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  1. I'm going to be bluntly honest here; while I'm somewhat interested in the content, I'm very disinclined to reward FFG's dumpster-fire of a job managing their production and (far, far more importantly) their communications with money. Beyond them not deserving it, they deserve to NOT receive it after all this nonsense. Use your words. It's not hard. What are you, four?
  2. Better in a specialized area, interesting, competitive, arguable, all of those are good things. Objectively better in all respects, which is the kind of thing you get from an unbalanced set of creation rules, breaks the 'why wouldn't...?' test. A crafting ruleset that produces things that are absolutely better than the best the rest of the universe in question can produce means that your character is smarter, alone, than every design team in every astroengineering firm in the entirety of the Star Wars galaxy. That character shouldn't be a scrappy engineer, they should be making millions working for Kuat Drive Yards or Incom or something of the sort, not bumming about in the back end of a light freighter somewhere. Or, alternately, if it doesn't mean that, then it means that every single starship design house in the galaxy is hopelessly incompetent, and anyone with a passing interest can outperform them. You don't want crafting rules to be useless, but if crafting rules supersede the rest of the established universe that opens up an entire OTHER can full of other cans of worms. It's a very delicate balancing act, and it's very easy to fail. All of that being said, however, I don't believe that the delay has anything to do with the incredibly difficult job of getting that right. Given the holdup of multiple other source books around the same time, it's almost certainly a supply chain thing, exacerbated and enabled by the ongoing failure of Disney and FFG to enter the 21st century and ditch all this silly paper nonsense altogether.
  3. White Haven

    Homebrewing Course Correct

    I don't disagree in theory, but unless you want to just bring /boatloads/ of black dice to the table or impose very severe stacking restrictions... Well, if you can get 2-3 black dice from cover, then another 2-3 from armor, and then a couple more from talents or weapon special qualities, that either leads to fistfulls of black dice OR unintended consequences from stacking restrictions (such as people in decent armor being mechanically taught that cover is only for people in street-clothes and the like). Ultimately, if there were an easy, quick fine-tuning answer, it would have been done by now. This's a thorny question from a systems-design perspective, and I think in large part it stems from how weak black dice are in general.
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    Homebrewing Course Correct

    6 attribute, 5 skill, actually. Also, that'd be a complete rework of cover, not a tuning, changing not only its scaling but the kind of dice it impacts.
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    Homebrewing Course Correct

    One thing I've been playing around with in my head is dropping attribute and skill caps down a bit, to magnify the effects of setback and boost dice in relation to a modestly-smaller dice pool. One of the few structural issues I've had with SWRPG dice has long been how spectacularly underwhelming a few black dice for defense/shields are when stacked up against the barge full of five or six much stronger dice. In particular, things like capital ship energy shields and taking cover and such have always felt /way/ too weak to me. I've taken cover behind a rather large bit of wreckage, and as a result, if I'm very lucky, an enemy may do one point less damage to me. I've let things get away from me somewhat here, but I think the message gets through more or less.
  6. I'm personally quite surprised at the obvious gap right in the middle of the ranged weapon crafting rules. The 'Heavy Energy Rifle' template has the stat-line of a heavy rifle, but has Gunnery as a skill and seems to take the place of an actual heavy weapon template. I'm looking at a weapon crafting ruleset that is unable to duplicate a repeating blaster, barring enough luck on advantages and triumphs that you accidentally make one with the weight of a rifle. Also, the melee weapon crating templates conspicuously lack anything that doesn't scale with Brawn, which is a bit odd (albeit less glaring). GMs can, of course, fix these oversights, but the ruleset exists to make fewer house rules necessary in the first place.