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  1. Pilots are: Nom Lumb (JumpMaster 5000) G4R-GOR V/M (M3-A Interceptor) Bossk (Z-95-AF4 Headhunter) Never heard of the first two. Google says Nom Lumb is from one of the RPGs.
  2. The squadron packs come to mind, particularly since the vultures and belbullab are so tiny.
  3. That was everything for wave 6. They didn't discuss the new stuff beyond that.
  4. On the stream, they are still talking .
  5. They just announced 3 more - the interceptor, TIE Defender and rebel A-Wing.
  6. Wave 6 will also include the interceptor, defender and A-Wing re-releases (just announced on stream).
  7. The last time there were new rebel or first order ships was 2017. Republic and Separatists have unreleased stuff to look forward to already.
  8. It's possible they are erring on the side of caution with Drea since she's been in top scum lists since launch. At 49 you can still get a 7 ship Drea swarm, but not with any quadjumpers.
  9. HWKs were the main ones in wave 1, but it was wasn't hyperspace legal so it dropped out of use.
  10. Change whatever your fourth ship was for Jake or Arvel and it's just fine.
  11. I think they also said there won't be as many Prime Championships as Hyperspace Trials. Whether there will be more than there were Regionals I don't know. The deluxe wave 3 kits were cancelled. Hopefully store championships will be back soon, otherwise it's going to be a pretty empty season leading up to Worlds. Anyone know if the season kits talked about here are still happening? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/29/x-wing-seasonal-play/
  12. Currently Wedge, Soontir and Vader, because I'm tired of constantly playing against them. If Guri and Nien were played as much it would be them. It's because it's all the time for me. He's the single most played pilot in list fortress by a long way, more than double the next most played pilot (Vader).
  13. In pretty much every game I've played with Tavson there is a turn or two where he has no worthwhile action, particularly from the last shot he's taking - focus, reinforce and jam all go away at the end of the turn anyway.
  14. A super cheap Gonk on Tavson sounds pretty unpleasant.
  15. I had some fun running 5 Zeta squadron FOs and TN-3465, all with optics. They are all I2, so you can conceivably use TN-3465's ability 5 times on the turn she dies, which when paired with Optics packs a decent punch. It's not great though, you only want to kill TN-3465 if you can trade her for something better, and since there's no Iden and the meta is so geared towards higher initiatives you'll probably lose a ship before you shoot. You're better off with an Imperial swarm or 5 A-Wings. Phasma is a great piece of board control that frees up your aces to be more aggressive because the enemy is far more predictable and helps keep the Upsilon relevant after the first engagement. Her biggest issue is that this is a meta where Leia and Cassian dominate making her near useless against rebel lists.
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