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  1. I have spent nothing because I’m in college, and most of my X-wing packs are gifts.
  2. And let’s not forget that flying an Endor A-wing, assuming that’s what Shera owns, took considerable skill. I mean, I believe it’s said somewhere that they were prone to spinning out if you weren’t careful. If this was what Poe learned to fly in, I could see him be at least as good as Wedge, if not better.
  3. I would like to introduce the YKL-37R Nova Courier. Tiles This large ship is actually an interesting one for me, since it's my first cross faction ship. So, let's start with the stats. So, the Nova Courier has decent stat line with 3 attack, 1 evade, 7 hull, and 3 shield, so basically a YT-1300 with less defense. What makes the ship unique are its upgrades and action bars. The upgrade bar has two crew and two missile slots. With is, the action bar has focus, target lock, and reload. The combination reload and the pair of missile slots comes from the fact that the YKL-37R has 3 missile tubes with 12 missiles each. Along with this, it has a not so great dial. Then there's it's two unique pilots and crew, twin smugglers Orpa and Wex Vio. So, since the only thing you can find about them is that they own a Nova Courier, I just gave them the same pilot skill. Both pilots abilities play off these ships ducking into asteroid fields, and the same goes for their crew cards. Along with that, Orpa's cards focus on defense, while Wex cards focus on offence. Finally, there's a pair of dials. The Nova Courier's discontinued status and easy modification lead to the Limited Production title. Basically, it lets you trade missile slots for other slots. That's all it really does. The second title, Lucky Guess, represents the Vios' ship, and lets you take a free reload action after a primary weapon attack. The primary only is key, since it keeps you from just firing missile/torpedoes like a mad man. Well, hope y'all like it, and Merry Christmas!
  4. Ok. So I agreed with what @RufusDaMan said earlier, so I made some slight modifications to the Torrent. The Dial no long has green hard ones, and each pilot is a squad point more. The title also went up by one point. And Ordinance Reloader is now Ordnance Reloader.
  5. As a casual player who brought the “not that good” Scum Boba Fett to a tournament, I’d say just get what you want and like.
  6. I see what ya mean. I’ll do some cost increases. Thanks.
  7. Well, as usual, I’m working on something no one asked for, but could be cool. The YKL-37R Nova Courier. I will say I found this while working on something else, but I need to catch up with Rebels.
  8. Sadly, I don’t have the Ghost or Wired, but these all look great!
  9. I actually fitted Dash with HLC, Outrider, and Trick Shot. The squad’s worked pretty well so far against 2 PTL FOs, a PTL Striker (Pure Sabbac), and a Swarm Leader SF (the one that attack when it loses shields).
  10. Ok. Thank y’all. I also don’t have Expertise (no U-wing), but thanks for the advice.
  11. So, I have a lightly loaded Rey paired with Dash, and while I love Finn onboard, would Gunner be a better option? Rey has the HotR Falcon title and Veteran Instincts. So which do y’all think is better?
  12. Love this version!
  13. What about making the attacks to where you spend a focus to reroll focus results?
  14. Maybe say that you can only use it once per round, and only if you’re throwing 2 dice, along with primary arc only.