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  1. Wow! By the way, can't see the analytics.
  2. I want this to work so badly!
  3. Same here. What's wrong with it?
  4. I'm gonna laugh my head off if the Y-TIE wins.
  5. I remember getting a revell model for my birthday one time. It was a level 2 on their old rating system, the same system with the massive difficulty gap and that didn't tell you everything wasn't included, so that kind of ended any want to do models after that. Getting a level 4 kit later and a lack of painting skill didn't help either. Ended up giving them to my little sister, and she hasn't built them yet.
  6. Just a tip, it has good synergy with Bossk.
  7. So I want to mod a Mist Hunter by adding some extra weapons, and was thinking about cutting up some old army men, but wanted to know if there was a better way to get some added firepower cheap. What do y'all guys do for your mods?
  8. Dang! That's one nice mod!
  9. A p50.
  10. You described the Y-TIE to a T.
  11. Oh...ok.
  12. Yeah. I made a third of the entries. I was expecting more.
  13. Just voted.
  14. I'm just going to say it, BTL-A4 Y-Wings will like it, especially with R4 Agromech onboard.