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  1. Phoenix have a mystical beast and scorpion a institution. Probably we will have Kakita Toshimoko who is a institutional mystical beast 😂. At least he is not with gaijin weaponry
  2. Daigotsu Arashi

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Problably, hitomi was the mirumoto daimyo and now she is a hatamoto. Do we know somethig about Yakamo being the son of Kisada? Poor kamoko in OL5R, she was famous becase she had to stay at home attending bureaucratics, like Hitomi, Tsuko or Uji .😂
  3. Daigotsu Arashi

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Her mother was killed by a lion samurai when she was a child. She chose her mother's name in her gempukku. So yeah ,she is the Utaku daimyo
  4. Imagine the possibilities in this new history if Daidoji Uji win against o-ushi
  5. We are at November and the only thing we know it’s the new upcoming children of the empire expansion, but in the article Sun and shadows says by the end of 2019 all clans will have his pack. So we have: -Children of the empire -5 clan packs - Probably 5 clan novellas - Probably New dynasty cycle Even if there is no novellas or dynasty cycle, how it going to be the releases, every 2 month, 5 clans in 5 weeks?
  6. Daigotsu Arashi

    Imperial Gifts - Kotei Prize Fiction

    Yeah, it's very nice to have a friendly chat about this game. I hope the new emerald empire book will end this discussion and bring answers to other questions. It's the problem of this schrodinger canon
  7. Daigotsu Arashi

    Imperial Gifts - Kotei Prize Fiction

    are we talking about the broken sword of the lion? Edit: sorry my mistake ,Its shori
  8. Daigotsu Arashi

    Imperial Gifts - Kotei Prize Fiction

    Lovely image with "artistic license" ,sorry, but the description of pre katana sword only "gently curved" is form the phoenix novela, the sword and the spirits Look, a ofushikai curved as a katana
  9. Daigotsu Arashi

    Imperial Gifts - Kotei Prize Fiction

    And now my turn of pendatry One of the basic of L5r, it’s no of my own, I hear for a long time from different people (probably is written in the books) is that Rokugan is not Japan. Yes, in the history of japan there a lot of swords, okatana, kodachi, uchigatana, etc.. Ofushikai it’s described as a pre katana sword only “gently” curved, so… It’s not a tachi, a longer a more curved sword than the katana. Neither it’s a chokuto, a complete straight sword. So, what’s Ofushikai? A less curved katana of a fantasy world. I’m not going to post a brick about the importance of the katana in Rokugan. The samurai sword is always a katana, with variety of size, broad, shape or weight. Till a little man brought the standard for the katana in the dawn of the empire It’s funny to imagine a scene of two samurais… -Hey dude-san, look that weirdo with a strange sword instead of his katana, probably a gaijin/yobanjin lover or a unicorn spy. -buddy-san, that’s my champion with the ancestral sword of my clan. So, tell me, what weapon carried his father when he won the first emerald championship before he met his mother.
  10. Daigotsu Arashi

    Imperial Gifts - Kotei Prize Fiction

    liked a lot the story, three things I´´ m lookout... -the present for shizue, looks like a monocle or maybe if Shahai is clever, is a meishodo trinket to spy. -In the Shaisetsu story ,a tragedy is coming, hope not now, i don’t want early teenager antagonists, maybe one dies and the other look to resurrect his/her beloved one with jigoku,spice and everything nice. tadaaa! old white haired Daigotsu back in town. -Kunshu is a tsurugi now? what was in Yasurugi head when he forged it? katana for me, for my sister, one wrapped gift to the lion, some to keep in the loft for centuries and for my uncle an "non noble" blade. C'mon even shiba Little mermaid forged a katana for her husband. (yes, i know, problaby one iluminati of ffg have the clever idea of the tsurugi from the 3 sacred treasures of the japan imperial family )
  11. Daigotsu Arashi

    Why Do Holdings Have To Leave Play?

    I like your idea of holdings but I don't want the conga stile for provinces I'll try something like the regions of the old card game, each province can hold one holding and still have another card, if another holding is revealed ,chose between them. And broken provinces will be like rules now ?
  12. Daigotsu Arashi

    Turquoise Championship

    In the new lore there is already turquoise championship? The charge was created in the ol5r by Iweko I. Don't trust a Crane. ?
  13. Love to see again drew baker drawings
  14. Daigotsu Arashi

    Heart of the Garden - Unicorn Fiction

    She's at tantrum at her family but the most she hate is the "betray of her clan", imagine your clan have to show , shadow brands, harriers, path of the man, I'm togashi or all the shadowland stuff Half of the clan will hate you