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  1. any chance someone could point me to where i can ask the devs? and its not my whole head shutting down, just the cybernetics in it like eyes and brain (which is more of a database and com-link with holonet connection i think) so its not like i go unconscious.
  2. right now me and my GM have come to the ruling that on a normal shot the ion has to get past my soak, but on a called shot, say on my repulsor arm, a hit will shut it down for a little while even if it doesn't go through my soak.if ion get trough my soak, a random limb gets turned off (roll a d6, 1=leg,2=arm,3=head,etc).
  3. hey everyone, me and my GM have a question we have been trying to solve for a while now. a little back story my character is a Gank enforcer who has a sick love for cybernetics and my gm is starting to throw ion weapons at my group and i as we become a little more notorious. i ask the question if I'm hit by ion damage (ionization blaster, ion grenade, etc.) do i soak the damage? even if i soak all of the damage does the ion still shut down my cybernetics? would investing in the ion shielding attachment for armor help? the rules only state that ion is soaked but doesn't state if the effects of ion don't trigger. if you can please list references to pages if i missed something in the rules. thanks guys.
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