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  1. I'd ask him "What do you do to stay awake and alert during a long tournament?" second question would be "Where is a good place to eat?"
  2. The catalyst for a lot of changes in star wars is "the writers said so" for an in universe explanation, Palpatine being in charge and funneling funds into top secret projects. I haven't read the new books but the super weapon from tfa could have been a left over. As for life of service in the sw universe it is all over the map and isn't really that comparable to real life.
  3. I never said it made sense economic wise.
  4. in the time span of 30 years we went from propeller aircraft tossing out bombs by hand to the nuclear bomb. I think 30 years in starwars can have a very similar outcome and have bigger and scarier things. (the starkiller base was kinda lazy though, at least it wasn't the suncrusher)
  5. This is correct, palp can change any die in the dice pool not just the ones you immediately rolled.
  6. Correct like lightweight frames is a must
  7. It is not a may but 0 is still up to two ships
  8. the condition card is not unique or limited (as labeled) so afaik you can get multiple harpooned!
  9. Then you can mix in ei if you want even more stress
  10. rhymer in an aggressor or any ship with a turret
  11. Countdown doesn't completely negate the attack, the deci would still take 1 damage. It would last a little longer depending on the opponents ships
  12. It would only be dB if he could use countdown more than once a turn, without Yorr pulling stress it wouldn't be that silly
  13. Rey in an sf, all the rerolls Double edge in a tied defender, someone already said this but triple shot if he misses Krassis in an aggressor , reroll for tlt Vader in a punisher, makes the punisher actually able to do something with its boost and another action Ryad in an upsilon shuttle, k turn on a 4 die ship, enough said Inquiz on decimator, 4 die circle
  14. I saw a video where the players played looping chewie instead, got a crowd around them
  15. Ah ok i understand it better now. Thought he was asking if he could tweek the opponent's tweek for another tweek effect to use. Yeah it would depend on initiative order in that case. I think a thweek juno eclipse would be pretty crazy, now it has all the hards, green 2 banks, green 4 straight, and 2 sloops... now to fight an opponent that uses juno eclipse...