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  1. I Just opened a 4 horseman deck that is logo, mars, sanctum. I want to play it, but would also like to know it's worth. How do you determine the value of a deck?
  2. Yeah... did you hear the rest of the story? I can only pass on what I have read about this situation, but it sounds like the player in 15th dropped after he claimed his prizes and your buddy would have made the cut. Also what was allegedly reported was that the restaurant next door had to call the cops based on what they heard you shouted. Either way, if you are causing this much trouble for something that is not even pertaining to you, you need to reel it back and get some anger management going. Let your friend fight his own battles. Be adults. it's a game. if you are not enjoying it (clearly you are not), don't play.
  3. So... then.... The Noble Sacrifice card really sucks. Ok. Thanks for the answers!!
  4. Title. I'm new to card games like SWD, I have played 1 game of MTG, so I'm unclear on common terms. So, what does exhausting a card mean? How do I use it? How does it behave? Mainly looking to get "Backup Muscle" explained. Back Up Muscle When you play this card place three single damage tokens on it. Action - Exhaust this card to move one damage token from it to an opponent's character of your choice. Thanks in advance!
  5. ****, that is some super advanced flying for all your builds! I love it! Also with proper use of the word "Bung". As someone who flavors his own booze, I appreciate the word used outside of the barrel.
  6. This looks great and I would definitely use it outside of my local store, but people Rarely fly high PS ships, hence the 2 phantoms at 8. I like the blockers with Whisper and will try this one out.
  7. I really want to fly 2 phantoms, here is what I have for my 100 pt list: Whisper - Adaptability (reduced) - FCS - ACD - Recon Specialist Echo - VI - FCS - ACD - Recon Specialist Dark Curse - Stealth Device
  8. Any Specific Loadouts that are better with the release of wave 9? I'm going to start toying with some lists. I'm a very aggressive player and my opponents know that, so the more damage I can do faster, the better!
  9. So I usually never fly the same build twice. There are just so many fun options to play with and playing once a week for a tourney, I like to change it up a lot. I'm mainly an Imperial player, but will also play Scum - I have nothing of Rebels besides access to all the cards. Here is the thing. I suck at this game. I have hundreds of games under my belt, I enjoy every second of it, but I lose almost every game i play. I know if I play the same build repeatedly I would become really good at the build and could fly my way to victory, but i find that boring. What has been played in my area is TLTs, 3 Space Whales, Ketsu/Fenn, Ghost with Ezra/Biggs, and TIE D/x7's. Does anyone have a list that that would hold up against all of these situations, also is Imperial or Scum? If you need more info, I will supply it. Thanks!
  10. Definitely interested in how this does. I really want a list with the new SF TIE's
  11. I'm going to try and fly this Final Result tonight. Super excited that you started this list cause I have been looking for more scum options for a while.
  12. Put Title on Vader Put advanced targeting computer. Put EU on Vader Take off VI on Vader Take off FCS on Whisper. Take off Sensor Cluster on QuickDraw That would make Vader a lot more Useful. This would also make them all 9's to move in whatever order you like. Sensor Cluster isn't that big of a deal to have, and Whisper can do without FCS as long as she gets close and can cloak still.
  13. I grabbed 4 fangs off the bat. I really want to try and fly 4 of them, maybe 3 loaded. Here is what I got for 4 of them: 4x - Zealous recruits (20) - Plasma Torpedos (3) - Guidance Chips (0) - Title (1)
  14. I will do this. I will do this tonight because it's awesome.
  15. Then Maybe I might trade her out for Boba.... I will look at adding him and getting everyone in nice and close while clearing the way for Mandalore.
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