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  1. They do? I can't find it anywhere on the page, on in the pictures. If so, that's strange because the character has been Eleanor since Middle Earth Quest. (And my daughter will be disappointed, because that's her name!)
  2. I keep seeing Elena used in this thread, but her name is Eleanor!
  3. rbaker1978

    Mount Gundabad

    Ha! I love this. But, I was just reading this section in Unfinished Tales, and he finds it hidden inside Orthanc, along with some other relics of Isildur's that Saruman had stolen, after he becomes king. Which would still lead to the same result, I suppose. But this does make me wonder what other time-travel or logicially inconsistent scenarios we can create!
  4. I'm curious about how much of Rebels you've seen. The storylines and interpersonal relatio ships were pretty deep for a "kid's show". It did a fine job of keeping to the feel of the original triology. (And, I think that Kanan is my favorite Jedi, after Obi-Wan.) I do think there won't be any more Rebels releases after this (although, if they could squeeze in Ruhk and Kallus, I won't complain), but my son and I have been hoping for a Rebels box for a while! I'm pumped about this one.
  5. That marker doesn't mean anything other than that Disney wants to make money off of the product being sold!
  6. rbaker1978

    new movies stuff

    Can't tell if serious, or TFA reference...
  7. rbaker1978

    I'm Back! (maybe)

    Shoutout for 17th shard! Now I'm curious to know how many Sanderson fans are here.
  8. rbaker1978


    I had a Windows Phone for years, and just recently got an Android phone specifically so I could use this app. I am so happy right now!
  9. rbaker1978

    The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    I never knew the Boffins were Hobbit/giraffe hybrids.
  10. rbaker1978

    FFG Digital

    The article said they are developing exclusively for Steam, so my guess I'd that these will be digital counterparts to the existing titles and have nothing to do with the apps.
  11. Probably not, but just wondering.
  12. What do you think about this? It sounds cool, but I feel like this could take a bite out of IA.
  13. rbaker1978

    Journey's end

    I completely agree with this, and really hope that there's more to winning or losing the scenario (and campaign!) than what Caleb wrote. Much of the time, I've felt the designers' have translated Tolkien's vision and theme in some clever, insightful ways. This news left me feeling disappointed. It reminds me very much of the end of DM of the Rings, where the author pokes fun of the idea of an entire campaign simply won or lost on a single roll.
  14. rbaker1978

    This webcomic is pure gold

    My favorite web comic!