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  1. You know what? I'm actually ok with diversity being stressed first. Because our default assumption in most stories about a protagonist is that they are a white, cis, hetero, male. I'm alright with writers being reminded "Hey, go ahead and make this character black, or this one LGBT, or this one female, or this one asian - and there doesn't have to be a reason for it other than to remember that all types of people exist. Develop them beyond that, of course. But maybe don't immediately start with another white dude main character. So, yeah, seeing that high on the white board doesn't bother me in the slightest.
  2. So, in our party, we have a human (who we have established speaks Basic and understands Hutteese and Ryl), an Ortolan (who speaks Basic and Ortoloan), a Zabrak (Basic and Zabrak), and a Jawa who only speaks Jawa and Jawa Trade Language, but who understands Basic and Hutteese. We've established that all of the characters understand Jawa Trade Language, so the Jawa generally just speaks what she wants to say to the other PCs, but we all know that she's speaking in Trade Language. In addition, the Jawa has a backpack droid that has a protocol droid brain, who does most of the translation for "Master Nik" whenever the Jawa wants to talk to NPCs. As for other languages, we've been handling it on a case by case basis, with my players and me deciding if it makes sense for them to understand a language as we encounter it. For example, when they stole the Krayt Fang, because it made the story more fun, we decided "No one speaks Trandoshan." As they made their way to Ryloth and had to decide as the Twi'leks were communicating amongst themselves if anyone understood Ryl. we just kind of talked it out at the table, and that's how we decided that the human pilot had an understanding. When they encounter another NPC who doesn't speak to them in Basic? We'll figure out who (if anyone) understands that language. But I have a lot of trust and faith in my players not to abuse this lackadasical approach.
  3. Only in that sharing PDFs of the sticker sheets with the symbols as-is is a TM violation.
  4. Yeah, I mean there's "I got the gist of what the droid is trying to say," and "here's the name of a specific system." There's an argument to be made that binary is like ryl - there's possibly more going on in the conversation than what a human can understand, but Rey and Anakin both seem to get a lot more from speaking with R2 and BB-8 than can be explained away with just "They get a basic idea."
  5. I would pay good, cash, money to see Hondo be a recurring character in S2 of "The Mandalorian." I mean, I already have my subscription to Disney+ for the next three years, so I guess I already did.
  6. Do you spend much time around children? My daughters coerce me into doing things all the time without making me afraid.
  7. At a glance? It looks fine. I'd need to have someone take it and play it out before I could say anything more.
  8. He absolutely could have, if that's what you want to do. Now, I think we need to point out that, unlike the Emperor or Maul, Han isn't a powerful Force User. So, his survival becomes a little harder to explain away. But we're dealing with a universe in which people can fly winnebagos from galaxy to galaxy, where you can have a hand-held plasma weapon with no real power source that - in the hands of a properly superpowered user - can reflect blaster fire, and where clone armies can be created in a few years. There are no limits other than those that we choose to accept. If you have a compelling reason to bring Han back, Star Wars absolutely provides fodder to do so. Or he can be dead. It's up to the storyteller.
  9. Last night my players renamed the stolen Krayt Fang into the Black Diamond (along with a paint job and some slicing to change the ship's registry).
  10. Oh, I've got access to all of the maps included in the adventure. But they're low-resolution graphics, not meant to scale up when printed large enough to move figures around the map. I was hoping that someone had fan-made maps that were higher resolution, larger scale. Also, as I wrote, several encounters in the adventure don't have maps provided, and so far a Google search hadn't yielded results. Hence the reason I thought I'd head straight to the community. I understand the reason why they don't scale up properly. I know all about the difference between vector and rester graphics. I wasn't asking "Why won't these images scale up?" I know why, and that's why I was wondering if any fan-made, higher-resolution maps had been made by anyone.
  11. I'm running a new campaign for Star Wars, and am currently running my PCs through "Long Arm of the Hutt" (the expansion to the beginner's game for EotE). While all of my players are happy to embrace the narrative style of play and to get away from strictly measuring distances and worrying about flanking and attacks of opportunity, they still love their miniatures and maps. So, with that in mind, I'm wondering if anyone has had any success in creating maps (preferably maps that can be printed to scale) for this adventure? I have the PDF of the adventure, but when you scale the maps in there up to 400% or so, the resolution becomes terrible. Similarly, there are lots of areas that they just haven't made maps for within the adventure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Slightly unpopular opinion? Take the above suggestions and use them, but use them sparingly. This player and character have invested heavily in being a tank. While you absolutely want to still challenge him, there are also times that you should feel free to let the small arms fire bounce off him. His teammates aren't going to be as invulnerable, so it isn't like he has nothing at all to worry about, but he also deserves to have some moments where his investment pays off. Slight tangent - I am running a Pathfinder game with an Undead Hunter Paladin who has heavily invested in being able to use her chosen weapon and Smite Undead. As a result, at 10th level, she's able to routinely crank out hits of 2d10+72 damage on evil undead. Which, yeah, means she tears through them when she fights them. My players almost apologetically look to me at that point like "Sorry we're killing your monsters so easily." But it's what she was built to do. She deserves her moment to shine. This character should absolutely get his moments where he walks through a blaze of blaster fire with minimal effect.
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