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  1. apoapsis

    Day 2 Coverage of the Mynock Open Starts at 10 am PACIFIC

    Are the final swiss standings for day 1 available?
  2. apoapsis

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I think German nationals may have passed. Dutch nationals is the 17th and French nationals is the 24th of November.
  3. Seconding this. It makes the X-Wings a lot more fun to fly and includes a U-Wing which you don't have if you skipped wave 10. The 2.0 squadbuilder also revealed the existence of repackaged versions for second edition, which means this one may become unavailable sooner than the others (this is speculation on my part).
  4. apoapsis

    FSR is back in 2.0?

    Half points is also a thing to content with now. Part of the strength of the original was all of the ships surviving until the end with damage spread between them.
  5. apoapsis

    Will we get Yaddle?

    "my friend"
  6. apoapsis

    Playing with K-Wings in 2E

    Barrage rockets seem great on K-Wings, since they can leave their turret arcs set to the side for most the game. If I was going to be running Miranda in 2E I'd be starting with something like this: Miranda Doni — K-Wing 48 Barrage Rockets 6 Han Solo (Rebel) 12 Bomblet Generator 5 Advanced SLAM 3 Ship Total: 74 I think Han gunner is the only way to get an extra attack that also lets you fire a missile/torp, so Miranda can use her ability on her Han attack and fire missiles as normal. I guess I'd probably stick Sabine or Jyn on there too since they're so cheap.
  7. apoapsis

    Article: "Qualify for Worlds in Less Than Twelve Parsecs"

    For players in the UK the cost of going to worlds was already a huge barrier to participation. Our system open had 500 players this year and our regionals regularly exceed 100 people, so that barrier just got raised further relative to a lot of places where events aren't as large. I hope there are going to be a lot more of these events.
  8. I like how they ignore that the Ghost peg doesn't work with a turret arc indicator and even have a photo of a Ghost without one ?
  9. apoapsis

    The VCX-100 just kinda melts...

    Bit of an aside, but do the turret arc indicators even work with the Ghost peg?
  10. apoapsis

    Essential Scum and Villainy article. Vote now! Or don't...

    Unfortunately since Ruthless won the Imperial poll I imagine they'll come up with something like this "Howlrunner" — TIE Fighter 40 Juke 4 Ship Total: 44 Iden Versio — TIE Fighter 40 Ruthless 1 Ship Total: 41 5 x Academy Pilot — TIE Fighter 23 Total: 115 Total: 200 Don't get me wrong, I think Boba's ability is cool and it would be neat to see people play with it, but Imperials are going to dominate now.
  11. apoapsis

    Essential Scum and Villainy article. Vote now! Or don't...

    Voting Boba eliminates Boba pilot from the whole competition, which would be a shame.
  12. apoapsis

    The QD + 2 Seinar PS4 Silencers

    Looking at the First Order conversion kit contents and it seems promising a version of this list can exist in second edition. The Silencer chassis is similar - same statline and action bar, and a similar dial (though the loss of the 3 banks will hurt a bit). It's also likely we can fit 2 + something else in a list, since the kit comes with support for 3 Silencers and 5 SFs. Quickdraw seems to be in as well (though her ability is unknown), and special forces gunner is similar to the old title.
  13. apoapsis

    Articles up for Wave 2!

    It still synergises well with a 1 agility ship with Finn - it triggers off of two or more blank results, rather than when you roll two or more dice.
  14. apoapsis

    Articles up for Wave 2!

    Blackout subtitle is "Ill-Fated Test Pilot". F