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  1. the condition card is not unique or limited (as labeled) so afaik you can get multiple harpooned!
  2. Then you can mix in ei if you want even more stress
  3. rhymer in an aggressor or any ship with a turret
  4. Countdown doesn't completely negate the attack, the deci would still take 1 damage. It would last a little longer depending on the opponents ships
  5. It would only be dB if he could use countdown more than once a turn, without Yorr pulling stress it wouldn't be that silly
  6. Rey in an sf, all the rerolls Double edge in a tied defender, someone already said this but triple shot if he misses Krassis in an aggressor , reroll for tlt Vader in a punisher, makes the punisher actually able to do something with its boost and another action Ryad in an upsilon shuttle, k turn on a 4 die ship, enough said Inquiz on decimator, 4 die circle
  7. I saw a video where the players played looping chewie instead, got a crowd around them
  8. Ah ok i understand it better now. Thought he was asking if he could tweek the opponent's tweek for another tweek effect to use. Yeah it would depend on initiative order in that case. I think a thweek juno eclipse would be pretty crazy, now it has all the hards, green 2 banks, green 4 straight, and 2 sloops... now to fight an opponent that uses juno eclipse...
  9. no, you can't apply a condition card by using the mimicked pilot's ability
  10. It could also always be a title card
  11. Sabine has a different ability in two different ships.
  12. Personal view is go with the safe thing and keep them grouped. On a RAW view the Cluster mine token is its own token BUT all three of them together are always referred to as a "cluster mine token set". Also the mapper says to " Place all corresponding bomb tokens..." The corresponding bomb token that is listed on cluster mines is "Discard this card to drop 1 cluster mine token set." a cluster mine token set. As for the statement you need a rule in order to do something, that same argument can be made with all the other bomb tokens which placing them on their sides or by placing them they lean on each other, they only thing we can gather on how to place bomb tokens is by their rules reference card which talks about dropping them but inside of the dropping them talks about placing them which is after the 1 straight in the guide nubs part. Lack of a rule is not permission. Yes Minefield mapper says to place the corresponding bomb tokens anywhere, but the Cluster mine card refers to the bomb as a "Cluster mine token set" a singular bomb token grouping made up of smaller tokens. The only RAW way of dropping a cluster mine token set is together (as seen in its bomb reference card). It would matter on how the game counts "cluster mine token set", but it is still fuzzy and could be either way.
  13. After reading this I was agreeing until I thought about it a little more. Royal guard and Vaksai both say different modifications, this is true BUT remember that modification is a specific type of upgrade card (everyone gets 1 of normally) so you can equip two upgrades of the same type(modification) but they must be different (or rather to say not the same twice/thrice). Where double edge says "different weapon", there are specific types of weapons but double edge doesn't make that distinction about what else it can attack with (such as gunner, or the aggressor IG-88B), only that it is a different weapon. So you couldn't use unguided rockets twice, or w/e equipped turret twice but you could use unguided rockets (or primary weapon) if you missed with your turret. So while I can see being able to use two different missiles of the same name, the much stricter reading of double edge means if you use a missile and miss with it you can't make another attack with a different missile even if they are different names because they are the same type of secondary weapons, missiles. TL:DR having different modifications is specific to the name of the upgrade card, where as different weapon from double edge is not specific to the name of the upgrade card but is specific to the type of weapon used (missile/torpedo/turret/cannon/etc secondary weapon and primary weapons). An errata or a clarification might be required if it becomes a big deal.
  14. Been thinking about a double cruise missiles double edge with munitions failsafe and deadeye. 27 points. Cheap enough to not be as big a loss and brings solid firepower that can't easily be ignored, but if it gets focused down you have two aces that are still healthy. That's the idea anyway.
  15. not sure if anybody else has posted this but I have been playing with the lieutenant lately and noticed that she is very fragile even with lightweight frame 4 whole and 1 Shield just does not really cut it her ability is alright but it is an opportunity benefit not something you would want to use every turn I tried the set up with Lone Wolf lightweight frame and ion cannon turret it did pretty well but still felt weak