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  1. Newest episode of Pre-con Recon features Captain America! Look out for Dr. Strange next week as I did not receive my pack in time to record for today.
  2. At last, Rhino is apprehended and Norman's hostile takeover of Stark Industries has been stalled. But now, Goblin attempts to unleash his Mutagen Formula on NYC! Spider-Man has one last chance to bring down Goblin in the finale of Neighborhood Trouble. https://youtu.be/RBBnZSSGJYs
  3. New episode of Pre-con Recon this week, featuring Ms. Marvel.
  4. A brand new Pre-con Recon episode is now live, featuring Thor!
  5. Part Two of Neighborhood Trouble! Risky Business w/ Running Interference.
  6. I've beaten it true solo with my Leadership Iron Man deck and Justice Iron Man. That's all I've attempted against him in Expert. I may do a playthrough on my channel soon.
  7. Forgot to update here, but I've started a new series on my channel: Pre-Con Recon. Suited for new players, or experienced players who just bought a brand new hero pack, I'm looking at each pre-constructed deck for the heroes, and providing some recommendations on upgrading the deck with select cards from that hero's pack, the core set, and then, branching out to other packs. I'm working backwards from Black Widow (so next will be Thor). I hope to get all existing folks done before Red Skull. I will interrupt the flow when Hulk and Strange come out, of course, and post their videos ASAP after physical release, when I get the cards. Hope you like it!
  8. All content for Blood of Gondor. Deck: https://bookofelessar.com/decks/against-the-shadow-decks/the-blood-of-gondor/ Gameplay: https://youtu.be/seoXrgrfeOU Narrative, "A Fell and Hidden Purpose": https://bookofelessar.com/narrative/against-the-shadow-narrative/a-fell-and-hidden-purpose/
  9. It's been a long break, mostly for technical troubles and having to educate myself on various things related to that. But, I'm back up and running again, and returning with a little trilogy of games: Neighborhood Trouble. This trilogy of videos will feature the same Spider-Man deck against each of the Spider-Man villain schemes (Rhino, Green Goblin x2). In addition to playing those on Expert, I'll be adding in new modular encounter sets to get more Spider-Man villains into the game. The first part features Expert Rhino and A Mess of Things. You can find the deck I will be using for all three videos here: https://marvelcdb.com/decklist/view/1248/this-is-my-neighborhood-pal-1.0
  10. or I can pay 2 for Celebrian's Stone and 3 for one of Aragorn's actually good hero cards instead of SpAragorn lol
  11. I would rather pay 2 for Celebrian's Stone than pay 3 for this Aragorn's ability + Spirit icon lol
  12. No interest whatsoever in that Aragorn. The art stinks (disappointing too cause that artist has done much better work for the game), and the ability is lazy AF. "Argalad for locations" is fine for an FFG-created Dúnedain character in some rando pack in a cycle, but for the final hero of the game, and Aragorn at that? Ridiculous.
  13. All content for Assault on Osgiliath. Deck: https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/15894/bookofelessarep22-assaultonosgiliath-1.0 Gameplay: https://youtu.be/5NjMwxDWJx4 Narrative, "The Shadow of Kings": https://bookofelessar.com/narrative/against-the-shadow-narrative/the-shadow-of-kings/
  14. All content for Encounter at Amon Din. Deck: https://bookofelessar.com/decks/against-the-shadow-decks/encounter-at-amon-din/ Gameplay: https://youtu.be/D_DfUxNY7Rc Narrative, "Smoke and Ruin": https://bookofelessar.com/narrative/against-the-shadow-narrative/smoke-and-ruin/
  15. you can't lol same as their "4-player" mat for Marvel Champions recently released, there is no way you can fit 4 players on it. But, i still consider them great mats for solo players, because I love the spaces for encounter deck, etc.
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