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  1. Just played a game with Whisper (VI, FCS, Kallas, ACD), Rudor (PTL, AT, V1), and Inquisitor (PTL, AT, V1). On the other side of the table was Hera Ghost (FCS, AB Turret, Numb, Kanan), Ezra Shuttle (PTL, Chewy), and Blue Novice (R2, IA). The two PATs ate the T-70 for breakfast and the Ghost only landed one hit on Whisper the entire game. (Hera did make very short work of Rudor though). The Ghost hits hard, but depending on the front arc for max damage really seems to limit this ship. I'm not sure if AB Turret is the way to go with the Ghost. I think I'm going to attempt an Ion turret the first time I fly one.
  2. Flipping ghost is a pita to make fit with everything else though.lol it's like a giant 3d puzzle.
  3. sohanidevi

    ghost repaints

    Has any one done it? If so post up your pics thinking I might do one of my mime I get my second
  4. What are the possibilities of getting the wild kardde and the star jewel for scum huge ships? Something so that the scum can compete on that level. Can't think of many better options for huge scum ships.
  5. Had a big day of X-Wing with family, brother-inlaws and dad. First fight was 100pt one vs one but all on the board at once, so it was hectic flying. I few 4 Tie Advanced. I never even got a chance to shoot my missile. I died quickly to 2 A-wing, Y-Wing and YT-2400. Then we all started to play the campaign game for X-Wing. I will admit if you have not played it yet, do so. It is awesome the way they set up everything. So it was all 4 of us on Rebel vs Empire. I am flying a standard X-Wing as that is one of the ships you can choose to start with. For those who do play campaign, you know you get XP for successful hit on the enemy, destroy the enemy and bonus points for objectives. If you die, you roll escape and see what happens, anywhere from nothing happening to losing your highest mod on your ship. Each round the other players would get 10-15pts of XP, me, maybe 2-3. Which means It will take forever to upgrade my ship, however that did not matter as I died every round. EVERY round, we even changed dice on who rolled against me, did not matter. Example: Tie bomber (2hull left) shooting main weapon which is 2 dice attack, vs my X-Wing with 2 evade and a focus token. I have no shields and 3 Hull, but should be good as he only has 2 dice. Rolls crit and hit I roll 2 blanks pickup crit card - Direct hit 2 damage = 3 hull damage and I am dead. I roll so horrible, every felt bad when they had to roll vs me. So I figure if I make loaded dice then I might have a chance to win a round, at worst I might just cancel out the loaded part and they roll normal PS. expanding on the first round, my brother-inlaw had a cool idea. Since we play 4 of us, we have done the free for all, team up. Well this time, we rolled dice and determined who sat where. Then you had to attack the person on your right and only that person. Whoever killed there person first, won with a secondary objective to kill whoever they where suppose to kill. It was a lot of fun ... for them
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