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  1. Or maybe if he had a necron tessaract that he could control and that was big enough to hold massive factotums, stasis vaults, labratoriums, etc. He could have kept all this secret on mars if that's how a necron tessaract works.
  2. Do I even wanna know how they explain a tech priest living 10000 years and doing all this in secret on mars? Building a new marine army complete with vehicles, ships, etc. Holy deus ex, batman!!!
  3. I just kinda wanted to emphasize a point here to players and GMs: basically everyone in the 40k universe is insane. I mean the books make some characters look like great guys. Roboute Guilleman, Gregor Eisenhorn, Ihram Gaunt, they all seem reasonable and good. But if I heard you say you believed in freedom, BLAM! Really everyone in 40k is insane be today's standards. I like to remind people of that now and then. I make that a factor in 40k RPGs.
  4. You desperately seek information on a daemonic cult, execute any and all loyal citizens who have seen any and give it to you for witnessing daemonic activity, then wonder why it's so hard to get anyone to give your information
  5. Call in a lance strike to kill the bugs on the surface with a one shot, the dig the leader out of his hole after his minions have been obliterated from orbit. Another counter to this might be to get a fix on the bigbug's location and have yourself teleported into his hideyhole. Oopsie! Now his minions can't help him.
  6. So in a hundred years bubbadon hasn't conquered earth, no surprise. But the tyranids and necrons aren't as incompetent as abmoron, what have they Been doing in the ensuing century? Likewise the one competent race in the 40k universe , the tau, I would hope they had made some advances in ten decades. Speaking of marines I was wondering if anyone tried making untouchables into marines. I'd imagine they'd be a huge pain to psy- heavy forces. Or does the imperium use all its nulls for culexes assassins?
  7. I looked at some of the bits in Ascension about a PC becoming an inquisitor and noticed it seems to be impossible to become an inquisitor without racking up a few insanity points from the various rites and rituals you must pass thru. Also it seems like becoming even an interrogator has some near mandatory insanity points accumulation. So, on average about how many insanity points should a new inquisitor have? Anyone ever work that out?
  8. ypur gm is not playing right. Tyranids have no individual fear of death and as a rule synapse creature should not hide. If he insists on these tactics then max out on long ranged firepower, stay at the edge of effective range and pick the nids off with long range fire because their synapse creature is 'anchoring' them by staying in a hole. other tricks might be to take a librarian with offensive psyker powers and long range detection abilities, he might be able to attack the synapse creature even underground. Also just tell your gm he's not making the game fun for you.
  9. Ahhhh, that trollock thendoctor was harassing me constantly then running hurt to an idiot mod when a slapped him, then that idiot mod started hitting me with warnings while ignoring his constant snipes at me. But now there's an ignore user fiction and I put both the troll and the moron on it.
  10. Guy, without special characters the 40k universe is a bunch of miserable psychpoaths running around looking for excuses to murder people. The snowflakes are the only people worth role playing or writing stores about. As long as they're not fething ridiculous like angry marines or pretty marines or aren't grossly OP then make all the snowflakes you want.
  11. Hmm, an ogryn of unusual base intelligence who responded very well to the bonehead treatment.... I could see him serving an inquisitor who is gradually fading in ability with age, and who comes to rely on him more and more until he becomes an inquisitor in all but name.
  12. In some novels a space marine was willing to play 'regicide' to pass time during a warp trip. so I guess they could play cards. just buy it like another skill.
  13. BTW, to put it in more modern terms, i wonder if any of the tiger claws remained loyal to the imperium and what happened to them if they escaped badab and made it into imperial space. gave vital data on the traitor chapter to the imperium and were absolved? One hopes.
  14. It's another one of those issues where the imperium buries the truth because it would be diofficult to deal with. The fact is some members of traitor legions did remain loyal and even became heroes of the imperium during the HH. Of course we can't let the mindless masses know this as they might begin to think there was some good on the 'other side' and that could lead to more heresy. Better to keep 'em ignorant of the truth.
  15. During tne heresy the emperor odred the founding of the grey knights. Some of the founding members were from legions that had went over to chaos. the emperor himself trusted them still. In hammer and bolter 1 there was the story of a force of iron warriors who remained loyal, fought their traitor bothers and played a vital role in saving terra from the chaos invasion. IF such a band of pre heresy loyal marines reached tne imperium in 40,000 and managed to survive very long and IF they came to the attention of an inquisitor who knew the whole truth about tne heresy and the fact that some members of traitor legions remained loyal he would likeky race to reach them because they were vital sources of information and archaeotech from the pre heresy era. Plus these men lived when he emperor lived and a lot of people would like to know what they knew. Also they may have information about tne traitor legions that would serve the imperium well. Also the thought of getting their claws on an intact pre heresy ship and other tech would have some admech types oiling under their robes. This would make a hell of a deathwatch scenario… Let's see how long it takes a certain pompous troll to snarkcrap on this post then run crying to a mod when i slap him because i'm tired of his abuse.
  16. Are you kidding? Do you know how effective a weapon ratling foot odor is? on a more serious note, a young ratling may end up in an inquisitor's retinue and displays a real drive to fight chaos after seeing it's terrible truth, and shows a very Strong ability to resist chaos' corruption, plus a real hat e for it. He works hard and presto! Inquisitor Purefoot, the incorruptible.
  17. In what little tile we have left here let's do a bixxare (yet possible if only just) charcter contest. I'd like to suggest a ratling inquisitor.
  18. Your techmarine has mkre cybernetics and less humanity than a Borg.
  19. Yog sothoth manifests itself before the PC party and they just yawn. A shoggoth rushes at the party and the tac marine says "Go on with the mission, brothers. I'll deal with this anoyance and catch up in a moment." After putting a few hellfire rounds into the charging shoggoth the tac marine leaves the steaming lifeless goo behind and catches up with the others. Cthulhu emerges from a dimensional void, takes one look at a chaos imperator titan and goes right back into the dimensional void. Your kill team finds a copy of the necronomicon, decides it's not worth taking back to watch fortress erioch and the spacewolf uses it to start a fire to roast dinner over. Azathoth begins to appear and is stopped in 3 rounds by a grey knight squad.
  20. Sure, i trust the emperor to protect me. I just wear armor to make it easier for him to protect me.
  21. It's like how some strains of christianity believe that jesus was the son of god and some believe that they are in fact the same. The ecclisiarchy is all based on old catholic dark age practices.
  22. Yeah, in the 1st edition the eldar wore mesh or carapace armor.
  23. Yeah, that was probably not long after necrons came out and the c'tan were their masters while all necrons were basically robots. That may have been retconned away in later editions where many necrons kept most of their mindds and personalities, and turned the tables on the c'tan by shattering them. Under the current rules at best empy (Be sure to call the emperor empy now and then, it ticks off the fanatical loyalists.) could have put a shard of a c'tan on mars. Personally I like like the way the AM is normally portrayed as evolving into existence after the dark age, the age of strife and the disasters that hit the terraformed mars.
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