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  1. Thanks @GreenDragoon, you get my point. Maybe I should have named the thread: Thoughts on how to bring a somewhat effective Finger Four RZ-1 A-wing list to 2.0 I had a lot of fun, exciting, and very close matches with the Four Fingers in 1.0 and wanted to share the nostalgia of being able to have that, but envisioned in 2.0. Though I like where this discussion ended up going. You bring some excellent points to the table, @GreenDragoon. I look forward to your further analyses of other lists & hypothetical improvements to the game. Kind regards
  2. If you change it to While you perform an attack at range 2-3, yaddayadda... you don't need the charge adjustment.
  3. @dezzmont gave a great analysis! again, @dezzmont beat me to it (thanks dezz), these are the excerpts: and: Apart from these issues I feel RZ-1 A-Wings in general face, I was also looking for a way to pay tribute to the Finger Four A-Wing list, and how a similar 4 RZ1-Awing list could be made viable in 2.0. Removing a stress token in the End phase from a friendly Wingman in range 1 stays close to the original Wingman talent, yet I fear this would not be enough to make a 4 RZ1-A-wing list viable, hence the three different ideas for an added ability. This added ability in 1.0 was Push the Limit, but let's not make that mistake again, so I made up some alternatives in the original post. An counter argument for one of these alternatives was this: My reply: Well, it works for Defenders... They're very solid, yet beatable. You pay 81 points - for the cheapest (initiative 4) Defender, Juke included. For this you get: Initiative 4 7 health (4shields, 3hull) 3 Attack, 3 Agility Relatively easy conditions to get a free evade action Juke limited hard turns a white K-turn (that triggers the free evade action) Now tell me, in comparison to the Defender, at how many points would you set this RZ1 A-Wing: Initiative 3 4 health (2 shields, 2 hull) 2 Attack 3 Agility A great dial Red K-turn & S-loops Juke With this ability added: 'Wingman'Talent slot, RZ-1 A-Wing only,At the start of the Combat Phase, you may remove a Stress Token from another ship at range 1 that has an equipped 'Wingman' card.If you did not remove a stress token from that ship, if that ship doesn't have any Evade tokens, it may gain an Evade token. Would it be broken to set this build below 50 points, so you could fly 4 of them? remember: - the Wingman upgrade would be unique to A-Wings - no red manoeuvre possible after getting a free evade token from a Wingman at range 1 (the ship would still be stressed) - no stress token present = no free evade token gained - no stacking evade tokens - after executing a (partial) red manoeuvre = add free evade token OR remove stress (both only if there's a Wingman at range 1) - 2 attack dice...
  4. I love Esege. My favorite list in 2.0 so far is: Esege with Perceptive Copilot, Advanced SLAM, Seismic Charges Wegde with Proton Rockets, R4, Afterburners, Servo Kullbee Sperado with Cloaking Device, Proton Rockets, R4, Servo Really mobile list! Not a tournament winner per se (it can go wrong very fast), but when flown right, it can be really good and it's so much fun to fly. Key to this list is hanging around some densely placed rocks, staying in range 2 of Esege for his two focus tokens (his advanced SLAM makes this relatively easy) & trying to pull the enemy towards you/the rocks. If they follow Esege, great, he's only support. Also: he's really hard to pin down (I love SLAMming), plus he likes to stay close to asteroids so he can use his seismic charges to damage the enemy or clear the field for his 2 friends, if necessary. He's never done much damage in a game with his 2 dice turret, even if he still had a focus token left for his attack, but hey, he's mostly/only there for delivering those focus tokens. Kullbee is fun too: cloaks in turn 1, decloaks in round 2, makes for some nice mobility/unpredictability early game, Boosting + focus + 3 attack dice is always an option and the protorps are sweet, especially with Esege's focus tokens hanging around. If Kullbee is cought in a pile of range 1 fire, cloak him, get 4 evade dice in total, use Esege's 2 focus tokens on the green dice & watch your enemy growl with frustration as Kullbee evades a lot of those incoming hits. Wedge is a beast if you can get a fast lock & shoot the protorps with a double mod thanks to esege's focus. The afterburners are great when you need them. His ability is great, especially when delivering 4 proton torpedo hits/crits to a squishy ace: ultimate brutal. Apart from Esege, I would argue that K-wings are indeed pretty ****. Still love the design though.
  5. Hi y'all, Back in 1.0, there was the great Finger Four Formation by Jonathan Scott. A list consisting of RZ1-A wings, 4 Green Squadron Pilots, each equipped with Push The Limit, Wingman and Hull Upgrade. It wasn't a super great list in the TLT heavy meta, but for me, it felt like the heart of the game: formation flying, pilots in their fast zipping spaceships, pushing their agile ships & themselves to the limit, all while looking out for each other, wingman style. Plus it was a rewarding list, if you put in the effort. I'm really happy with 2.0 in general, but I find it a bit sad that the RZ-1 A-wing lost most of its viability, along with most low to midrange initiative, high agility, low health ships that don't have a rear facing arc or a 3 attack dice front arc. At this point, I don't think that a point reduction could fix the problems the chassis has without rendering lower tier ships in general less viable. Therefore, I would like to propose a card that could be a tribute to Johnathan Scott and his Finger Four Formation for RZ-1 A-Wings. For this card, I had several ideas. What do you guys think? First idea: A-Wing Wingman Talent slot, RZ-1 A-Wing only, At the start of the Combat Phase, you may remove a Stress Token from another ship at range 0-1 that has an equipped 'Wingman' card. If you did not remove a stress token from the ship, it may gain an Evade token. Adds Barrel Roll to Red Focus linked action. 11 points => this leaves room for 7pts, adding up to a total of 50pts per green Squadron Pilot (with Wingman & Juke for example) Second idea: A-Wing Wingman: Talent slot, RZ-1 A-Wing only, When a stressed friendly ship with an equipped Wingman card at range 1 attacks or defends, it may spend one of its stress tokens to change one blank result to a hit or evade result. At the start of the Planning Phase, you may remove a Stress Token from another ship at range 0-1 that has an equipped 'Wingman' card. Adds Barrel Roll to Red Focus linked action. 11 points Third Idea: Talent slot, RZ-1 A-Wing only A-Wing Wingman Friendly ships at range 1 that have an equipped 'Wingman' card, may treat your focus tokens as if it were their own calculate tokens. At the start of the End Phase, you may remove a Stress Token from another ship at range 0-1, that has a 'Wingman' card equipped. 11 points EYJUcF-mQUVnHrS5O0qtsVeM8LoHzvY1MDQOLBQsK_A.mp4
  6. I've really come to dislike Jonus, for his auto rerolls. and Darth Vader (crew) auto damage. Also, alpha strikes. It's just boring.
  7. So, what do you think If arvel crynyd's attacking an enemy ship at rage 0, that is inside his firing arc at range 0, does he roll 3 attack dice? 2 standard plus a range 1 attack die? Please say yes. The opposite seems illogic to me.
  8. Needless to say, there's far less flaws in the reasoning behind the 'religion of' Darwinism then flaws in the reasoning behind the existence of an omnipresent yet undetectable being. In other words: The 'plenty of glaring scientific problems' are much more numerous in the Creationists worldview. Hence: the scientific view = the Darwinist view. On topic: @MajorJuggler brought science to a science fiction miniatures game. If that's not (Neil Degrasse Tyson) level cool, than I don't know what is. I welcomed MJ's sciencing, and regret his departure, although it's extremely understandable. A 'Thank You, MJ' seems in place.
  9. Why do you choose Hera as the VCX pilot instead of Kanan?
  10. Hi, Great list, but I have one question after playing with it 3 times in a row: Since you focus evade most of the time, wouldn't it be better for the A-wings to have stealth device instead of hull upgrade? Aren't the odds of survivability more in your favour if you have 4 evade dice, a focus and an evade token (until one attack hits). In the end, a hull upgrade is exactly the same as one extra evade token per A-wing in the entire game, no? What do you think? Regards
  11. Hey everyone, I ran the green arrow list (4 X GSP + PTL + Hull upgr + Awing test pilot + refit + wingman) three times against the same list: Decivador + Omega Leader (Juke, Comm relay) + the Inquisitor (Tie v1, Autothrusters, PTL). and I had some great fun playing the A's! In the first game I finished the decimator in the third round (2 direct hits... After that my dice were hot and his green dice were really really disappointing, so the inquisitor and omega leader bit the dust rather quickly. 1-0 The second game was disastrous for the a-wings. The match was over in half an hour: I foolishly kept K-turning, thinking that I could outmaneuver the Inq and Omega leader... Not by a long shot. So by then it was 1-1. Third game was a true marathon. It lasted for about 2 and a half hours(!). The Decivador died soon, leaving my 4 A's on the board with 2-3 hull each (one with 1 shield as well) . But Omega leader is a bastard, and the Inq could almost alway manoever out of arc of one or two a's... One by one my A's exploded into oblivion. This went on for almost 2 hours. Omega leader had 1 hull left, the inquisitor as well. It was a very very tight game and we both flew really well. I kept forgetting wingman though... 1-2 My opponent noted that stealth devise could be an interesting alternative for the hull upgrade. Since I focus-evaded almost every turn, this could have saved me more than 1-2 damage per ship... Any thoughts on this? Regards, Brupl
  12. Why does the Kanan crew revolutionize the Outrider's dial? It helps other ships, but not the ship Kanan is on, or am I reading this card totally wrong? "Once per round, after a friendly ship at Range 1-2 executes a white maneuver, you may remove 1 stress token from that ship." Still an interesting build though! Thanks!
  13. The initial reason I put Chopper in there was because of the triple toilet seater list at PS3. BUT since they just have to focus instead of locking a target (because of Deadeye), this is indeed a 'waste' of points (still, the stress bump is a nice feat to have on a big and manoeuvrable ship like this). Tactical jammer was filler so it's gone, gone, gone. So: Lothal Rebel without Tactical Jammer it is! Thanks, Wurms! About losing Dash: He really is a powerful combo with Hera... I've played 2 matches where the 5k on an asteroid with a previous target lock from FCS made a big difference. Also: this makes the ship/list feel like a bit more atypical/custom. How do you feel about the Auto Blaster Turret on the VCX? How many times would I use it if my manoeuvre dial is broadened up with Dash, Hera and FCS? Or is the threat towards the aces big enough to see this as a solid 2-point investment? It would be the first time I'd run this turret on the VCX: luckily (or unfortunately) my previous matches were not against the highly manoeuvrable aces, so my experience with it is non-existing. The worst enemies out there now, are the triple toilet seater and the aces, so I really need a build that can handle both... As are we all, of course Regards.
  14. More leaning towards the first list then, thinking about losing the Tactical Jammer and the auto thrusters on the A-wing to swap the Z95 for an extra (thrusterless) A-wing. Quite versatile/annoying and I like the extra evade die and improved manoeuvrability. Question is, do I need the extra blocker if I already have a controller in my team? Also liking the extremely manoeuvrable VCX. That 5K-turn is amazing, especially when paired with Hera... HAMMER PS4 VCX-100 Chopper: 45 Pts Fire Control System (no actions needed to acquire target locks, stress doesn't hurt me as much) Autoblaster Turret (aces are afraid of the range 1) Hera Syndulla (so I can manoever freely, stress doesn't hurt my manoeuvring abilities) Dash Rendar (so I can manoever freely, landing on asteroids is a lot less scary) => extremely manoeuvrable ship that doesn't suffer (much) from stress or from asteroids. BLOCKER PS1 A-wing prototype pilot: 17 Pts Chardaan refit BLOCKER PS1 A-wing prototype pilot: 17 Pts Chardaan refit CONTROLLER PS2 Y-wing Gold Squadron Pilot: 26 Pts Twin Laser Turret BTL-A4 Title R3-A2
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