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  1. arthan11

    The Deep Realms

    No problem. You've had enough work with Lost Realms It's good enought for me I just need to improve the contrast of my scans, but It looks beautifully anyway. Many thanks Jon
  2. arthan11

    The Deep Realms

    Without cards? but you are right.. then maybe only a border?
  3. arthan11

    The Deep Realms

    It was in may and I dont think that he is confused anymore but my question about the board is still current
  4. arthan11

    The Deep Realms

    Is there a possibility to get a hi res image of this board? It's awesome but i cant find it on the net. Is Jon published it anywhere? Without text would by even more awesome because I need a polish version, but this is not a problem. I can always make some scans from original polish edition and join it together:)
  5. I have similar storage for my cards but now I'm making a DIY system from Deniax. Plastic storage is better if you want travel somewhere with your game, it's off course more durable than the paper version but Deniax's system has many advantages and looks so nice
  6. Hi guys.. This boxes are amazing But Terrain Box File is not available :/ and Deap Realms Box has bad link, should be ".skp" instead of ".skb" off course I've a big request.. could you share particular elements of textures? I want to make a small web application that will generate pdf files to print. And most important for me is that before generating files I can make some additional options for example to define sizes of boxes (very useful if you have cards in sleeves or laminate them like me), color or texture of background, type of image in center, shape of box, etc. It will be very helpful in making more boxes in the future and I want to try make some boxes for unofficial extensions. Sketchup maybe is a good program but I want make application that is easier in use, simple, free and have most important options. (Sry for my bad english )
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