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  1. Since y'all seemed to like the top 5 favorite fighters topic, I decided to make a topic for the big boys of both the Rebellion and Fringers. So here are mine. 5: YZ-666 4: Zeta-class 3: YCX-100 2: YT-2000 1: YT-1300 I'm seeing a Correlian tend here.
  2. Cross-Eyed Gunner----- -3 points Change all hits to blanks. Every time you attack, you must quote a Spaceballs line.
  3. Plus, Scurrgs are more like an A-10 then a B-25. Basically, the Scurrg is an assault craft, while the others are more like medium bombers.
  4. I have two in here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gzb_UZV151EYxeVn2Ij5xsiPcW38xTDrp8i9he2OuKo/edit
  5. With all the complaining, speculation, and click-bait topics, I thought a simple, light hearted topic would be nice. So here are my top 5 favorite starfighters. B-wing X-wing Fang Fighter TIE Fighter N-1 Naboo Starfighter.
  6. I'd add to this to make the ordinance damage an option to replace normal damage. That way the missile can still work on none ordinance lists. That, or have it be able to knock out another upgrade card instead of the ordinance detonation.
  7. Um.... I know my WWII history, and while flares did exist, they weren't a countermeasure. And chaff was designed to scramble radar. WWII didn't have the missiles we have today, and what they did have were either big, anti-vehicle, or anti-personal. No Air-to-air. Gunfighting was still the only effective tactic for fighters until Vietnam, and since Star Wars combat is based on WWII dogfighting, I never really expected to see fighters with countermeasures like that. Rant over. Gameplay wise. I don't think it's a good idea. Like others already said, alpha strike isn't the big issue right now, though I've never had bomb problems either.
  8. The mission has been edited.
  9. Rebel story: The Rebellion has learned that an Imperial convoy got lost nearby and have a decoding device (or a band of pirates has stolen an Imperial decoding device). On top of that, their hyperdrive is down. With this devise, one could decode the Empire's encrypted communications, allowing the Alliance to prepare counter strikes against Imperial operations. The only problem is the pirates won't give it up.... Imperial story: Intelligence has reported that a Rebel smuggling vessel containing stolen Imperial assets has been tracked to a nearby sector. They are there for hyperdrive repairs, so they shouldn't run. You are to retrieve the cargo at any cost! Scum story: A convey caring something valuable has been spotted near by, and the Imperial's are willing to pay a pretty credit for it (or an Imperial convoy is carrying something valuable in the black market). Best part is they can't run. No hyperdrive. So, we're gonna go and take it. Come on, boys! Rules: All ships now have the Collect action. Collect: If you are within range 1 of the cargo, use this action to collect it, and place the cargo token on your pilot card. Convoy: Your objective is to survive, destroy the raiders, and not lose the cargo. The convoy, for Rebel and Pirate fleets, must have at least one YT-1300, YT-2400, or YV-666 to serve as the smuggling ship, and may not use unique pilots or upgrades. The only other ships the convoy may use are Z-95 Headhunters, M-1a Scyks, and Y-wings. You cannot use illicits. If a ship has one, subtract one squad point from its cost. You may spend up to 125 squad points on your squad. For an Imperial convoy you must have at least one Lambda, Upsilon, or Decimator. The only other ships allowed in the convoy are TIE fighters, and TIE interceptors. Same rules as Rebel and pirate convoys apply. You must place one token, representing the cargo, on the smuggling ship/Imperial transport's pilot card. If you have more than one large ship that may be a cargo carrier, pick one and hide the cargo token with an ID token. Place an ID token on each large ship, one corresponding to the smuggling ship, and other ID tokens for the rest. When the smuggling ship/Imperial transport is destroyed, place the cargo token on the board where the ship was destroyed. Raid Squadron: Your objective is to collect the cargo from the convoy. You may use unique pilots and upgrades, and you may spend up to 100 squad points. Once you destroy the smuggling ship/Imperial transport, use the Collect action to retrieve it, and fly to the edge of the board. If you make it, you win the mission. If you are destroyed, place the cargo where you were destroyed. So. What do y'all think? This is a first draft, so give me every criticism and idea that you've got. Edit: Took the advice of @Hawkstrike, and @Darth Meanie. Adding a response to fight, they can't run, and Imperial convoys.
  10. We need someone to be the none plot armor Red Shirts. Not everyone can be a Force sensitive leaf in the wind.
  11. I always thought of it as a "we can't find the parts to make a full 'insert fighter here' but I have parts to work with." Also, I could see some mods Uglies make as a good idea. Like the Y-TIEs ion cannons in the turret being replaced by a TIE's Ls-1 laser cannons. This sort of thing could make it on a merc's Y-Wing.
  12. Um.... It kinda is. Even performance wise, you had some that were well made. And then there's the Chir'Daki.
  13. Ok. Couldn't tell from your post.
  14. Are you calling the Daytonas stupid and dumb?
  15. Am I more clueless for liking prequels ships too? Just because you like something doesn't mean you're dumb. The I see it, Uglies are like old rat rods. Starships are common place in Star Wars, so more people would know at least enough to throw together a semi-functional starship with part, like what you can do with a car.