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  1. I consider the rules of IA vastly superior to those of Descent. I've had to contact customer service for rule clarifications serveral with Descent, never with IA. My main concern with a 3rd Edition is the removal of the Overlord. I can see it coming. While I too enjoy playing RtL, it takes away a lot of the competiveness. Me and my friends are currently playing through Gloomhaven. It's good, but I think we all agree that the absence of an Overlord dulls down the gameplay quite a bit.
  2. This would have been perfect if it had included a Basic III-deck for the overlord. Looks like they are wrapping up D2, but this is still good news.
  3. I couldn't disagree more about removing the Overlord. It adds a loot of tension and psychology when you are with a good group. The absence of an OL is actually one of the very few issues I have with Gloomhaven. I've been testing out the Road to Legend-app the last week, and I'm very positively surprised about it. Great fun and a huge potential. It's good to see all of the expansion-tiles used in one campaign. D3ed will without a doubt be based on using an app. But I do not see why that should eliminate the OL. At least make it optional. Instead, the app could ensure randomly generated maps/events, that will add what Descent is REALLY missing: The sense of EXPLORATION!
  4. I remember when I bought Twilight Empire 3rd Ed. The two expansions had the status "awaiting reprint". 6 months went by, no reprints, and suddenly the 4th edition was announced. Needless to say I was pissed, because I wanted the expansions for my play sessions.
  5. I agree with those who speculate that we will not see any more D2 content. I can only pray that a D3 will KEEP the overlord, and not replace it with an app. In fact, I will not buy it if I can't humiliate my friends.
  6. I played through MoB with my very skilled playgroup, as the OL ofc. I cannot remember any details about the campaign, but it was a total steamroll for me as the Overlord. A total wipe out. If it is any comfort; we did the MoB + Chains campaign and Chains was the total opposite, and I managed to win only one quest. I think a game like this is very hard to balance, and MoB is a good example of this.
  7. Yes you can. And played wisely, they will pack one **** of a punch.
  8. The reason I switched to board games in the first place was dice and physical content. Apps and digital content doesn't please me at all; in fact I hate that they have eliminated the Overlord in the digital content. I like the concept of random maps (exploration), but that's it. (The original Warhammer Quest did this neatly with cards.) If FFG wants more of my money (and I do indeed have every D2 product there is, except the coop add-ons) they need to put out more content. Or else I will be looking for other alternatives. In fact, my group is embarking on our first Gloomhaven campaign this coming holiday. Merry christmas!
  9. Zaltyre is right. I suspect your OL friend has been playing Imperial Assault? The OL buys his agenda cards in secret there.
  10. What I really think is missing in Descent is the sense of exploration. (Gloomhaven actually has an optional random dungeon option). The maps (and most things on it) are known to the players at start. Games like Hero Quest and Warhammer Quest had hidden/random maps, adding mystery and surprises to the mix. Imperial Assault has this to a limited degree. At least you don´t know what is lurking behind that next door. Nerekhall had a system where the OL could select 1 out of 3 random effects on many of its quests. I loved that - psychological warfare is always fun. I would love to see random maps, hidden doors and such in a new Descent expansion/Descent 3. And WITHOUT removing the Overlord.
  11. I hate to be one of those guys, but I am very disappointed. This looks very much like a light-weight app, made to milk the last few drops out of the Descent franchise. I started board gaming 2.5 years ago to get away from computers, not to have them pushed onto me. The lack of new physical to me is very lackluster. Although I'm happy for those who enjoy the app and its campaigns, to me this very much confirms that the physical product line has reached its end. (At least we finally got a frost themed expansion, though! :P)
  12. Nice work. I feel another "whack the bush"-joke coming...
  13. If there are no news about Descent at GenCon, I think it is safe to say it is dead as a doornail.
  14. I think not reading all the rules will only benefit the OL and almost guarantee his victory. The victory conditions are crucial for both the OL and the party, and the heroes need them to make a good strategy.
  15. Exactly. The two expansions for "Twilight Imperium" has had the status "Awaiting reprint" since may 2016(!). I think we are at the end of the line. Let's keep this thread alive and well until proven otherwise. The arrogant silence can only go on for so long.
  16. But how about those quests where open groups are placed based on other conditions in the quest text? There are quite a lot of those in the Mists + Chains quests. There is another thread here with the official answer on whether you can place enchanting class-cards on these kinds of groups. The answer was yes. Therefore, shouldn't placing an agent using one of these groups follow the same principle?
  17. Regardless whether that thread was legit or not, there hasn't been any news about Descent for a long time. 8 new articles in the "News"-section of this site today alone, and none for Descent the ~last year(?)
  18. This is sad. And what I feared the most. At least I will have Gloomhaven arriving by the time we finish up our next campaign.
  19. You can, and as the OL you absolutely should. Long term planning is key to winning a two-part encounter.
  20. We´ve just started a MoB + CtR campaign. The tiles are wonderful, and fits the undead theme perfectly. Personally I also love the monsters, again undead themed. The biggest difference from the other campaigns imo would be the quests. I totally changes the OL playstyle, since the victory condition on most quests is to have all heroes knocked out at the same time. In our ongoing campaign the heroes won the first quest, and got totally annihilated by the OL in the next two quests. (My play group is very good, and I´ve usually struggled as an OL.) So I suspect the play style of the hero groups needs to change too. Being knocked out now has consequenses, and high mobility might not be as important as in other campaigns.
  21. Unless the player group allows it, of course. I was allowed to put Monster and Hero collections into play during a campaign. Small/big box expansions are trickier, though, since they alter game mechanics.
  22. And if they drop the overlord, I'm certainly waving goodbye to any 3rd edition. I started playing board games because I was fed up of computer games and apps in the first place, and to be social. Taunting your friends as the OL can never be replaced by any app. Muahahaha.
  23. Marvellous! Thank you. I've not dared to start on the elementals, since they are kind of complex. This will get me going! Keep up the good work.
  24. Haha, scary. Some nerfing would actually do this game some good, imo. Specifically: A surge cancelling effect like in IA. I also find myself in late game situations where rolling defence dice for monsters can simply be skipped, due to the sheer amount of pierce the heroes have.
  25. Just starting a Mists + Chains campaign with my group. It looks like getting the raven is a good choice in addition to the scourge? I'd love to hear anyones experiences on this...
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