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  1. I'm sure Corey meant "oppose a rescue mission".
  2. There are some cards in the planet decks that will give you cargo (and you have to pay for it), but they have no price in the corner, so I assume you cannot get your money back for them.
  3. So the solo play is only vs. 1 AI player (i.e. there's no official option to play against 3 AI players), is that correct?
  4. Ah, I see, didn't think about it. *facepalm* That's great, actually. Thanks for the answer!
  5. "You choose which ship to start with." The ship selection procedure wasn't actually shown on the FFG stream. It seems that there are 4 starting ship boards only. If players who select their ships first choose the same ship, the other players won't really have a choice - so who selects first? Just a small detail I'm curious about.
  6. I'm curious, how are the starting ships allocated? It seems there are 2 of each (4 in total), so is it at random or...?
  7. Yes, the PDF rulebooks on FFG page are exactly the same as printed ones.
  8. It counts toward the limit of 8 leaders - it's an Imperial leader until the end of the game.
  9. Special die result in RotE expansion is used to remove damage: black specials remove damage from black health units, red specials remove damage from red health units.
  10. It's perfectly legal, confirmed by Corey Konieczka in the official FAQ. Rebels can make notes too, for example when you place 4/8 probes at the bottom of the deck with Rapid Mobilization, write down the systems for bluffing or future relocation purposes.
  11. What about the situation where Coruscant or Rebel base is sabotaged etc. and cannot build? The option is not there or I don't see it.
  12. It's probably worth noting that Gather Intel card always guarantees at least 1 probe card - in case there are 0-7 units in "Rebel Base" space, so you can never fully "circumvent" this card. Only 8+ will give Empire more probes.
  13. Are you talking about starting placement rules for Rebel units? Because they're the same in base game and in expansion: "Rebel Base" space and/or 1 Rebel or neutral system. (With the exception of DSUC's system in expansion.)
  14. Yes, although strictly speaking, cards deal "damage", not "hits". Cards say "deal ... damage" or "prevent ... hits". I think this difference in wording is an easy way to understand and remember how it works.
  15. They specifically prevent (not "block") dice results, before the damage from dice is assigned - you'll note that each such card shows what dice result it removes.
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