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  1. *guy has great op deck* *op deck gets nerfed* "everyone hates this at my lfgs"
  2. i think your interpretation is not arguing in good faith. let me go a bit Tyler Durden on you... you sit alone in a room. 1. choose one person in this room to fight 2. choose one person in this room to punch fight the person in step 1, but punch the person in step 2.
  3. i'm simply saying that there is no condition on choosing the creature. if you chose the same creature as you are fighting, then it would do damage to it (in apparent, but not spiritual, conflict with the text).
  4. Before Fight: Choose a creature There are no conditions on choosing a creature, other than what's in RAW. i.e. yes you can choose the creature you're fighting.
  5. This has to be the longest running thread in the history of threads.
  6. Are you sure about that? Has there been a ruling in this case that differs from Cooperative hunt?
  7. same thing with cooperative hunting (http://aembertree.com/card/core/319) i think it was ruled to be dealt simultaneously, so you could choose to spend all the damage on the imp.
  8. heh. you're acting like some sort of fundamental right of yours has been taken away. you know full well, yeah, that's exactly what happens in every card game ever. people who know how these games work also know that the value of cardboard will change if the owner of the game changes the mechanics. there's no obligation to keep secondary market profiteers and scalpers happy, their obligation not really even to keep the game healthy, their obligation is to keep the game selling from their shelves. take your own advice and move on, it happens in every card game ever.
  9. there was a blurb by Andres that was interpreted as such, and the FLGS community around me sure played it that way along "do as much as you can" rules
  10. ooh, smaaash doesn't have to stun allies unless there are no enemies!
  11. no worries. let me know if there's anything else you'd like help with besides selling cardboard for 40 times the retail cost.
  12. FFG is not responsible for your second market auctions.
  13. yes they stack. so each time a friendly creature fights it will capture 1 for each copy of hostages you played earlier that round
  14. Poposhka

    Powerful deck ?

    that's a really astute observation
  15. Poposhka

    Powerful deck ?

    what's the archon name?
  16. Only for attackers. The "before" is a modifier to the "fight" ability.
  17. What do you attribute this to with Untamed, and I don’t mean a constructed deck, but from a procedurally generated deck. Sure, they can get powerful amber combos and key rush with cards like chota and keycharge, comboed with witch and full moon, but unless you spend that aember it’s incredibly vulnerable to steal or lose. I feel most of the untamed decks I’ve seen don’t reflect this aember and key rush,, while Dis and Shadows decks, for example, often represent their playstyle. So untamed feels like a better Mars to me - strong combos in theory but rarely pan out due to all the links in the chain or simply the algorithm
  18. There’s some back and forth with this. Dis actually has Knight creatures that synergies with Epic Quest, but Sanctum has that anti-dis card forget its name.
  19. I think it’s too shallow of an analysis to pick three houses and say “the strongest deck will come from this”. Its pretty clear that “the strongest” deck will be a gimmick deck that doesn’t have a natural counter in the wild. If we go beyond gimmick (2x horsemen, quad bear flute, double time travel, phase/seed, pure amber rush), and decide we’re looking for a house combination that will regularly churn out a “strong” deck from the generation algorithm, it gets more complicated. First of all, I’d argue that duplicates are the key to deck success. This gives you higher probability to start with that card, higher likelihood to have it at the right time and capability of frequent repetition. This, however isn’t necessarily tied to house combos per se. I think it’s crucial to have some board wipes in the deck, and we see those in Dis, and Brobnar for example. If focusing on a wall of critters like with Sanctum, these become crucial. And an approach of battlefield domination is near futile for this reason unless you know your opponent is weak on board wipes. High amber play cards are also important (without going into gimmicky amber rush territory), but are generally not tied to a house. Mars is a complex combo house so for that very reason I’d keep away from that. I’ve had my funnest wins with mars and It would be really fun to construct a deck with mars, but in a generated deck, it falls short, imo. Sanctum is a lot of fun and can put up a veritable Maginot line defense, but aptly named, it’s easy to just circumvent with board clear and assassination cards. Beyond this, they have some fun combos and lots of amber capture, but nothing outstanding to me untamed definitely has some cool potential with creatures and useful actions, but every time I think of untamed it’s gimmick time: flute, chota amber rush, etc Shadows has some excellent skirmish/elusive usage, and fun toys and near board wipes and powerful upgrades. I’d probably pick shadows to be part of this. Logos has top tier milking abilities and would also likely be my choice. So for me: Dis, Logos, shadows.
  20. not only what spaceinvader said, some of the cards are different from the ones you'd find in sealed boxes. (different amber gain, etc.)
  21. there has been no official FFG clarification on how greking interacts with creatures, but as previously mentioned. 1) Creature is destroyed - meaning it leaves play, discarding ALL status markers, damage, and effects terminate. 2) Greking states "put that creature into play" (which is different from "play", meaning you do not get any "Play:" effects according to rules) 3) As Palpster said, "creatures enter play exhausted" (both "play" and "put into play") 4) Creatures enter play on the flank Note that this would be different from, say, Collar of Subordination (Upgrade: You control this creature) where it would simply move over to your flank (again, no official FFG explanation on how this works) exhausted or ready, taking all it's status and damage with it.
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