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  1. Yeah you won't get more bombs with the mapper and extra munitions. You only have 1 or 2 bomb cards that can be selected once each for any number of bomb cards. Extra munitions is a token that is a replacement for discarding.
  2. im a fan of the look of the punisher and I even think that ship looks ugly.
  3. Because it changes how to progress from step 2 to step 3
  4. You're wrong. Clean up does happen before perform action as blodvargarna has stated. 2.Execute Maneuver: Resolve the following substeps in order: a.Move Ship:Slide the maneuver template between the front guides of the ship’s baseso that it is flush against the base. Then pickup the ship and place it at the opposite endof the template, sliding the rear guides of the base into the opposite end of the template. b. Check Pilot Stress: If the maneuver is red, assign one stress token to the ship; if the maneuver is green, remove one stress token from the ship. c. Clean Up:Return the maneuver template to the pile of maneuver templates. Place the revealed dial outside the play area next to the ship’s Ship card. 3.Perform Action: The ship may perform one action. Pattern analyser specifically lets you do this, would you agree? When executing a maneuver, you may resolve the "Check Pilot Stress" step after the "Perform Action" step (instead of before that step). It lets you resolve check pilot stress after perform action step allowing you to do 2.b after step 3. And from your own insisting you can't do step 3 (perform action) until step 2 is complete.
  5. you will have to call the result with palp before you roll at all, then after rolling you must change a result to the named one. You won't be able to spend a TL then use the change or call palp before a re-roll. Re-rolling dice is not the same as rolling dice.
  6. Alright got it now. Thanks
  7. Reference/rule i can look at? I'm just having a hard time with it on either side.
  8. Like in the title the question i have is. When does palp's die change happen? It says "After rolling, you must change 1 of its dice results to the named result." Does this mean before the dice modification step or during that step since the dice mod step comes after the dice roll step? I've looked at c3-po but he specifically says " If you roll that many evade results (before modifying dice), add 1 evade result." Which isn't the same as 'After rolling'. Are there any other upgrades that have the "after rolling.." wording that i have simply skipped over for reference?
  9. cloaking device, mindlink, SPA, stealth device, + other = 7+ evade+focus with range 3 talonbane. Thats pretty close
  10. Mindlink, spa,stealth device,hullupgrade, cloaking device 7+evade+focus at range 3
  11. Used waterweld epoxy (cheaper green stuff), an exacto knife, copper wire, superglue, and a dremel saw. The WIP pictures while I was making it are posted here if you wanna look at them. Sawed the back of the ship in half horizontal and carefully separated it from the cockpit. With the epoxy i made a ramp to angle the back half up then slowly built the flames on top of it. The pillars of flames poping out and the one with the wing blowing apart from the ship have copper wire inside of it and superglued to the wing to hold, carefuly masking over it with an exacto knife and using the blade to make the flames
  12. Forgot to upload my biggs but here it is
  13. The ig 2000 title still does exactly what you are wanting minus the discount points. For it to do anything you have to take multiple ships with a theme (aggressor or a ship with the ig88d crew). That is what makes it different than mindlink. Look at my examples for the xwing. They are all title cards that require another ship to have a squadron title to do anything and has a common theme. each of the titles while not explicit for going on specific pilots work much better or easier on specific pilots (namely the named pilots to each of their call signs) but can still be used for other pilots for personal fluff reasons. And it doesn't take up a lot of wording or make anything needlessly complicated to do so.
  14. deathrain or deathfire in a k-wing Juno eclipse in a jumpmaster (white 1,2,and 3 slopps), or lambda(1 forward red!), firespray(hard 1s and more greens), decimator(same as firespray), or any other large ship Vader in anything of course as many others have already said. Kir kanos in a defender
  15. Ideas for saber squadron, unsure of cost but thinking of 0 since it mostly removed royal guard title as an option. one is for soontir, two is for turr, three is for fel's wrath, and four is for all the named pilots who don't have an EPT but most likely should,and five is for generics, but of course they are also to mix and matched to whom ever. *Saber Squadron (one) Title, TIE Interceptor only When declared as the target of an attack,if there is another friendly ship with Saber Squadron title equipped, treat the range of the attack as Range 3. *Saber Squadron (two) Title, TIE Interceptor only When performing a boost or barrel roll action, if there is another friendly ship with Saber Squadron title equipped, you may use the ( 2) template instead of the ( 1) template. *Saber Squadron (three) Title, TIE Interceptor only At the end of the Combat phase if you have three or more damage cards assigned assigned to you, you may make an extra attack for each damage card assigned to you. *Saber Squadron (four) Title, TIE Interceptor only You may equip another title that is not "Saber Squadron". If you have the "Royal Guard TIE" title equipped add (ept) to your upgrade bar if you do not have one. *Saber Squadron (five) Title, TIE Interceptor only At the start of combat, if there is another friendly ship with Saber Squadron title equipped, you may perform a free focus action. You cannot equip this card if your pilot skill value is "5" or higher.