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  1. Oberron

    Inert Fat Han

    Meh dies to kylo.
  2. Maul is able to shoot twice with mods at a decent Ilvl while being a bad choice to shoot at with palp, and dooku is able to be a tough nut to Crack with cloak and still able to fire back with torps. But it is a high skill flying list to be sure.
  3. What I do is almost a checkerboard formation where the bullseye on the front row line side by side with the ships in the back row, you may not be getting every bullseye but this has worked enough to where the opponent can't dodge them all and are still in line with at least 2. And the formation works for hard turns as well. The spare calculate from butterbot and kraken can serve as a good way to pass tokens where they need to go too if you need to kturn or troll. I got mace once with a tl+cal+network call and it felt good.
  4. No card interaction in the box, upgrade or pilot ability, gives evades. I'm thinking mistake. None use juke.
  5. Wouldn't it make more sense to add it in with the ship that can use it then instead of adding two copies of what is currently a wasted card for the faction as a whole? It's still a rerelease regardless of where it is going, and there is always the possibility that separatist just never get a ship with evade.
  6. Why are there upgrades (juke) in an expansion that has no way to use it? Nothing in that box can Gain an evade token.
  7. I've always felt that support ships should be supporting as its define trait. Instead of adding points to upgrades or changing text to cards why not just make the upsilon a unique ship and drop the cost of it by 3-5 across the board? It stops the "boogie man" of trip upsilon while helping out other FO list that use a support ship and could even make more viable list for FO like a mini swarm with upsilon and hux.
  8. Wizard's chess and 4d chess? But to add more substance, you seem to have put a lot of work into it. I say go for it, after all isn't h.o.t.a.c fanmade?
  9. I could see it as a mod with a scaling cost based on init, and the ability At the start of combat you may spend a focus token, if you do ignore all "attack:" requirements for secondary weapons this phase. Reason why I went with the spend a focus was to try to keep with 2.0 idea of no free lunch as well as curbs possible low ps missile/top spam with mods.
  10. Oberron

    Poe > Kylo

    What have you been running as wingmen with hate+opt kylo? i've been pretty successful with two omega squad experts with fanatical+optics+SFGunner+homing. They are just healthy enough to take a beating early and with fanatical+optics is nearly 3 hits every time mid-late.
  11. 1 or fewer means you can up to 2 vultures on the same obstacle. And you still get the extra die for defense, hopefully you can slap trick shot on these things
  12. The title let's Sai target lock, forgot to add that but isn't the focus of the situation.
  13. New question about coordinate chaining, say I have Sai and a decimate with dauntless title (and the crew with white coord). If the deci bumps can he then coordinate to Sai who then coordinates back so the deci gets a coordinate action and Sai gets that action and a tl from the deci?t Edit:lt sai with title for the tl after coordinate
  14. been using hate + adv optics on kylo for that sweet force action as for his wingmen been using two of the following and has been really solid: Omega Squadron Expert — TIE/SF Fighter 36 Fanatical 2 Advanced Optics 4 Special Forces Gunner 10 Homing Missiles
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