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  1. Yes. At first glance, at the beginning of the game it was ok with the role choices but with 2 or 3 year every clan will have more option. Its like I play hida berserker and the winner was a kaiu engineer or yasuki, surely each one will have a "optimal" role
  2. Soooo.... Maze of ilusion or another card you have to dance de hokey pokey...... You watch all the circus around the card and.... Voice of honor, forged edict or censure. But I would love to see Bayushi Tangen When bayushi Tangen enter a duel you and your opponent spin without see the honor dial
  3. whitewashing trolls!!!🤣
  4. Why they do the same stupid thing? Again part of the cicle is not legal for tournament. Its how FFG hold the leash for the storyline?. Its like in MtG 2 or 3 colours have all the cards and the rest only half or not the good ones.
  5. Daigotsu Arashi

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    And don't forget that he was force sensitive!!
  6. Daigotsu Arashi

    Beginner Game

    I hope it will come with more characters. Looks like a joke, a shugenja, a tattoed monk, a bushi and a courtier walk into a bar.. and the bartender is a ninja. Don't know the rest of you but playing with different people I always have only 1 non bushi character in the group
  7. Daigotsu Arashi

    Release date in Spain

    When toturi has children.
  8. Daigotsu Arashi

    Mantis Clan

    Till that moment for the great clans the minor clans were scum, specially in war.
  9. Daigotsu Arashi

    Mantis Clan

    Wait to tsuke goings nuts
  10. Daigotsu Arashi

    Mantis Clan

    Yeah, you're all correct, mantis are descendants of osano wo, and had multiples names in history. But in this reebot people wants things right now something that taked a long time to happen. Now Mantis are a minor clan that the rest of rokugan only tolerate it presence for trade, you don't want a mantis in your court. The first mantis character is a shugenja and we know in "this time" there are not famous because of them.We don't know if the alliance of three men happened.
  11. Daigotsu Arashi

    Hidden shadow ninja(Shosuro Sadako spoiler)

    Shosuro Sadako looks like more a shadow spawn than a loyal samurai who's sacrificing all for the empire. I don't know what's is going to happen in the lore, maybe is the effect of coolness, the ninja with pich black eyes, shadow tendrils and that phrase" beneath the mask of the shinobi,nothing". The way of the scorpion tell us about the relationship with the shadow, all the Shosuro stuff, and the shadow brands, that help you in dim light make phisical feats. But in the moment you started to act "weird" the clan will execute you. When you look like her your a problem of the jade sect or the "internal police" of the scorpion
  12. Daigotsu Arashi

    Mantis Clan

    Is to soon to the mantis be a faction, it was in the second day of thunder wen the prick of yoritomo bullied rokugan
  13. Daigotsu Arashi

    Hidden shadow ninja(Shosuro Sadako spoiler)

    I revealed the shadow taint in rokugan, I'm the kistsuki kaagi of this reboot 🤣
  14. I recently revised one of the spoilers of the phoenix clan and look what I found instead of doji shigueru. The shadow come back
  15. What the f*** is the cutting paper test?! Toshimoko: in my days we finish the emerald championship with a iajutsu duel at first blood! Hotaru: calm down grumpy