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  1. manoftomorrow010

    What colors for Rebel Pathfinders?

    This definitely looks like a dirty blueish gray, to me. I'm painting my two squads with one squad being more sea-green, with green being the more dominant color, and the other squad being a more blue dominant sea-green/teal. I also just decided to paint their undershirts the dominant color, and the jackets are saddle-brown/red leather. Currently having this problem with Jyn, as I detect a whole variety of colors in her clothing and vest across numerous movie-stills or toy products/illustrations. I do try to get my stuff reasonably accurate to how they appeared on film, but go with a color that feels exciting to you! I wanted my Pathfinders to reflect the nature and environment of Scarif more than their strict fabric colors, so I painted them as such.
  2. manoftomorrow010

    Krennic Article! - Architect of Terror

    I'm a big fan. I have been waiting for Krennic to play all my Imperial stuff. I gotta finish painting them LOL
  3. manoftomorrow010

    Clone wars topic.

    God no more dice!!!! I already had to trek across the earth to find extra dice packs. But seriously, this would be an AWESOME idea. I would be a total sucker and buy a set of green, blue, purple, lightsaber dice lol
  4. manoftomorrow010

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    Can anyone make out what "Critical 2" reads, as much as can be seen on the card for the heavy trooper upgrade?
  5. manoftomorrow010

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    HYPE!!!! Interesting that they have a new "Ram" keyword instead of "Charge." This is gonna be fun!!
  6. manoftomorrow010

    Can you use coherency to get into combat?

    You cannot place minis via cohesion into base contact with enemy minis. Page 20: "When placing a mini in cohesion, it cannot be placed in base contact with enemy minis, unless the unit is in a melee (see "Melee" on page 41)."
  7. manoftomorrow010

    Permit Painting (current through Jyn/Pathfinders)

    Absolutely, you're minis are super clean! The Pathfinder with the beard who is yelling, that's such great facial detail, and Jyn's pissed off expression is great!
  8. manoftomorrow010

    Permit Painting (current through Jyn/Pathfinders)

    Jyn and Pathfinders look amazing
  9. manoftomorrow010

    Anyone going to Celebration? (Exclusive Sculpt)

    Probably, but for like 300% of what they bought it for lol
  10. manoftomorrow010

    Point increase soon?

    the game doesn't need more points, it needs more variety of unit types and variety within unit types
  11. manoftomorrow010

    Anyone going to Celebration? (Exclusive Sculpt)

    A dope Vader convention-exclusive mini? *deep breath* NOoooOoOooOooOoOoOOoOoOOOooOoOoOOooooooOOO!
  12. manoftomorrow010

    Possible dual side card for Droidekas

    Since Sabine is about to come out with a new unique shield upgrade, I think it's possible the droideka could/should have a similar effect, although not as an upgrade, just innate on it's attack side, but we just don't know what it says/will do yet. I cannot recall their shields falling to concentrated small-arms fire, so I can't speak to that. They would definitely get blown up by heavy fire, like from an AT-ST's main cannon or other such tank-like weapons. I also don't think you have to reinvent the wheel for a lot of what they do. Rolling Configuration 1 mini - 3 health. Resilience - "—" Speed 2. White defense die. Surge to Block. Cover 1. Reconfigure. ——— Attack Configuration 1 mini - 3 health Resilience - "—" White defense die. Surge to Hit. Speed 1. Cover 2. Immune: Pierce. Sharpshooter. Plodding. Blasters - Range 1-3 - RRBB Melee claws - BB I think having Cover 2 in their attack mode will adequately reflect their shield (until we know how Sabine's shield effect works). If they're immune to Sharpshooter, then the Cover 2 will always apply against ranged attacks, but this still means they're vulnerable to Blast as you indicated they should be. Obviously, things like Boba's flamethrower can hit them, maybe inaccurately, but some liberties have to be taken.
  13. manoftomorrow010

    Leia & Triple AT-RT (my first victory)

    We had a mix of my own stuff (the buildings) and stuff the store had on-hand. I love using that tree, I need to go to a pet store and see if I can find one similar myself! It's just an aquarium piece.
  14. manoftomorrow010

    Equipment upgrade packs?

    I'm definitely rolling black dice instead of white dice when I'm wearing my sweet suede jacket.
  15. manoftomorrow010

    Building with Jyn + Pathfinders

    Yeah, like if you're playing Key Positions, you're probably deploying them directly on the center terrain piece objective, not the one closer to your opponent's deployment zone. One gives you a head-start on winning the battle for that objective, the other is complete suicide.