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  1. ok cheers mate, many thanks for quick response.
  2. Hi, just wondering if I’m playing the Soul Reaper card “Essence Harvest” right. It says “When any monster is defeated, place one damage token on this card”. Am I correct in fact that the monsters can be defeated in any manner, anywhere on the board and not necessarily on your turn? (killed by other pcs, pets, events etc?). Cheers.
  3. I truly hope it is not the end for Descent Second Edition expansions. With Road to Legend Descent became the perfect fit for my 4 player ex-RPG group. None of us have the time for a true RPG anymore as we are all in our forties and we don't have the fifth player for regular Descent play. While I really like Imperial Assault and Mansions of Madness I feel fantasy offers the most variety mini wise. As someone with no interest or time to paint the minis there are only so many similar humans and droids you can distinguish between ? I check the fantasy flight website regularly and its seems for months now that the company has only been targeting xwing, armada and runewars. It is sad to see, they seem to have completely abandoned a lot of other mainstay games. None of my friends collect or paint minis and with the 4 player group, those games are not ones I will never pick up. I by contrast own everything for Descent Second Edition and would insta-buy any new physical expansion or Road To Legend app content. It still feels like there are a lack of classes for some of the archetypes and there are definitely hybrid permutations still outstanding. Plus it felt like Road to Legend opened the door for more amazing stuff to come and then they left us hanging! Here is hoping FFG take note of this thread and give us more content ?
  4. App is superb. But I would love to see the following:- 1) an "undo last action" or "back" style button. It is so so easy to mess up right now and remove wrong group from tracker or click wrong button and progress quest without meaning to. Even more so when tired in a long gaming session! 2) voiced narrative and quest events. 3) the boxed campaigns adapted for Road to Legend play. I would happily pay for them. My group hates the "one v all" play of original, as they find it argumentative and whine about it being unfair. 4) any chance of an imperial assault version
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