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  1. Just as a reminder, I'm still looking for 2 droids . . .
  2. sorry, had to be at my post for a few days. ANSWER: by cheating of course . . . lol (at the time I wrote this I hadn't read the rules completely yet), the initial post was just meant to humor us. . . . those who laughed obviously have a good sense of humor, those who didn't . .. well . . . I'm not sold on this thing . . . I almost think 2 more squads would be a better investment. At minimum, I'm not sure 3 weapons works, too many points.
  3. So far I'm not really impressed. It basically dies quickly. . .. I almost think don't let arsenal 3 suck you in to draining points there. Take one weapon and use it to get Fleet or wookies into position. (if you're going to use it at all).
  4. I opened the box, put the models together, and did not find the droids I was looking for . . .
  5. I really do love this game. If there are no changes, I'm okay with that. I love Xwing too and don't have issues w/ the way they've FAQ'd it (except the Jumpmaster). I'm not sure it's always the play testers fault either, there are so many variables now in Xwing, it makes it difficult. I appreciate the discussion. . . .Now I gotta get back to my post.
  6. Now this is pod-racing! . . . I mean brainstorming
  7. Sure, I in general agree with this. But blowing something up and putting it back together can sometimes take a good game and make it great . . . so thinking through issues like this can help (but like I said in OP, I'm okay if nothing changes too)
  8. Anyone else like to see Armada change the way it handles attack order and initiative in the game? I know this is a YUGE part of the game too, but I like the card system from Legion and the random one from Bolt Action too. I'm completely brainstorming here and not opposed to it staying the same either, but thoughts?
  9. After one use, I really like her. If you've built your fleet well she maximizes everything. She allowed me to run my 80 Battle Cruiser like Madine. The limitation is her flexibility, but this puts pressure on us to do well setting our command dials. So her weakness is probably me more so than her. Also, I think she's better for campaign and 500 point list, but that is just me. Place Redemption in there w/ a pelta and you're getting 4 shields regenerated a turn . . . I don't foresee anymore Admirals with no obvious weakness. FFG likes players to have to sacrifice something for something "greater". . . . The Motti nerf is coming.
  10. I saw this "build" run w/ illusion. OW + Rey was pretty deadly in the three games she played.
  11. I love this game and actually have no problem with the pace and speed of the game. Having said that. I'd like to get into the game a little faster so that our group can "move further" into the game without running out of time. Any ideas out there on speeding up round 1 and getting into round 2 faster? I thought about expanding starting resources and allowing each player 2 additional technologies and pass one law before we even begin round 2. Essentially, I'm brainstorming here and wondering, can we start a little further along so the conflict and victory points begin to happen faster. The only downside to this is you can't then watch and see what is purchased and where people go. BUT to be honest, usually others are too far away the opening round anyway to worry about it. I'm about to ramble, so any ideas would be helpful.
  12. Proud of you Keith. You represented Vegas well both as a player and in your work. Keith is a class act. We were pulling for you. -- JV
  13. With the "relay" Squadrons, on a worthless ship, they can fly away, give activation help, and still have a roll in the fight.
  14. Finally was able to use General Madine last night in a game. The fleet included 3 transports, Yavaris, and Endeavor + a litany of bombers w/ escorts, including b's & Nym (w/ reroll + Yavaris= hits hard and gets his crits ) I think, at this point I'm willing to say he's as good as Mon Mothma or Ackbar in terms of competitiveness. The ability to turn the Liberty on a dime makes it really difficult to flank . . . that of course if your opponent can even get through the bomber barrage. Thoughts? Obviously one game isn't enough for full analysis, but I really see potential here for him. Turning a Rebel fleet on a dime can also allow you to hide your tactics. We played, "Superior positions." I was 1st player and knowing my ships ability to maneuver allowed me to completely hide my combat flight plan and turned my disadvantage into my advantage. Obviously there are some weaknesses with him too, but thoughts?
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