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  1. Bron Ander Haltern

    Build Generator - Rebellionbuild.com

    What about the situation where Coruscant or Rebel base is sabotaged etc. and cannot build? The option is not there or I don't see it.
  2. Bron Ander Haltern

    Rebel base space question

    It's probably worth noting that Gather Intel card always guarantees at least 1 probe card - in case there are 0-7 units in "Rebel Base" space, so you can never fully "circumvent" this card. Only 8+ will give Empire more probes.
  3. Are you talking about starting placement rules for Rebel units? Because they're the same in base game and in expansion: "Rebel Base" space and/or 1 Rebel or neutral system. (With the exception of DSUC's system in expansion.)
  4. Bron Ander Haltern

    Are there colorless hits?

    Yes, although strictly speaking, cards deal "damage", not "hits". Cards say "deal ... damage" or "prevent ... hits". I think this difference in wording is an easy way to understand and remember how it works.
  5. Bron Ander Haltern

    Are there colorless hits?

    They specifically prevent (not "block") dice results, before the damage from dice is assigned - you'll note that each such card shows what dice result it removes.
  6. Bron Ander Haltern

    Leader Pool Limit

    Expansion rules say: "If a player ever has more than 8 leaders in his leader pool, he must choose 8 to keep and eliminate the excess (remove them from the game)." I've highlighted two most important things in that quote: a). it doesn't matter when the condition is met, b). if you look at your faction sheet, there is an area named "leader pool" - just count how many leaders are there. I think this is enough to answer all your questions except 3A. If you're really scared about Sweep the Area in Dagobah, there are several ways to mitigate it: - play RM beforehand several times, if you saw Dagobah, sent it the bottom of probe deck and you know it stays there, then the system is safe; - prepare rescue mission (or Millennium Falcon) in advance; - make sure the closest system that contains Imperial units (see card text) is a system you can easily rescue him by brute force (i.e. few Imperial units, with you having some possibility to hit and destroy all of them). Etc. (there are probably others) The probability to have this system trapped with Sweep the Area is is relatively low in the first place (it is an "Immediate" action card, so when it's drawn, the Empire usually shouldn't have more that 8 probes), so I'm only listing theoretical possibilities, not saying if it's worth it or not.
  7. Bron Ander Haltern

    Death Star UC + Shield Bunker vs Rebel Fleet only

    Except it's slightly different to "Death Star vs. 2 Ion Cannons" situation, where both sides couldn't damage each other at all (not even a theoretical possibility). Here, the Empire has a steady source of damage in form of tactic cards. Not to mention that Rebels may still have U-Wing and deploy Vanguard [edit: or Trooper] to destroy Bunker. Additionally, both sides may still want to cycle through tactic cards. So until Corey rules otherwise, I would play the combat out - which might be long and tedious, admittedly.
  8. Bron Ander Haltern

    Death Star in Rise of Empire

    No, you have all projects in deck in expansion (13 cards in total, including all cards you mention).
  9. Bron Ander Haltern

    Rise of the Empire expansion REVIEW

    Great! Many, many thanks! : )
  10. Bron Ander Haltern

    Rise of the Empire expansion REVIEW

    Normally I wouldn't (probably...) jump on the bandwagon of asking reviewer for some very specific info, but I feel that when it comes to advanced tactic cards, lack of complete information stifles serious conversation about new combat system - with its rock-paper-scissors aspect playing a significant part, it's hard to discuss paper without knowing what rock is, exactly... I feel it's not a significant problem with other aspects of the expansion, like new missions. Like others said, really appreciate the preview and all info in this thread. No hurry and if you're unable to, then no worries, GenCon is surely an exhausting experience. At this moment there are only 6 tactic cards left that we don't know anything about, so if you would be so generous to fill in some blanks or maybe verify the ones marked as uncertain - so as not to spend time/effort to duplicate something that was already leaked/announced, you might take a look at this list: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1832705/list-advanced-tactic-cards-progress Thanks a lot! By the way, is Rise of the Empire available for purchase on GenCon? Would be a bit strange if it wasn't, but no one is bragging online about their brand new copy yet...
  11. Bron Ander Haltern

    Rise of the Empire expansion REVIEW

    I don't think we ever got an article as late during the day - and with base game the article with full rules was the last one before "hey, game is now available" one. On the other hand, they could still realistically crank out one more article with new objectives.
  12. Bron Ander Haltern

    Rise of the Empire expansion REVIEW

    I'd suggest discussing here, this way others can enjoy the answers. I'm curious how the new Sabotage works (destroying Shield Bunkers, perhaps, as an option?). No review/preview so far shown any tactics cards that can prevent direct hits (as opposed to regular hits), I wonder if there are any.
  13. Bron Ander Haltern

    Subversion - errata?

    I read RogueLieutenant's post as "there are four copies of Subversion and no matter which faction you are and which mission set you choose, you always get exactly one copy".
  14. Bron Ander Haltern

    Ground Units being carried

    It seems that Escape Plan from expansion will allow to effectively bypass ground battle. Requires some preparation, though, so you can legally "retreat forward".
  15. Bron Ander Haltern

    So, are AT-ATs going to be useless?

    See below (card from the same news article), there will be other options as well, including healing with dice. Note that Tow Cables deal damage, they do not destroy a unit outright (unlike, for example, Support of the 501st). Additionally, thanks to Imperial Might you can theoretically drop 4 AT-ATs in a system and move them on the same round. Easier said than done, of course. [edit: ...and depending on full rules.] By the way, AT-AT is 3 health. Article implies that ground and space decks will have 8 cards each, i.e. 32 cards in total for both factions. So far we saw only 13 of them in previews.