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  1. What are people using to transport their army?

    im alble to fit two starter boxes worth of imperials inside 1 box no problem. Vader and commanders in 1 section, normal troopers in another, specialist in another section and speeder bikes and theri bases in the large section.
  2. Disney Empire

    Thanks, yeah they still need dry brush and wash but I like to do batch painting and do about the same work on my army as a whole I'll post everything again once the squads are done. Edit: I posted a picture of the leaders with a wash and two troopers without the wash for camparison. They look a lot more stormtroopery now.
  3. Free Actions

    So far no limits to how many free actions you can use.
  4. Disney Empire

    Goof troop has been added
  5. Disney Empire

    He is getting his own trooper squad too. A gooftroop one might call it.
  6. Disney Empire

    To put people on tilt and get into people's heads.
  7. The Popcorn Bucket AT-AT

    In esb Luke comes up to the height of the foot not above it and I'd need to see the foot on or near the air speeder model.
  8. Disney Empire

    Future sneakpeek Chip and Dale for speeder bikes, Bambi for AT-ST. Minimouse for Veers once he comes out, walt disney himself for palpatine in the future future. I got plans for this madness.
  9. The Popcorn Bucket AT-AT

    The AT-AT's height is 22.5 meters the AT-ST's height is only 8.6 in comparison. The popcorn bucket is off scale size wise in several spots.
  10. Disney Empire

    Added vader's back and full squad of Ducktroopers.
  11. Disney Empire

    Making my empire very disney theme paint job wise. trigger warning for people who only like canon paint jobs. Pics will be uploaded whenever and are at various stages of work in progress. https://imgur.com/a/IGpcj Edit: had to remake the album to add a couple more pictures. dded vader's back and the DuckTroopers in full squad stregnth.
  12. Ah thanks that was some quick work. Also i found my brain on the floor and dusted it off, i can thinky think betterer now.
  13. This is really cool, would you be interested in doing durability/health efficiency?
  14. Painting required?

    Selling their own line of paint gives them even more reason to promote the painting part too.
  15. Deflection.. When does it end

    No it doesn't. It last for the attack he spent the dodge token on. Nothing says it last until the end of the round or beyond that one attack.