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  1. This is me all the time. Other than a discussion with my brother about Scurgg vs K-Wing (me saying they're balanced with each other) I don't complain. I just have fun and roll with it.
  2. So, when's voting?
  3. To everyone complaining about the Scurgg's 3 attack primary. It has 6 forward laser cannons! If anything, they snubbed it for balance. Also, the primary isn't a turret.
  4. Tri post
  5. Tri post.
  6. Well, in canon the Scurrg is more of an assault fighter.
  7. Darn. Missed that.
  8. No one's said it, so I'm gonna say it. Havoc with Unhinged! Green T-Rolls!
  9. I actually really like that one. Also encourages the use of some of the pricier crew, and makes for an unpredictable build.
  10. "I have a new strategy. Let the Wookie win."
  11. They're still pretty noisy, but quite for a chopper.
  12. Maybe give the "stock" V-Wing a Q-series astromech slot and a special mech that either reduced cost or gives it a system slot.
  13. To those annoyed at Rey fighting Maul, may I remind you that the original BFII had a full blown heros vs. villains mode.
  14. The Quadjumper says hello. We at least get a decent look at the Auzitick, and see it fly off. The only thing I remember the Quadjumper doing is blowing up. I didn't even know what the thing really looked like until it showed up in X-Wing.
  15. I can't seem to find anything concrete on this, and would like to know if I run into it in the future.