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  1. Poposhka

    Mothership Support - problems text and resolution

    hey man, keep the attitude cool and smooth.
  2. Poposhka

    Mothership Support - problems text and resolution

    Are you sure about that? Has there been a ruling in this case that differs from Cooperative hunt?
  3. Poposhka

    Mothership Support - problems text and resolution

    same thing with cooperative hunting (http://aembertree.com/card/core/319) i think it was ruled to be dealt simultaneously, so you could choose to spend all the damage on the imp.
  4. Poposhka

    Help from Future Self reshuffle itself ?

    Yeah it doesn’t get reshuffled.
  5. Poposhka

    Rules changes killing me

    heh. you're acting like some sort of fundamental right of yours has been taken away. you know full well, yeah, that's exactly what happens in every card game ever. people who know how these games work also know that the value of cardboard will change if the owner of the game changes the mechanics. there's no obligation to keep secondary market profiteers and scalpers happy, their obligation not really even to keep the game healthy, their obligation is to keep the game selling from their shelves. take your own advice and move on, it happens in every card game ever.
  6. Poposhka

    Rules updated Jan 17

    there was a blurb by Andres that was interpreted as such, and the FLGS community around me sure played it that way along "do as much as you can" rules
  7. Poposhka

    Rules updated Jan 17

    ooh, smaaash doesn't have to stun allies unless there are no enemies!
  8. Poposhka

    Rules changes killing me

    no worries. let me know if there's anything else you'd like help with besides selling cardboard for 40 times the retail cost.
  9. Poposhka

    Rules changes killing me

    FFG is not responsible for your second market auctions.
  10. Poposhka

    Take Hostages played twice

    yes they stack. so each time a friendly creature fights it will capture 1 for each copy of hostages you played earlier that round
  11. Poposhka

    Powerful deck ?

    that's a really astute observation
  12. Poposhka

    Powerful deck ?

    what's the archon name?
  13. Poposhka

    Does "Before Fight" trigger when attacked?

    Only for attackers. The "before" is a modifier to the "fight" ability.
  14. Constructed? So 36 restringuntus then
  15. What do you attribute this to with Untamed, and I don’t mean a constructed deck, but from a procedurally generated deck. Sure, they can get powerful amber combos and key rush with cards like chota and keycharge, comboed with witch and full moon, but unless you spend that aember it’s incredibly vulnerable to steal or lose. I feel most of the untamed decks I’ve seen don’t reflect this aember and key rush,, while Dis and Shadows decks, for example, often represent their playstyle. So untamed feels like a better Mars to me - strong combos in theory but rarely pan out due to all the links in the chain or simply the algorithm