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  1. As seen on Reddit My PC's are currently playing as security forces on a refugee planet and I am planning a festive one shot as one of our players can't make it this session. I don't have much time to prepare and plan so I'm hoping y'all can help me out a bit Premise In order to disrupt Life Day celebrations, Darth Grinch has captured the charitable planetary senator Kris Kringle. Kris Kringle is a very influential and loved member of society - Having one of the most active child homeless charities in the galaxy. Every Life Day, Kris Kringle's charity gifts homeless children with food and presents. Darth Grinch is joined by three Horrific Officers who lead an army of Krampus monsters and other denizens: Pere Fouettard - A butchering marauder with a soft accent, he lives to carve children into little pieces. Hans Trapp - A master of disguise, him and his minions take upon the persona of cute straw figures to lure children into their domain. Frau Perchta - A mystical witch who practices dark sacrificial magic where she replaces the organs of children with dank decay. ---- What I have so far: The team are investigating disturbances in the lower levels of a massive city complex when they meet the Ghost of Life Day Future who teleports them to Hoth where Darth Grinch is holding the senator. What I would like to happen: Have 3 challenges which they will have to complete, each will see them defeat an HO (Horrific Officer). Final encounter with Grinch himself What sort of challenges would be both thematic and festive to each of the Horrific Officers? I'd like the narrative behind defeating the HO's to be some sort of horcrux? Where Darth Grinch becomes less powerful for each HO that is defeated.
  2. Whilst I'm not new to GMing, I am new to GMing specifically non-combat encounters such as infiltration etc. This is mostly due to the folks I've had round the table. Fortunately, next week I will be running my first non-combat encounter and I am struggling to find ways to make it non-linear or not obvious. Backstory The crew around my table escaped from imperial custody and in the process, ended up screwing the hutts and the valarians. This accrued a sizable bounty and now that they have found themselves in a situation where the dust has settled, they can finally work on removing it. Without the ability to pay it off, an NPC i am using as a guide has informed them that if they get access to an 'Imperial Records Terminal' typically used with recruiting and managing civilian and criminal databases, they would be able to delete the official records of their bounty and potentially clear their names. Not an easy task but far easier than paying off their debt whilst on the run. The guide has pointed them to Bestine, an imperial occupied town on Tatooine and they are currently journeying there now via a public shuttle from Dathomir. GM Notes The crew are taking a shuttle from Dathomir to Tatooine. Chances are it'll stop along the way. I am going to have a bounty hunter stumble on board and begin speaking to the crew to try and worm his way into their favor to later betray them. Depending upon how much information they supply him with, he'll lie and try to convince them that he runs a local anti-imperial organisation in that part of Tatooine and if they need any assistance, to let him know. One of my PC's is quite easy to charm by simply getting a beer out and playing some dice. Should work. The crew will be running with fake ID's. Due to low funds, they could only purchase temporary ID's which will stop working 72 hours after their first use. These will be scanned as soon as they enter customs at Tatooine (Unless they sneak through) The objective is a military compound which, conveniently is hosting a recruitment drive over the next few days which will see the gates open and less security precautions as civilians will be permitted to walk through certain hallways whilst deciding if the empire is right for them. The terminal in question should be behind some security measurements. Weapons will be scanned and confiscated upon entering the compound. The Problem I can't seem to come up with interesting ways to get access to the system aside from 'Follow officer x after work and take his keycard'. What should I be thinking about in terms of NPC interactions? How much control should I give my hacking players to bypass security programs and gather intelligence on the base structure? After all - If I give them all the information, things might get dull - I'm not sure What should I be thinking about in terms of map design? We don't use a conventional map on the table system but I'm thinking graph paper might be useful for those moments where they do find a map or require one. What obstacles such as doors / etc might they run into? I've never designed a heist and would like to make it as interesting as possible so as to reward all playstyles. Help me y'all, you're my only hope!
  3. Thanks again everyone for your responses. It's been very useful to see the discussion regarding prices and the economical and domestic fallout from such an event as this. From your feedback, I've decided the following based upon the assumption that the players will steal the ship: The Valarians will plead to the players morals, stating that they are providing the water free as relief aid and that taking the water is petty and inhumane. The ship has a total of 15,000 metric tons of water, typically sold at .5 credits per metric ton this will generate 7.5K. A decent haul, but maybe not enough to test the players' morals. The destroyed well from Mos Espa will kill an estimated 10,000 poor refugee's / slum workers within the first week as water will suddenly only go to those who can afford it most. The Empire, as it is a territory they control will provide relief but it will be too little, too late and by the time their aid arrives - The Hutts would have the majority of the crisis under control. The current well would be destroyed, requiring constant water shipments until repaired. This will continue the water issues, killing 300 civilians each month, the repairs will take 2 months. The blame will fall squarely onto the PC's as the Valarians distance themselves and bribe various Imperial / Hutt officials. The Imperials place a bounty of 8K on their heads whilst the Valarian and Hutt forces place 6K. The Lok System has a buying price for water of 1 credit per metric ton. Nym and the Lok Revenants is essentially luring the PC's into a trap as he attempts to take the Imperial Bounty and also securing free water. Thoughts?
  4. This is all far too much money for them at this point in the game (Very low XP characters). Does anyone recommend any interesting, or exciting ways on how I can rob them of their chance to get the motherload? Does anyone have any experience having an NPC scam the PC's? I'm currently thinking that Nym of Lok would buy it from them, somehow manage to get away with the ship and suddenly leave the PC's with no water, no ship and no friends. I'm just looking for some ideas at this point on how a scam might take place in the backstabbing world of Star Wars. EDIT: I just remembered that one of the PC's took revenge as their obligation on an Imperial Officer who double crossed him and locked him up. Since the PCs have recently escaped from this officer, it would make sense that this officer would be looking to silence the PC. Nym could, in theory have contacted the imperial authorities about these known offenders and while offering payment to the pc's but before handing it over - The empire swoop in. The empire still don't know anything about the cargo of water and the crew might not know that Nym ratted them out.
  5. Thanks for all the replies! I'm not too sure what happened, but somewhere I saw that the GR-75 could carry ALOT more, but upon reading again, I must have seen some other value and thought that was it. So yes. we'll call it 19 thousand tons, what sort of an estimated value would I put on? I haven't seen anything about large quantities of food stuffs. I do like the idea of assigning bounty hunters but my guys aren't very high on XP / Credits and I don't want the hutt / valarian response to be fairly meaningless NPC's. They're currently deep in Hutt Space so maybe the ship only has fuel for one more medium range jump, they'll still be in hutt space but would need to find more fuel / a buyer before the hutts bare down on them. I've also just remembered Nym. So many choices!
  6. Hi All, In my RP, my PC's were doing some missions for the Valarians on Tatooine, mostly sabotaging Hutt operations. One such Hutt operation was the deliberate destruction of one of their own water wells in the capital city Mos Espa, the Hutts would then suddenly swing in with a ship carrying water and save the day and gain the favor of the civilian population even further. The valarians asked the PC's to steal the ship carrying the water and not the destruction of the water well, where instead the valarians would swoop in and save the day. Now my PC's have access to a GR-75 with 20 million tons of water and I'm a little concerned they are going to take it for their own rather than hand it back to the Valarians. Obviously this would be an excellent narrative journey but I'm unsure on how to take them on it. I currently only have the Edge of Empire core book and due to limited stock in all my local stores and online stores - I can't get anything else. Any tips on how to handle hauling this much water? How much it would sell for? What sort of reaction would be suitable from both the Hutt's and Valarians? What sort of mini-scenarios might occur because of this decision? NOTE: The Hutts know the Valarians were behind stealing the ship, the Valarians know the PC's were behind stealing the ship - The civilians and imperial authorities have no knowledge about said ship. Obviously none of this may come to pass - But i'd like to be able to handle it with a few surprise twists and turns.
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