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  1. I'm very upset with skirmish, this game have a big problem of testing a design and they waste resources in this mode. About the story, sorry but no FFG in my opinion are not doing the things right. First ,it's a dirty trick, all is the same untill I say is different. All the beloved character and background is no FFG, is old AEG. In this new setting, why is so admired, Kisada ,Toshimoko, Hitomi, etc..? We don't know nothing about this characters that maybe are in a little part of a story.And what about characters that not belong to this year? They are added for the coolness. We need something similar than the way of the clans series that give us knowledge of what happens in this Rokugan. Second, all people complain about sky is fallin story of oL5r. I've read about 90% of the new story and is total blandness. In 2/3 years of oL5r we had the opening of the black scroll, the rise of shadowland ,the clan wars, the battle of beiden pass and the second day of thunder. Now in a similitude with LotR, it's two years of history and we are still in the Shire. And, if you are going to make novels please tell me some relevant, like the old ones, how about instead Shiba Tsukune fight some spirit she resolve the elemental disorder?
  2. Yeah, sure.... It's very annoying to pronounce Asako Kenji but Shub Niggurath or Nyarlathotep are easy.
  3. Dual clan character is very rare, I only remember 2 in old5R Yasuki Hachi and Doji/Hitomi Reju. What this game needs are neutral cards. And a good playtest. About support of clans I suggest make a possible addition to keeper/seeker role (an add-on) and count for story choices
  4. Your not going to send children to the battlefield or wait years. If they need sword arms, the solution it's to hire Ronin or ashigaru and tell your samurai to Fu** as rabbits.
  5. So, jokes aside,same gender marriage and political hostage are basically the same except the part of cutting ones head. Now that's a great joke, "celebrate"a duel with a kasuga.
  6. 🤣 In newkugan all is political correct. Hida Kisada is Shaquille o'neal and the new day of thunder will be like the new ghostbusters movie.
  7. Hate this Schrödinger cannon, all its different and the same till the book/tale say a thing. Please FFG we need way of the ... books
  8. To the point you see 2 guards liying down and the first thing you think are shinobi(not ninja)? They come in a happy bento or in a onigiri surprise now?
  9. "Two people, both in sandals, and one of them expensively perfumed. Shinobi wouldn’t wear such scents and would have had horses waiting in a nearby wood." Wow, wow, wow Mitsu Be gentle with the "S" word
  10. Yeah I know the stile of newkugan, but even the false hoturi had a katana/wakizashi. And its the weapon of choice of many yojimbo. During war... On the battlefield, every action is honorable. Look at the swiss army crabs 😂 But the picture of the cards are showing the scion of the Doji in a duel, one doing iajutsu and the other with a pointy stick. Probably the torii in the valley of the 2 generals is shaking hard
  11. Sorry for the half offtopic: Is there any reason than Doji Hotaru is represented always fighting with a naginata and not even having a daisho?
  12. Restrictions in your deck and timing. If you want to bully with duels you have to put cards in your deck than boost the success of your duels, instead of have optimal cards that plays by itself in your deck. Yeah, you target a 2 or minus cost, pay 3 honor and you get rid of the personality, even if he is carrying a hardware store. If I want to have a chance to win a duel I have to honor and equip a character, and maybe that 2 or minus character have more skill than the one I have
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