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  1. So the new NW faction plot card states:


    "You cannot lose (and your opponent cannot win) the first challenge initiated against you each phase.


    This is obviously huge for the defensive minded crows. That being said, I'm confused as to how this works. Do the loss conditions simply not take effect, or is it that it doesn't count as a loss?


    For example, say an opponent declares a military challenge against me. For the Watch is in play. He cannot win and I cannot lose. Thus I do not have to sacrifice a character even if he throws Gregor at me. Additionally, my opponent could not play any cards or activate any abilities contingent upon victory such Put to the Sword. However, if I fail to select a defender, would he still get a power token for an unopposed challenge?

  2. Hello all!


    I started playing this game about a month ago and I am hooked. I have built a fealty Night's Watch deck, but I'm having trouble with strategy. I know NW needs to play defensive, trying to prevent unopposed challenges and getting power from the wall. Seems like every game I play I either get steamrolled early and have no chance to come back, or I get the draws I want and just find myself unable to afford the things I need for the combos. My question is, what winning strategies have you all had success with. I think a lot of the problem is my plot deck admittedly. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!


    Also, I have two core sets, Taking the Black, Road to Winterfell, and No Common Ground. King's Peace is in the mail as is a third set of NW core set cards if that helps

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