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  1. Thank you for all the answers! First of all we do have the Runebound 3rd edition game. She loves it, but says that she misses a bit of the conflict (that is when she offers to play Descent). I wish there was a skirmish variant like the one in Imperial assault because that would probably satisfy her on those momentary bloodthirst moments (she is always playing Overlord and I have never seen her happier than the moment Grisban the thirsty hits the floor for the 6th concecutive round). Another fix would probably be some kind of rule to introduce PvP into Runebound if somebody has a house rule/variant to share. Also I will try playing just 2 heroes versus her so she wouldn't have to remember all the skills. Again thank you for suggestions!
  2. Thank you for a quick answer. The thing is she wants to play it just the two of us. I suggested painting the minis but she doesn't like to sit in one place too long. As I understand she loves playing board games but what makes it difficult to find her a perfect game is she wants to have plenty of choices (like Mage Knight),but will get mentally exhausted by playing them. Also it has to be topped of by beautiful artwork (like Seasons). I was hoping maybe you could suggest some house rules or variants for the game to make it more simple but still thematic a it is since that is probably what interests her in Descent
  3. I wanted to know about your experiences playing Descent with your significant other (wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband etc.). My girlfriend seems to like the game very much aesthetically (shes always deciding the next miniature to paint with me rarely getting a say in the matter), but she says that she gets tired (not bored) by playing it (for the record we do not play more than 1 quest per session). Normally I would just not play Descent, but she is actively suggesting to play it. She is a really kind person who usually avoids any kind of confrontation so my first guess was that she doesn't like Descent because it is competitive, but cooperative games didn't work for us. Her favorite games are Seasons and Mage Knight by the way. I have a regular gaming group to play descent with so my aim for this is not to find a way to "make" her like the game, but to find the best way to make the game experience as enjoyable for her as it can be. Also we play board games to get away from the screen so the new Descent app is a big no for us. I would really appreciate your stories, house rules or general advice, basically anything that made your Descent experience awesome! Thanks in advance!
  4. Both of your charts show valid targeting (all 4 examples as I understood). By the way you could check out zaltyres glossary which contains incredibly accurate description of LOS including the examples you just gave. Of course there are a lot of other helpful topics
  5. Nice work! Personally I loved giants and elementals. Seems simple but somehow sticks really well. i will try to reach a similar result on my minis
  6. Thank you all for the tips. I have started to paint Grisban (I figured that monsters are better to start with but since I already started basecoating him I want to finish it up. Also that was my girlfriends request since she think that dwarf is cute so I really can't say no and will try to do my best) next and will try to use some of the tips you provided me. Will post it sometime next week after finishing. Could not find a matte finish (actually the one used on these models said it was matte finish but according to results it is not). Again I do appreciate your feedback. By the way if by any chance there is someone from Lithuania who wants to play Descent feel free to pm me, I'm sure we can work something out! =D
  7. Sorry if I was not entirely clear about this http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Song_of_Mending first part does not exclude yourself specifically so it means it includes all figures within 3 spaces, second part tho specifically excludes you (which is 0 spaces away). I think there was this kind of discussion already in these forums and the definition of "within 3 spaces"
  8. As I understand "Within 3 space of a figure" does include the space the figure is in (0, 1, 2 and 3 spaces are all within 3 spaces). If it did not include the figure itself it should state that like in one of the bards skill cards: "Each other hero within 3 spaces"
  9. These are my monsters most of them were painted before heroes but somehow the result was more satisfying: I will try to get some shades for the following miniatures, also any tips would be highly appreciated!
  10. I would do that but I have them sleeved so they don't fit. My cards are sleeved also, but there are a lot of them to choose from. I just went to the local crafts store with my card measurements and picked one up for screws also could try making a custom insert with foamcore (I will try that tomorrow myself) http://www.orderofgamers.com/downloads/Descent2ndEdition_foamcore_v1.1.pdfhere you can find plan for core box, they have tutorial videos on the site so you can make an insert that suits your needs
  11. For small cards and tokens I personally found plano boxes to be perfect. You can even find ones with adjustable compartment sizes
  12. Unfortunately in my area I don't have access to such paints. Maybe that is the reason my miniatures look like that since I have to use acrylic paint found in hobby shops primers and finishes are also the best I could find but are not made specifically for plastic miniatures. Maybe there a way to mix washes using black ink or something similar found in most hobby shops?
  13. Thank you for the advice. I tried washes, but in my case they only work on larger models. Must be doing something not right, I tried different ratios of water:paint but its not showing at all (too much water) or just getting all over the figure. Maybe somebody has a good link for a guide on washes?
  14. Greetings, First of all I want to thank all of the forum members for countless post and discussions about the game rules since this forum helped me understand the game much better (and provide more accurate explanations to people I play Descent with). Furthermore, I found quite a few examples of great miniature painting, that's why I decided to post my own miniatures in hopes of receiving advice and/or opinions. Thanks in advance and sorry for glare and bad image quality. The heroes so far:
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