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  1. Will topic be update with Tier (And "Best with") of Punch Dagger, E-11D and Bo-Rifle? Thanks
  2. My experience with Jabba. Both Hostile negociations and Overcharged seems very hard for the Rebel. i thought at least one of them should be "Rebel favorite", but which one? both seems almost impossibile with the few skill/weapon at the point of campaign.
  3. Thank you! I would like to try again Drokkata, could Drokkata synergy well with Shyla and Vinto? or is that too many multi target heroes?
  4. I agree with Shyla and MHD. I played one time Drokkata, and I wasn't very impressed. Is Drokkata really so strong?
  5. Thanks, I am looking forward for OP update.
  6. Thank you all for the opinions
  7. Jedi Luke, Leia, Lando, Han Solo, Chewbacca What heroes would you pick and why?
  8. Thank you all for all your advices!! We weere afraid that there is too much "support" on this group. Should we change MHD/Murne or Shyla for Vinto? IP usually uses a lot of Stormtrooper/Hired Gun
  9. Hoth Campaign. Nemesis Deck. We would like to try Murne, MHD, Mak, Shyla. Could they work together? Or maybe is it better to use Vinto? IP is a very expert player. Moreover, since Murne is in group, could be a good idea to choose well Allies missions. We have played very little with allies, since the threat they give to IP. Is there any allies can synergy well with murne? Thank you very much
  10. It would be very interesting an update with new Jabba and HotE Heroes
  11. So is it possibile to Focus an Ally and Diala with Battle meditation + Adrenal Implant?
  12. Hello, we are going to start a Return to Hoth Campaign. We don't want to use Gideon, Fenn, Diala. We wew thinking to use both MHD and Murne, is it workable? Would should the other heroes be? Shyla? Jyn? Thank you!
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