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  1. I like the wall spells, and if they took only a couple turns to pound through, I'd be fine with that. But that it's a near game ender if you get caught without wall circumventing spells I think makes those spells OP. I think making Cracks 1 to 1 on damage rather than 3 to 1 seems a reasonable house rule. I do think walls and blocks add "Fun and tactical" value to the game, I wouldn't want to remove them. But just tone down their impact if you get caught without counter wall/block magic to where it's "Hindering" but not "Game ending". losing 1-3 turns you could still recover from.
  2. Just want to add my support for a 6th player expansion. I'd definitely buy it.
  3. I wasn't saying that it's "unrealistic" how much damage it takes to destroy them, it's the game impact. Some treasures are at the end of a dead end corridor. Or what if an opponent has two walls, blocks, or one each. If the trapped wizard does not have one of the limited number of spells which will destroy or allow passage through a wall, that wizard is likely to have to spend?? What? about 5-6 turns casting damage spells to get past it? That's a "Game over" situation for him.
  4. Walls and corridors blocked by stone blocks can at time be incredibly effective spells to cast. I know that there are a number of spells that will destroy the wall or stone block, and I'm not talking about those. Of course those work beautifully, but the likelihood of having one of those in your hand is quite low, and without one, a wizard could be faced with destroying the wall or block via doing damage to them. This seems WAY too hard to do. Walls require 5 "Cracks" and blocks require 8 "Cracks" to destroy. And each crack takes 3 points of damage to achieve. This means 15 damage to destroy a wall or 24 damage to destroy a block. This is more damage than it takes to kill a wizard!!! That seems crazy high....you would literally have to spend turns trying to blast and pound your way through such an obstacle. What I'm saying in this thread is that it seems that the amount of damage needed to destroy a wall is so high as to make it neigh impossible to accomplish. (It would surely eliminate you from contention in almost any game, if you spent the amount of spells and time it would take to destroy a wall or block.) It sees to me the amount of damage needed to destroy such an object should be lowered...1 point of damage per crack seems like a more reasonable figure. Sure I know I could house rule this, but I'm wondering if designers have already come to this conclusion and posted an official errata or update. Has this issue been errataed or discussed in another thread somewhere?
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