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  1. yes but does it also have a thing that tells time?
  2. OR set enough restrictions to them
  3. My system slot idea I posted above fixes it. It let's the punisher be able to double shot but not able to max mod on both of them unless your redline. Also there is targeting synchronizer that can help out the punisher fire at secondary targets.
  4. I had this idea for a fix for the tie punisher Twin Linked Ordnance Launchers System. TIE Punisher only. Once per turn, If a game effect instructs you to spend a target lock, you may ignore it. Once per turn, after an attack with a secondary weapon, you may make another attack with a different secondary weapon. You can not equip bombs,missiles,or torpedoes that cost "5" or more 0 pts you need to have two different secondary weapons equipped to use it, and still have a target lock on your target to use it and won't be able to spend it to re-roll on the first shot unless you're redline as well as limits what type of weps the punisher can equip, no assult missiles, no homing missiles, no ion torps or the oh so used adv proton. It also gives new life for the thread tracers letting them be used to get a TL and a focus for another shot.
  5. I always give a nice firm shoulder message. The tilt is real.
  6. except more hype
  7. I like it better on backdraft or another TIE SF with fcs personally
  8. Since ffg has said rolling and Rerolling two different things I can see a difference between rolling dice and rolling additional dice from lwf. I'd say the simple way is to decide to use palp before any of the rolling but you can pick which result to change after rolling the die from lwf
  9. I'm not seeing the issue here. LWF is done after rolling defense dice, palp is done after rolling attack or defense dice. Both are done at the same time so the owner of the effects gets to choose the order they are resolved in.
  10. the only thing that connects them together is the trigger which is a friendly ship at range 1-2 attacking. If it had the wording "If that ship does, when a game effect....." then they would linked together where the attacking ship has to treat the header as just "attack". currently you can use both parts from the same trigger if you want.
  11. My First order repaint
  12. yes you can spend your TL and choose to re-roll 0 dice. But sunny's ability is once per round so wouldn't really help much. As for reducing her dice, are you talking about while she rolls or before she rolls?
  13. Hmmmm. I can see if you already have a target lock on the defender you can use the TS target lock. Omega ace doesn't have the "if" clause but still talks about a target lock you have on the defender. With a very strict reading of it I would answer no since you don't meet the requirement of "If you have a target lock on the defender", but it is an ability that is done when attacking and spends a target lock. As a personal answer I'd be fine with it since the wording of it is a little antique compared to today's wording of things. ("immediately" being another example of antique wording) As for LT colzet TS wouldn't work with him sadly because his ability isn't when attacking.
  14. Fantastic, did that update today or something? This....this is a joke right? (hard to read sarcasm/jokes on text but poe's law and all that...)
  15. Simplest fix i've thought of is "When you reveal a straight,bank, or turn maneuver you may treat all green maneuvers as 1 faster and all white maneuvers as 1 slower" as a new title/mod.This was originally for all large ships that helped them open up their dials a lot more and give them more needed greens as well as hard 1s since large imperial ships don't have b-roll or boost native on them while scum and rebels have one or the other on some or much better dials (and way more hard 1s) but still helped them out.