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  1. Immediately is for emphasis only and has no gameplay effect.
  2. A new Imperial ship this year was mentioned in the AMA with Andrew Navarro. I don't know if they said which wave.
  3. The jammer chooses everything, including which specific tokens, though I'm not sure if this was ever clarified in the rules reference or in the rulings thread. I believe it is the consensus among most of the judges who run major events. The closest thing to an official source I know of is the ruling from the French system open, which was posted by FFGOP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/275417006654790/permalink/387292352133921/
  4. Inferno swarm builds can be a threat - high initiative, lots of mods and lots of easy triggers for the extra die attacks plus crack shot mean a good chance of taking out multiple droids before they shoot. As has been mentioned, Jedi are absolutely capable of beating it. DBS-404/Grievous/Chertek/Petronaki or quad nantex have strong matchups too, Sun Fac probably less so because he gives up so many points when he dies. The Torani/Jostero scum salads have a ton ways of doing extra damage to droids.
  5. I'd like the generic Jedi 7Bs to be a little more viable, since they fly a lot like the first edition generic Sienar-Jaemus Analysts that were so much fun. The stress from Autothrusters makes generic Silencers fly completely differently.
  6. I ran this at Worlds: 0-66 (52) Jamming Beam (0) Chancellor Palpatine (14) Count Dooku (10) Scimitar (4) Total: 80 Modding dice with Dooku in a combat I wasn't even involved in and then stealing the kill afterwards was absolutely the best feeling.
  7. I have photos of the combined standings if you're missing those?
  8. Haha, this was me. Never mind. If you need a hand with filling in anything let me know!
  9. Hi guys, To what extent is the top-heavy distribution of pilot initiatives desired or considered an issue? From community gathered tournament data there are (in terms of raw numbers of ships used) more Initiative 5 pilots used than Initiative 4s, more I4s than I3s, more I3s than I2s and so on. This is despite lower initiative ships generally costing fewer points. Only I6 avoids this trend, presumably since they are costed at a premium and there aren't as many available. It seems like this is a trend that has persisted across the different metas for each wave since launch, so I'm curious to hear your thoughts about it. Thanks!
  10. Polish quick build from the Legion Krakow group That's afterburners, predator, shield upgrade and possibly ensnare for 3 threat. Note that most of the quick builds have two talents, so it's likely actually like that for the ship. Two of the quick builds have 2 mods so that's possible too.
  11. Pilots are: Nom Lumb (JumpMaster 5000) G4R-GOR V/M (M3-A Interceptor) Bossk (Z-95-AF4 Headhunter) Never heard of the first two. Google says Nom Lumb is from one of the RPGs.
  12. The squadron packs come to mind, particularly since the vultures and belbullab are so tiny.
  13. That was everything for wave 6. They didn't discuss the new stuff beyond that.
  14. They just announced 3 more - the interceptor, TIE Defender and rebel A-Wing.
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