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  1. Looking at Wave 9's release schedule, the ships were announced June 6th, and previews started July 11th. Previews for this were pretty early because of their special prerelease at GenCon that summer, the regular release was slated for 3rd quarter 2016. Wave 11 was announced early in March, and is slated for a second quarter release. Ships should be out in June, so we should start getting previews soon. Hopefully the lack of status on their upcoming page doesn't mean that it's actually crazy delayed.
  2. Good point, will keep that in mind when choosing who to shoot with Braylen. My main worry with this (aside from positioning) are higher pilot skill ships wiping out an A-Wing or Jess before they can shoot, but I think the snaps with crack should be enough to limit those higher PS ships to one or two attacks.
  3. I'll try this out in the next couple days if I can get in some games and report back. I've been unsure about how good R3 -A2 will be without the ability to doublestress but there's enough stress-vulnerable stuff out there that it seems worth a shot.
  4. Palpatine was 1 per round, every round, whenever you needed him. He is now 1 per round every round, but you have to call the roll. 8 pts. x/7 was 1 per round, every round that you do a 3, 4, or 5 speed maneuver (very easy to accomplish). It's now 1 per round every round if you don't overlap or can otherwise perform an action. -2 pts. Sabine is 1 per round if a bomb detonates, and there is a ship at range 1 of that detonation. 2 pts. I don't see how the first two are at all comparable to the last one.
  5. Next chance I get I'm going to try this out, aim is to get in some snapshots and hit hard with Swarm Leader 2x Green Squadron w/Snapshot, Juke, Title, Chardaan Refit (21 pts each) Jess Pava w/Swarm Leader, R2-D6, Integrated Astromech (29 pts) Braylen Stramm w/Operations Specialist, Title (28 pts) 99 total Sadly there aren't points for stressbot on Braylen. I'm still debating what the best Operations Specialist carrier would be. Heff Tober/Blue Squadron Pathfinder with Jan or Tactician could be a candidate, but would be pretty hard to fly in formation, and the only other option is a HWK, which would be pretty easy to kill.
  6. Is this from something or just a gif someone made? One of the coolest things I've ever seen!
  7. Sadly there are a few little discrepancies in scale like this in X-Wing, although I wasn't aware of this in the A-Wing. I think it's been documented that the GR-75 and CR-90 are both slightly smaller than they should be, along with the Ghost (although it is to scale with the CR-90). I also remember reading in an article written on the U-Wing and Striker models that the U-Wing's engines are also slightly larger to scale with the rest of the ship to get them to look "right" on the model.
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