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  1. KrisWall

    Starter decks a waste?

    I don't think pulling two to four random decks where one is significantly stronger is the exceptional edge case you make it out to be. Having even one deck with an easy to pull off, game winning combo can create a really negative play experience for new players. "Oh, so the trick with this game is to get lucky with your random deck. Noted. Not for me." Another advantage to the starters is that the players are guaranteed two decks that cover six of the seven houses, leaving out only Mars. With only randomized starters, it's likely that you'll see duped houses. In fact, there are 35 possible three house combinations. That makes 1,225 possible two deck combinations (35*35). In only 170 of those cases do you see six unique houses across the two decks. In 1,055 of those cases, you see duplicates. In fact... No duplicate houses across 2 decks = 13.88% of the time 1 duplicate house across 2 decks = 48.16% of the time 2 duplicate houses across 2 decks = 33.47% of the time 3 duplicate houses across 2 decks = 4.49% of the time With FFG's decision, you get no duplicate houses 100% of the time. With randomized, you get at least one duplicate 86% of the time.
  2. KrisWall

    New Format Idea - "Unchained"

    Ah. In that case, it's not for me. I'm unlikely to play in an event where I could be knocked out in the first round and then unable to participate.
  3. KrisWall

    Starter decks a waste?

    Random thoughts... The starter box isn't necessary at all. Anyone who has been gaming for more than 5 minutes has a million tokens they can use to represent aember, keys, stun, etc. Anyone who hasn't been gaming has ready access to coins that they can use to represent the same. Also, there are many 3rd party vendors who are perfectly happy to sell you tokens. I bought some from BurgerToken.com and am super happy. Go to Etsy and type Keyforge. You'll see tons of options. The starter box is really a question of whether or not $20 is a reasonable price for tokens and two pretty decent fixed decks. The other $20 pays for the two randomized decks. I thought it was worthwhile, so I bought a starter. $20 for two decks that you KNOW will be fairly well balanced against each other is a fantastic way to introduce new players to the game.
  4. KrisWall

    New Format Idea - "Unchained"

    Wouldn't your system just handicap the losers and make the winners that much more likely to win? I think you'd get better games if the winners stayed as is and the losers lost chains each round.
  5. KrisWall

    Most Annoying Cards

    I think any card can be annoying, depending on your deck. I have a Dis deck with two copies of Control the Weak. With some lucky card draws and then having to shuffle my discard pile to make a deck again, I was able to play Control the Weak four turns in a row, effectively granting me five uninterrupted turns. I got lucky the firs time and picked a house he had no cards for. I just picked that same house the next three times. I'm sure my opponent thinks Control the Weak is super broke. For me, it's stacked Sanctum cards where you can generate a ton of Armor. My opponent had on of the 6 power/2 armor knights with the upgrade that gives +1 armor and taunt, surrounded on both sides by a Bulwark. You end up with a ton of Armor (2 base + 1 for the upgrade + 2 for Bulwark1 + 2 for Bulwark2) and taunt, so the opponent can't attack the Bulwarks to erode the armor. If you don't have a board wipe or return to hand sort of card available, that's almost impossible to deal with. Those Knights can also attack with impunity with high armor almost making them into Skirmish creatures. I spent something like 6-7 turns not really being able to do anything. It was probably the least fun I've had playing Keyforge because I wasn't really playing.
  6. Agreed. Will never happen. Generally speaking, companies will only make a product that undermines an existing line when the existing line's sales are serious slumping. At that point, a "bundle" product can drive sales and revitalize the line. With an LCG like Arkham, a consistent sales slump is more likely to result in a cancellation than a bundle deal.
  7. KrisWall

    Unlimited Draw Potentional

    How does an unlimited draw combo work? What specific cards are we talking about? I have yet to see anything like that happen.
  8. My guess is that the print version of LotR LCG isn't a high priority right now. They're clearly investing some effort into the new online version. I think that's where the new players come in.
  9. KrisWall

    Unusable rare card in a deck

    Especially if you have more than one Drumble available. Play one and wait for him to kill it. Play the next on your subsequent turn. Cards like Drumble prolong the game, but you still need a way to win. Capturing is a delaying tactic. Stealing is obviously much better.
  10. KrisWall

    Card in wrong house?

    That's a Maverick card. Very rarely, you'll find a deck with an out of house card. Creates some additional variety in the deck and can grant you some cool extra options.
  11. KrisWall

    Restringuntus and Collar of Subordination

    Haha Derp. Missed that and didn't have the card image in front of me.
  12. KrisWall

    Restringuntus and Collar of Subordination

    Do you have a rules quote for that? It's not an ongoing effect. It's a Play effect.
  13. KrisWall

    Unusable rare card in a deck

    There is another nice effect that I don't think anyone has mentioned. With the relative lack of artifact removal in the game and in most decks, playing Sacrificial Altar both gives you an aember AND effectively drops your deck size from 36 to 35 cards. Not a big difference, but it will make pulling the cards you DO want a little more likely. Artifacts are generally nice in that regard. I have a deck with 10 artifacts that all have somewhat useful effects. Most also grant an aember. The nice thing is that as the game goes on, my deck shrinks and I can get to a point where I'm cycling through my whole deck pretty quickly, seeing good cards multiple times. The deck also has two copies of Control the Weak... My turn... Control the Weak. You must play Brobnar next turn. Done. His turn... Pass, I can't do anything. My turn... Cool. Dis. Reap, Reap, Play, Play, Control the Weak. You must play Brobnar next turn. Done. I have to shuffle my discard pile to draw back up to 6. His turn... Pass, I can't do anything. My turn... You're going to hate me. Dis. Do some stuff and Control the Weak. Brobnar. Done. His turn... Sigh. My turn... So, I swear to all that's good in this world that I'm a nice guy. Control the Weak. Brobnar. Done. His turn... Kill me now. My turn... Do some more stuff. And now you get to take an actual turn. It was only possible because my deck was down to so few cards and I had a somewhat lucky draw. After taking 5 turns in a row, I had two forged keys and 5 aember in my pool. I won shortly thereafter.
  14. KrisWall

    Restringuntus and Collar of Subordination

    The perspective of opponent definitely changes... but has zero impact on abilities that have occurred earlier in the game. Play abilities only trigger when the card is played. You would never re-trigger or re-evalutate the effect later in the game. If player A plays the card and the effect says player B can't use Brobnar next turn... that's it. Player B can't use Brobnar. Doesn't matter what else happens. The creature could die almost immediately and player B sill couldn't use Brobnar next turn.
  15. KrisWall

    Are the Four Horsemen Competitive?

    I definitely agree.