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  1. sf1raptor

    Zeta Class Cargo Shuttle

    Looking great so far!
  2. Not just you. Put in some stuff I wanna buy (starter and scum/rebel conversions) but I still have access to cards in, say, the new Millennium Falcon pack. It doesn’t seem to have an indication of ownership either.
  3. I don’t know if this is just Bossk or all the YVs, but when I was going through the app, neither Greedo or AT-1(?) would show up. Are they simply not allowed on the YV-666s or Bossk, or is this a glitch?
  4. sf1raptor

    Zeta Class Cargo Shuttle

    Glad you like them. If you do test them, mind saying how they do?
  5. sf1raptor

    HWK of Prey

    Looks awesome.
  6. sf1raptor

    Zeta Class Cargo Shuttle

    Sorry for the late reply. I made them using Strange Eons, and they're 100% compatible with 1.0. Only thing is they aren't game tested, but I've done my best to balance them and take into account all the possibilities. I put the cards up on Imgur to post them here, and can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/QP7Gy Also, sorry for some weird cards. the program didn't have reverse maneuvers.
  7. sf1raptor

    Ikka's scrapyard

    Always enjoyed a handful of the Uglies. Mostly the Y-TIE and Chir'Daki. Even made edition one cards of both ships, and would make edition two if Strange Eons would actually let me use the plug in. Great job on all those flying junk heaps!
  8. sf1raptor

    Zeta Class Cargo Shuttle

    First, great model! Can't wait to see it finished. If you want, I have some Zeta-class cards in my custom collection you could use.
  9. sf1raptor

    X-wing 2nd Edition plug-in for Strange Eons

    Ok. I tried downloading the zip version but I still can't get it to work. Is there something special I'm supposed to do? I moved to folder to my Strange Eons file in Program Files.
  10. sf1raptor

    X-wing 2nd Edition plug-in for Strange Eons

    I can't get the actual customizing system to come up. I get this error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot find function setPresets in object 0.0,1.0,1.0. at res://components/pilot-card/pilot-card.js:496 (createInterface)
  11. sf1raptor

    MG-100 Starfortress for 2.0

    Exactly! I agree with this. I would have preferred a B-Wing analog, but I can understand why they would be forced to use a heavy bomber.
  12. sf1raptor

    MG-100 Starfortress for 2.0

    Admittedly, it's pretty strange, but we have to remember one thing: The Resistance isn't a major force in the galaxy. I doubt the Rebels used Clone Wars ere vessels by choice. It was probably the one intact assault craft they could get their hands on. It'd be like someone actually using an early jet bomber as an assault craft (SU-27, A-10) Personally, I would have tried to scrounge one or two B-Wing MKIIs instead on creating Uglies, but I also don't know what they had.
  13. sf1raptor

    That Yellow Fighter from Star Wars: Resistance

    I personally like this fighter. Not really a design style we’ve seen in Star Wars before.
  14. sf1raptor

    N-1 Naboo Starfighter for X-Wing

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll definitely make some changes to wording and E1 Shara Bey. Wrench was basically R2 in appearance. He’s Rhys’ astromech in Starfighter.
  15. sf1raptor

    N-1 Naboo Starfighter for X-Wing

    My own take on the N-1.