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  1. Thanks for the nice replies, Gray, Atom and oldtimer! Very helpful! I will check out the German websites later!
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the help! You are all very kind! I will keep an eye out for the Base game with HoB and order that!
  3. Alright, which expansion is a must have? I asumed the Lt packs also provided more depth. Do I get the same with an expansion? Are the Lt packs basically only miniatures? And should I still start with only the base game or is it wise to get an expansion for more depth?
  4. Yep. Is there a way to check this? It doesnt say so in the description on several sites... It has a sticker on the back of the box, although you can always email your retailer. And for where to get it: http://www.thegamefreak.nl/descent-2nd-edition-journeys-in-the-dark.htmlthat is about the cheapest what you will find. I paid 90 euros for my copy of the game but that was just as it was out of print. Although the prices from Dutch retailers don't differ very much from the prices on this website considering transportation cost. As you probably guessed, I am also from the Netherlands:) Thanks for the link!
  5. There is no Dutch Amazon, the UK doesnt ship for some reason and German Amazon is same price as Dutch websites. :/ US Amazon charges 15$ for shipping, so it ends up about same price.
  6. Yep. Is there a way to check this? It doesnt say so in the description on several sites...
  7. One last question: Did I understand correctly that the reprint of Descent 2nd edition includes the Heir of Blood campaign?
  8. Thanks for the feedback! Very kind! Now I am trying to figure out where to buy the game, because I live in the Netherlands. Its quite expensive on Dutch gameshop websites and they don't have the full collection. Thinking of starting with the base game and add some Lt packs later on, before I go for a big box exp.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I think I will go with Descent: Like you said, 2 games in 1! Plus, I think the OL will be a good variation of our current game, Legends of Andor. A lot of expansions are hard to get. Could you give me an idea of what to get first? I read that the Base game + Lt packs are a good way to start?
  10. Hello guys and girls, I have been reading up on Descent and it sparked my interest! I have watched serveral reviews and I think I would really love this game! However, I am concerned that its getting too old or that I get lost in all the expansions. Also, it will be quite expensive to buy a couple of expansions and Lt packs. There is a new game on Kickstarter, called Sword & Sorcery. It looks similar to Descent, but doesnt need an OL. We usually play with 4 people and I am concerned we need 5 (1x OL and 4 players) for the best experience. Has anyone played S&S aswell as Descent? Thoughts? Thanks!
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