Warhammer 40k, but that isn't appropriate for standard games of Legion.
  11. I was really hoping he'd drop SOME hint at what the future holds. Big plans kind of goes without saying.
  12. I'm actually really hoping that the Star Wars LCG ends sooner than later and is then replaced with a cooperative, story driven version similar to the Arkham Horror LCG. LotR is nice, but it's not really story driven in the same way that AH is. They could literally just reskin AH with SW art and names and I'd rebuy everything tomorrow.
  13. I'm confused. I've gone through my entire Imperial Assets Requisition Log, but can't find a reference to a "T-47" anywhere. Are you sure you didn't get the designation wrong? I did a comprehensive data search for "T-47" and the only reference I could find was in some old targeting routines in a recovered AT-ST data core. That can't be right. Nobody would willingly fly a rebel vehicle.
  14. I guess it just seems particularly challenging in a game that tends to require a lot of mechanical table talk. I don't mind roleplaying in the context of a roleplaying game.