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  1. Oh boy, as a Shadow Caster lover (my favorite ship to fly, either Ketsu or Asajj tbh) I'm always up for discussing it and share a couple of lists I have with it, prepare for a big ramble, but i hope it helps or makes you think about possibilities. I'll start with talking about Asajj and my preffered upgrades for her. The upgrade I always place on her is actually not on your list which is Hate. It's certainly overcosted at 9 points, and sometimes it might not be all that useful, but it allows you to constantly have force, if you take 1 damage it's 50% of her forces recovered, if you constantly evade with her (which is awesome that Shadow Casters have that action) dealing Asajj damage is stupidly difficult, because the damage you do deal, is just gonna help her fend off the next attack. There was a game where my opponent actually chose not to attack Asajj because he knew she was going to return just as much fire if he dealt damage. I don't use Asajj's ability at every chance I get, because sometimes i just want to save that Force for a TL + 2 Forces Attack but it's great to just take out a token or stress someone if in a strategic situation, like after they've k-turned and have no tokens. In most of my lists I try to keep her as slim as possible, so I just take hate (which sounds contradictory since it's 9 points of upgrades but usually worth it) but now that Shadow Caster title is 1 point, i don't really see a reason not to take it. Even if just to throw someone onto a rock. Lattz makes her super hard to kill, but those 7 points aren't nearly as useful as the 9 points you pay for hate, while Lattz depends on matchup (if you don't have hate, you have to be careful with how you spend her force), hate is used pretty much every game. However if you have points for both, it's fun. I once tried the combo HP + Title with Fenn Rau flying besides her and it's pretty fun and interesting, I did notice that you have to be alot more careful when using her force however, during that game, I don't think I used her ability once. I have yet to try Maul on her, but it seems like it might be interesting, since she gets 3 force and a soft hate feature (if you just put hate on her it might be great but expensive). Kiting with her agaisn't low agility ships is fine and works well. Agains't aces it's like trying to catch water with a net. I usually prefer jousting with her, as in shoot with the big front guns, specially since my action with her is usually TL for that sweet double modded shot. So yes, making lanes is very important when placing the rocks, it's also great fun when she can jump behind everyone with her 5K-turn and still have force mods. When I take her I mostly take clouds, she's a big clunky ship and the chances of eating a rock can be high if not careful and one turn on top of an asteroid can be enough to lose a game, since she's probably an 80+ points investment. Even with the strain change I think they're worth it. Now I have 3 lists I know work well since I've done retavely well with them in tournaments, only one is with the new points however: Asajj Ventress (72) Hate (9) Shadow Caster (1) Ship total: 82 Half Points: 41 Threshold: 5 Bossk (62) Greedo (1) Ship total: 63 Half Points: 32 Threshold: 6 Prince Xizor (54) Crack Shot (1) Ship total: 55 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 3 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v8ZsZ200Z125X204WWWWW160Y153XWWWWW83WWWY148X116WWWW&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= This is the one that only works with the new points, and it looks super weird I know, but honestly it's hilarious to fly and I haven't lost a game with it yet (haven't had terrible dice with it yet but I did face a vulture swarm, I haven't played agaisn't aces but I think it's going to be this list's weak spot). The trick here is that they're all I4, so you have as much freedom as possible, and Bossk is the bait, people always go after him since he has greedo and hits like a truck, when in reality he's one of the weakest links in the list. Xizor is actually great for a I4 semi-ace, if you take out the higher initiative ships he can deal with the rest alone, and if people go after him he can just redirect damage to Bossk. Asajj is actually the most important ship in the list, she can offer control by stressing opponent's and tractoring them, allowing you to kind of reduce the downside of the YV-666 and I4 ships. Asajj Ventress (72) Hate (9) Ship total: 81 Half Points: 41 Threshold: 5 Old Teroch (56) Ship total: 56 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 2 4-LOM (49) Advanced Sensors (10) Mist Hunter (1) Ship total: 60 Half Points: 30 Threshold: 5 Total: 197 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v8ZsZ200Z125X204WWWWWY98XWY109XW111WWWW155W&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= This list was actually at 200 points before the change, and it might be worth putting the title on Asajj but I have yet to think too much about it (since I have Teroch a bit of bid wouldn't hurt either). This is probably one of my favorite Second Edition lists, while the previous list was all about damage, this list is mostly about control, while being able to lay down the hurt. I have managed to mutiply stress enemy ships (one time quadruply stressed an enemy asajj) and Teroch + Asajj is awesome because it takes out their choice of losing the tokens to take a stress, same goes for a block with 4-LOM, while him being stressed. There's so much you can do with this list and that's what makes it fun for me. Asajj Ventress (72) Hate (9) Latts Razzi (7) Ship total: 88 Half Points: 44 Threshold: 5 Guri (64) Outmaneuver (6) Advanced Sensors (10) Afterburners (6) Virago (8) Shield Upgrade (8) Ship total: 102 Half Points: 51 Threshold: 4 Total: 190 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v8ZsZ200Z125X204W47WWWWY147X126W111WW105W163W165&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= This one was before the points change as well so I got a few points (big few points). Out of all the 3 lists I'm showing here it's the one that least fits my playstyle, since I prefer to be aggressive and this list is more of the plink away and take none. Asajj is actually not super important here, but she ends up being really useful, in almost every game i played, everyone went for Asajj first, thinking they'd kill her off quickly and then deal with Guri, but if well played, Asajj can be really hard to kill, she can keep her distance or get evades at close range, and if the rocks are well placed (only list with which I took rocks), not having all your opponent's ships firing at the same time. Well I could say more, but I think I've rambled on enough... Sorry about the huge post, Asajj is one of my favorite pilots and there's so much you can discuss with her.
  2. Outmanouver doesn't work with dengar, performing a primary arc attack is different than performing a rotating arc attack while having it pointing forward (clarified on latest FAQ) for the same points I'd advise Expert Handling. I agree 4Lom is good, but he also gets alot more expensive alot faster. For 54 points I'd consider Kavil, he's one of my favorites. Kavil (42) Expert Handling (2) Dorsal Turret (4) Han Solo (Scum) (4) R4 Astromech (2) Total: 54 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 built like that, he can, if well played, throw 3 red dice with TL + Focus, have a green turn to easily clear that stress and stay in the fight, while also being able to rotate his arc/barrel roll and getting a focus at IN5. He's alot of fun, and alot more of a menace than people consider him. Another option for 54 points is Palob with title and something else, -1 less agility and 1 less token, plus 3 red dice with possible TL + Focus kinda seems mean. If you want to keep the Mist Hunter, zuckuss is fine, but i think FCS and predator is kinda redundant, FCS forces you to spend your action on a tl, and that takes awa the purpose of predator away, which is to have good mods with focus + reroll, dropping FCS for 0-0-0 should work, I've played a few times with the G1-A and to be honest I don't think it's the best use of points. Hope any of this helps!
  3. Love the website, it's really helpful, no need to be copy pasting every card into a file. Only bug I've noticed since last update is 0-0-0 shows up in duplicate.
  4. One of my favorite memories is going to Spanish Nationals last year, completely sure i was gonna lose all games, since Denym had just been nerfed and i had very few games with Twin Shadows (had also been completely trashed in a tournament the weekend before), and getting to second place. Another is in my first regional, and making the top 8 for 1 point of MoV with paratanis all over the place. Also where i got my first shiny dice. In all honesty, besides all the bad things V1 had, I have alot of fond memories of it, including the people i played with and met.
  5. So, in 2.0 Kavil's ability says: "While performing a non-front attack, roll 1 additional die." This means, if I have dorsal turret equiped, and have it facing forward, it's still a turret attack, it's just facing forward, so i still roll an additional attack die right?
  6. I'm really excited to try Nym, love that he got a combination of both his old abilities, but i hadn't been able to find a good squadron for him, seeing that you're having what seems to be quite some fun with Nym/Boba/Quad I might try it, with a few tweaks of course Only problem with outmanouver is that it doesn't work out the rear arc, so to make it work it'd probably be better if you flanked with Boba.
  7. In Boba, for 3 points, I think Fearless it probably the best talent, combo's well with his ability
  8. Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but daredevil is small ship only, so it can't actually go on boba. Love the nym/Boba combo though.
  9. Sorry if this has been answered before, but is the G-1A Starfighter (Mist Hunter) medium or small base? Thanks in advance for any answers
  10. Ok, so I've been silently admiring your work for a while now and I have to say I love it, the reaper and strikers, the Kimo, the hwks, the ties... everything looks absolutely amazing. And I also want to ask how do you make that "weathered" effect on your ships? Its very noticeable on the reaper, how he isnt just one shade of purple but several, I really like it and would love to learn, if you wouldn't mind giving me a short lesson of course.
  11. The new Collision Detector has 2 charges, when you overlap an obstacle while performing a decloack (or boost or barrel roll or perform your maneuver) you can spend one charge to ignore the effects of the asteroid until the end of the turn, meaning you can decloack Echo and Whisper over Asteroids, and even fall on them, for strategic purposes, without consequence. (falling on asteroids wont stop you from attacking because you ignore until the end of the round). Edit: Just reread the card and they don't specify decloack like the old collision detector, I'm assuming the decloack barrel roll and boost dont count as barrel rolls or boosts and if that's true, it's less useful on phantoms, but it's pretty neat that you can throw your self onto a rock to arc dodge or gain a better position and have no consequence.
  12. Seems ok, I think instead of the 2 cartel marketers perhaps something a little more efficient could he found, but Kiraxhz's might be good, I've always been very sceptical of them but the bullt in barrel roll is quite awesome. Also, you got a few costs wrong there, Han gunner is 4 points not 3 and HLC is 4 points not 2, also Jamming beam on Sunny would be useless. Jam tokens are now discarded at the end of the round, so giving a jam at ps 1 in the combat phase is not efficient, your probably better off with an ion cannon. To be honest not sure elusive is your best elite talent for krassis it helps in his defense but you want to be shooting out the back to get that reroll, and for turning you have the 1 turn + boost. Though I haven't tried the new firesprays (Or Firesprays in general, always prefered the Lancer) yet so I dont know if they actually need to pull red maneuvers. But there really isn't a better elite option so, probably might as well keep it. In my opinion, L3-37 is probably a better option than 0-0-0, it's a panic button you can push when your opponent rolls native hits. Also, 0-0-0 only actives at range 1 and you prefer to be far for your ion cannon. That being said, since you got your points off by a little you might need to change your list. Perhaps something like this?: Krassis Treliz (89 : 70 + 19) Marauder (3) Han Solo (4) Ion Cannon (5) L3-37 (4) Elusive (3) Cartel Marauder (40) Cartel Marauder (40) Sunny Bounder (31) Total : 200 No points for a cannon on sunny, I tried to keep the same ships, but switching the two cartels for 3 zs saves you 4 points, keeping the 6 attack dice, and if you lower L3 back to 0-0-0 you have points for Ion Cannon on Sunny. Sorry for the rant, hope any of it helps.
  13. So I was looking at the point costs and noticed L3-37 in the escape craft is 22 points, with a red coordinate action and an elite. If you give it tactical officer for 2 extra points that coordinate becomes white. That's a I2 ship coordinating friends for 24 points, that's the equivalent of 12 points in 1.0. I know she won't deal damage, and that she only has 4 health backed by 2 agility. But I think this could actually be really good, maybe along side Fenn and Guri. What do people think?
  14. Boba Fenn is something I'm looking forward to try and although I've made a version of it, I'd love to know how that one, who managed to win agasint a swarm, was kitted out. Would you be so kind in sharing the list?
  15. What do you call a team of emperors? A palpa-team
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