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  1. Wow, really disappointing. TEotW is really a pretty cool system and the genre stuff is great to have on hand for any number of games. The books look good too. Sad the forum here is so dead.
  2. Yep, no argument there either, when all 9 of your Stress boxes are filled you get an immediate reaction. I realize, as emsquared mentioned above, that many if not most games don't levy any sort of penalty for being hurt (ie. taking hit points/wounds etc.) but EotW actually has a mechanic in place that already does, Trauma dice. Given this level of detail is already in play it feels, well, weird to ignore the effects of the incidents that caused them until some arbitrary rest period in the future. I know, I know - its a game mechanic, its not supposed to be a simulation. I get all that, I really do, and have no issues with the extremely abstract nature of system used here. Typically anything 'wierd' in a set of rules can be waved away by a good GM, and this can too for the most part but after several sessions it becomes harder to explain, at least in a way that doesn't begin to sound repetitious. In my younger days I was incredibly active. (triatholons, weight lifting, fire dept. trainer, etc.) I've had numerous surgeries unfortunately and a few of them were as a result of an injury. A torn shoulder and bicep from falling off a ladder (and catching hold to avoid hitting the pavement), a destroyed knee during a bicycle wreck and another knee blown when stepping in a gopher hole while playing soccer. (Yeah, it sounds funny but it wasn't!) I would call all of these the result of several Tiers of Physical Stress converted to a -3 trauma. There is no way in either of these cases I could have used the offending limb unimpeded immediately afterward, regardless of adrenaline and pursuing zombies, and Im a pretty tough guy. I managed to hang on till the fire was out with the shoulder, walked to a waiting aid station after the bike wreck and made it to the ambulance on foot in the soccer game but with considerable negative modifiers for sure. It just doesn't make since to have allowed someone like me to just jump up and head off unaffected until later that day when suddenly the ripped tendons, torn cartilage, severed muscle and chipped bone suddenly become a reality. If your going to include limitations for injuries in a game system, they should, I don't know, reflect reality just a little bit, don't you think?
  3. No argument there. For the time being Im going to test the following house rule. When a Stress Tier is filled up the character receives a Negative Dice in any task related to that category and/or appropriate to the general nature of the incident that caused the majority of the stress. When converting Stress to Trauma all current Stress is converted to a single Trauma Condition with a description that "attempts" to encompass the entirety of the causes of the associated Stress. If these are too varied to offer a single consensus, or if some causes caused far more stress than others, lesser causes can be ignored in the conversion as minor and no longer an issue. Example Dave is running for his life from pursuing infected and climbs over a 10' chain link fence onto a tennis court. He succeeds but takes 2 Physical Trauma when he drops to the far side. A few minutes later an infected surprises him in the parking lot and he crawls under a bus to escape taking 1 Physical Trauma as he scrapes his back across the undercarriage. (1st Tier Full) As the first Tier is full he immediately receives 1 Negative Dice modifier to most physical activities due to a sore leg and back. After finding a temporary spot to rest he inspects his injuries and elects to convert his stress to a single "Sore Ankle -1 Trauma" and ignore the scratch to his back as minor. His Stress Track is now completely empty again and ready for action. He could also have ruled the Trauma something like "Bumped and Bruised -1" considering both incidents/injuries which might have affected more varied tasks than just an ankle injury. This might have been more appropriate if both incidents had incurred equal Stress but as one caused more than the other, it made sense to ignore the Single Stress causing scrape.
  4. Its also a little weird that a series of minor injuries can cause a single injury to become far more severe later. I realize its a game mechanism but it seriously interferes with a somewhat realistic narrative. example.. Guy takes 2 Stress from a fall while jumping over a fence. Guy takes 2 Stress from being hit by a bat in the arm. (into 2nd Tier) Guy takes 1 Stress from a punch to the stomach. Guy takes 3 stress from a knife wound to his back. (into 3rd Tier) Yeah, he had a rough day. As he limps into camp he assesses his wounds and converts all of them to a single Trauma. The rules are not very explicit in how to do this. Their examples refer to single sources of stress. In this guy's situation he has 4 different incidents that are now causing a single -3 trauma. If it were me I would have to label the Trauma "All beat up to hell -3" and have it affect almost anything the player did until healed in a month. According to the rules though the player could just as easily shrug off 3 of them and give himself a -3 Arm Injury and make it a lot easier for him to get around. Rules seem to indicate Traumas are the Player's responsibility so guess Id have to step in as GM and overrule. Anyway, it shouldn't be that arbitrary, or at least Id like it if it weren't. It creates problems. Not to mention how this Grocery Store Clerk was running around saving the world all beat to crap for several hours, adrenaline or no.
  5. Im not flabbergasted... just a little annoyed that a game that obviously is intended as 'narrative' based has a mechanic that is so difficult to narrate. Every injury or traumatic effect is delayed. Granted, this can happen sometimes. (I was a 22 year paramedic, Ive seen people walk into the E.R. with a broken back, call an ambulance hours after falling off their house etc.) but generally speaking if someone falls and breaks a leg, gets shot with a gun, takes a ball bat to the face, etc. they show some immediate signs and symptoms. Trying to narrate how there is never an effect from a wound of any kind, or a mental trauma or social engagement, until later when the player can reflect just comes across really weird in the game. Im wondering here if its how we play, since it doesn't seem to bother you guys. STYLE A: GM: Ok roll the dice pool, you are jumping about 20 feet so 2 extra negative dice. Player: Alright. Crap! I made it but that's 3 physical stress from the jump. GM: Yeah well you were going to make it in any event, gravity took care of that, but its going to take effect later when you convert it to trauma, for now though just mark it off on your Stress Track. Your on the street, now what? STYLE B: GM: You've got a 20 foot drop to the highway from the top of the overpass. You seriously jumping? Player: We have to, theres no way we are getting through that hoard. Here we go - rolls dice - Crap! 3 stress but I made it. GM: Well yeah, you hit the ground alright, making it down was never an issue, but looks like you landed hard. Something gives in your knee and the air is knocked out as you hit. Adrenaline will keep you going but you know something isn't right with that leg. We play more of a Style B, with more realistic descriptions and less attention to game mechanics in the narrative. Its fine but the constant reference to delayed injuries is a bother. Take the above example. If later the same character took a bullet to a shoulder we would again have.. "You feel the bullet burn through and stifle a cry as it rips out the back. You have no time to worry about it now but it will have to be looked at soon." and then a moment later take a single stress as you stumble through an ally full of debris. "Something snags your leg as you rush by, tearing the skin but it will have to wait.. you keep running" Later its seems even weirder to tell a NORMAL PERSON, not a Hollywood Hero that they have been running around WITHOUT DIFFICULTY, with a bullet hole in their shoulder, twisted knee and torn calf, none of which required medical attention until perhaps hours later. Im not bitching, Im trying to wrap my head around how to narrate this.
  6. Hmm, or should the severity of the damage simply be more negative dice? Guy falls from a building. Check Dexterity to avoid getting hurt. 1+1 Athlete Feature. Negative 1 for debris, 2 for height of building and another 1 for being pushed. Guy gets in a car crash. Check Vitality to avoid injury. 1+1 Seatbelted+ 1 Prepared for crash+1 for airbags. Negatives 3 for speed of collision and 1 for side impact. That sounds better actually, kind of an attack in reverse.
  7. Im reading the book right now and it says nothing about a modifier from just filling your Stress Tiers. Only Traumas cause modifiers and they don't occur till you get down time to process them from your stress. The stress Tiers filling don't have an effect immediately unless you fill the 3rd one and possibly die. On page 32 it states, regarding Acquiring Traumas "You can choose to remove your stress early and often, building up a large number of small traumas but are easy to heal but weigh on you. Alternatively you can ignore your injuries, avoiding immediate setbacks, but risking them becoming even more severe before you have a chance to start dealing with them." I think that makes it pretty clear you don't suffer until you convert to trauma, which is the oddity I'm concerned about. Your version would work I suppose, might make a good house rule.
  8. The whole "Check on it later and convert stress to trauma" thing works in theory but in the game is constantly an issue of complication. Guy gets shot, takes 4 Stress - doesn't affect him in the least until later? Guy gets hit with lead pipe and takes 2 stress sending him over the 2nd Tier, no effect till later? Guy falls from a building. Takes 5 stress and enters his 3rd Tier. Gets up and walks away till later when he discovers how hurt his leg is? Its just seems odd, especially when it happens to NPCs. You club the crap out of a guy and he runs off, to tend to the huge bump you put on his head later? Surely somebody has had the same questions in their game. Is there a house rule on damage out there or maybe just a good explanation for how to run it this way in your game? Ill add in that it seems odd there is no chance for an unexpectedly critical result when taking damage. You cant, well get LUCKY and flat out kill somebody (other than the matching successes head shot). What about natural damage. How could you lets say, get really UNLUCKY and fall from a building and kill yourself when you land. 9 stress is quite a bit. Seems like there should be a mechanism to extend damage somehow.
  9. How do you handle damage from a natural source, a fall or maybe a car crash. As there is no Trait to indicate success you cant roll it up like an attack. So, do you assign a damage modifier (like a weapon) and have the character attempt to Avoid it with a task roll with every success nullifying one damage point? Guy falls from a 2nd story building. GM assigns +3 damage. The Character rolls his Dexterity to try and roll with the landing. He adds in a positive dice for his Athletic Feature. The GM then adds a negative dice for the debris below him and another as he was pushed without warning off the edge. The dice come up 1 success and 2 stress. So he takes the 2 points of stress and adds the +3 but then cancels 1 for the 1 Success he rolled. Total 4 Physical Stress. Does that sound right? Guy involved in a car crash. GM assigns +2 damage. Character rolls his Vitality to avoid injury. He adds a positive dice for being seat belted and another as he saw the crash coming and was prepared. GM adds a negative dice due to the speed of the crash. He rolls all three successes and a stress. The stress +2 damage = 3 but he cancels them with his 3 successes and is fine. ok?
  10. Ok so if you in reased difficulty at all without threat then it's impossible ynless there are positive circumstances on top of character raw ability. There's no way to just get lucky? I drop and break the groups radio. I have no electronics skill. If the gm rules it's more than one dice difficult, I can't fix it period. Right?
  11. I know this forum seems pretty dead but Im hoping someone out there checks on it like I do. I occasionally run into the situation where multiple successes seem appropriate for a given task or there would seem to be a chance of just 'getting lucky' on a regular task yet the character doesn't have any features, conditions or what have you to add in positive dice. I was considering implementing a version of an old Savage Worlds mechanic wherein if you roll a positive "1" you get to roll it again, even if it cancels. This way you have a chance at multiple successes or even regaining a lost success if it is canceled by a negative dice. In a game like EotW it seems like a slight bit of an edge for characters in a setting that usually kills them off. Example.. John runs over several zombies with his car and it breaks down. He has no real mechanical skill but is an intelligent guy, maybe its something simple you know? He is safe in his garage so no real threat so the GM rules 2 successes necessary to fix it. John starts with 1 dice but then adds... nothing. He has a few tools but not enough to give him any real advantage. No one is helping him, he doesn't have a manual etc. This is a matter of luck really, but with only one positive dice, he cant get lucky. Using my rule if he rolled a "1" he could take that success then roll again as a bonus die. Example.. John is trying to talk some NPCs into investigating a sign calling for help hanging on a nearby office building. They aren't interested. He starts with 1 dice then adds another for his 'Diplomat' feature and one more because his last idea gained them a cache of food. A negative dice is thrown in because the area around the building has been busy with zombies lately. Another negative dice is included because the group is out of ammo for their firearms. The dice are rolled and John fails on two of his dice but rolls a 1 on the third, however a negative dice comes up 1 as well, canceling his success. Using my rule he could roll this dice again as a bonus die and hope for a success. Thoughts?
  12. Id like an answer on the use of opponent features on a combat roll too? It was discussed a lot but any consensus yet?
  13. Same way at the Star Wars Edge of the Empire Forum... there are three games, EotE gets the most traffic... unless the thread is very specific to one of the others.
  14. Secondly... why is the notion of Stress affecting categories other than the one used in a test such a 'no no'? It seems like a really good way to manage any type of negative feedback from any occurrence. Guy has to shoot his friend who just broke his leg and cant keep up as the group runs from zombies. Suffer Social Stress as he shuts down his own sense of humanity. Guy suffers Stress from seeing something horrifying and applies it as physical, becomes sick to his stomach, gets the shakes etc. Guy gets in a nasty argument with his significant other, suffers stress and applies it to Mental as he is distracted by the fight and cant get his mind off it. Poor examples perhaps, but you get the idea. There are any number of situations where actions involving one category could impact another. Does this break the game somehow? Seems like a harmless and possibly useful rule change.
  15. Just received the rulebooks, read through once and checking the forums for recommended house rules. One issue I have from reading this thread concerns the 'multiple successes-difficulty' thing. Forgive me if Im wrong about this..( read the book once) When a character takes a test they start with one die. If there are no special positive or negative implications they keep one die. Therefore a more difficult test, requiring 2 or more successes, is impossible - regardless of their skill level. Unless they have a special feature or something that brings another die in they cant succeed? I have Dexterity 5, I am shooting at a Zed walking across the street down the block a ways. Im not a marksman but I can hold and aim a rifle. The GM decides this is a difficult shot due to range... increasing difficulty instead of adding a negative dice because... as I have been reading above... there is no threat in this action, certainly no physical one implied by the distance to the target. GM says I need two successes... how am I going to get them without some sort of additional help? Without out some outside influence its impossible with the base 1 die?
  16. Im impressed with your house rules. Any chance you have a document with them all included you can share? Its a bit hard to pan through all the commentary here on the forum to see them together.
  17. Yeah, I got to thinking about this too. Likely it will remain for my own personal use. Perhaps later if someone contacts me personally I can describe how it came out.
  18. My players are headed down the route between Nazzri and Zeltros. The Merson Pirates look interesting but I'm trying to figure how the operate. Reading reveals the asteroid field there used to interdict hyperspace travel but I gotta wonder, why not just fly around? Also they were said to use the planet as hq, but how would the planet survive on only pirated goods, and who would trade there otherwise. If it's so known, why is it tolerated? Supposedly they were supported by the Separatists during the clone wars but beaten. How could the still be in operation now? Wouldn't the Empire just clear the toute? Do the pirates,operate interdictors or sonething? Whole thing just doesn't make sense to me but I'd love to use it.
  19. I am only now becoming familiar with the EU. The films,seemed to take the approach I mentioned but I can see it doesn't extend into the other literature as much. Thanks.
  20. Star Wars seems to use the 'one habitable world a system" approach but occasionally allows this one 'one world' to be a gas giant, asteroid or moon. Do you guys ever deviate from the 'one world' trend when creating your own? Are there examples of multiple planet habitats and colonized worlds within a single system in your galaxy? It seems reasonable but almost counter to Star Wars doctrine, you know?
  21. Some of you guys sound just like me, flashing out my galaxy in a way my players can't hope to discover. It's fun but does take a lot of work.
  22. Hey, based on a suggestion above I changed the color of the Hyperspace Lane names to something that associates it with the lanes themselves. I also added a few minor lane names. Your welcome to whats there. The Hapes cluster is lacking most of the detail as I plan to map it out to a greater scale should my players ever go there. Again, this was a project for my own use so I wasn't too worried about the quality of the finished product, but if you can use it... please be my guest! Its kind of fun so I may well start expanding from this point regardless of where my campaign leads. Just thinking about doing the whole galaxy makes my head hurt. Oh, I named the files after a major system in each of them but there is probably a better way, such as by grid coordinate. (O8O9P8P9) or something like that so you know at a glance where in the galaxy you are looking at. Hmmm
  23. Good suggestion. This wasn't a planned project, it just sort of happened. I may just make that change. Kind of considered dumping the region border altogether. It's on the big scale map. Not really needed here.
  24. Laugh. Well if you still have to ask then really it wouldn't matter to you anyway. I'm just ReallyoldGM. Have a good one.
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