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  1. Id be happy to see. Resistance Awing
  2. I'm totally happy with them getting the old core set back on the shelf. I'd like a tournament legal damage deck in there. But I don't want to wait forever for my Ys
  3. Why the ---- not? The first edition isn't on the shelfs anymore, and I'm a dude in my late 30s I want original trilogy ships first and foremost. It should be pretty easy to produce. "No" thanks for chimeing in Dr House, that's brilliant.
  4. Seriously! Let's go for it, with a Y-wing tossed in too.
  5. Are you people joking? That looks like shaet.
  6. I hope the next cannon Disney cartoon covers Luke's Jedi academy and they bring Kyle Katarn back... And the Jedi knight game series.
  7. Was the rumor true? Will there possibly be one on the shelf at Barnes and Noble today?
  8. Yeah I'm not going to pay above retail for one. I hope the put more out soon, they should put more out when the aggressors hit the shelves.
  9. But where are the Y-wings? How often does FFG make old wave ships?
  10. Can we get a re-stock FFG? How bout some more K-wings too or a new ship with Twin Laser Turrets.
  11. I'm cool with 7 full factions. To me timelines are completely inconsequential. You play x-wing it's all a big "what if?". If you need things to be "correct" then play that way. Tournaments you can play against your own faction. None of it matters. The only thing that matters is that I get to have purdy little ships on my shelf. And I want more. (The ships I really want are from SWG: Nova Courier and Y-8! Not going to hold my breath on that one but with the Decimator I hold on to a bit of hope.)
  12. I'm ok with it being technically a separate game as long as They are the same scale, and compatible to x-wing for casual gamers. You cry babies have enough to cry about now, I don't want anybody jumping out of windows just because I'd like a Jedi star fighter next to an x-wing on my shelf
  13. Maybe the pro/con of the separatists is that you can have a lot, but you don't get to add many upgrades.
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