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  1. That's the kind of thing you do as a one-off. Or repeatedly, with different characters, and a different character survives each time, and THEN the group is made from those survivors. But even then it should be something that everyone knows about ahead of time, and those that die get pregens rather than putting any time into character creation.
  2. So as I mentioned in another topic, this game has been cancelled. We're going to figure out if we want to start a new Star Wars campaign, or switch to Genesys and go with a different setting and genre. I've had cyberpunk suggested, as well as something like Cowboy Bebop. So I might end up creating an entire setting from square one. I explained what my objections were and why. Luckily the guys I game with seem to have gotten the Newbie Thrillz out of their systems pretty quick. We'll see. I could be wrong, it's happened once or twice before. I *may* end up posting links to what I come up with for the setting over in the Genesys section of this site for feedback and ideas/suggestions. We'll see. We might end up continuing with Star Wars, I don't know yet.
  3. It won't let me upload the pic. I'll see if I can figure something out after I get home later.
  4. Those are cool, @LStyer. I've played around on that HeroForge website before but haven't actually gotten any made. The GM for the game that I play in got some made for all of the players, he even personally painted them too. My Star Wars gaming is all online/conference call. When a few of my friends move, we'll be able to do it in person, but for now it's completely over the phone and internet and all Theater of the Mind. I bought a bunch of I guess they're WotC minis that I found online for a dollar or two each. Miniatureswarehouse or something like that? I got them for when we can actually play in person, or to set up scenes and send picture messages if I need to show the players what's going on in order for them to have a firm grasp of it.
  5. It's been a minute since I watched it, and I"m not going to watch it again, but I thought that destroying the dreadnaught *was* the objective, until Leia changed it halfway through because she decided they didn't need to any longer?
  6. I don't think they wanted Poe to grow. It didn't seem written that way. It seemed like they wanted him to take a back seat and be a dumb hayseed goof. He was poorly written, that's for sure. Holdo is/was a disgrace to the very idea of anything military. She's a vice-admiral? With purple hair. Aaaannnndddd she can't even be arsed to wear anything vaguely resembling a military uniform. Nor can she be arsed to let anyone else in on her "master" plan, in case, oh, I don't know, THE BRIDGE EXPLODES AND SHE'S WIPED OUT. She's the type of 'officer' that gets fragged in their very first combat. Officers that are arrogant pr1cks and abusive to the people they've managed to get promoted over tend to have accidents. I'd bet that she got where she is by politics. It wasn't leadership nor tactical acumen. Poe showed amazing restraint in merely arresting her, rather than killing her outright. She wouldn't have survived to get off the bridge if I was in Poe's place. Assuming that I could be bothered to stick around after the way her and Leia treated him. I probably would have just said "OK, good luck, K THX BAI!", resigned, and let them figure their problems out on their own. Leaving a live enemy around to keep causing trouble is never a good idea. Of course, that wouldn't have given the writers the chance to show how she's so amazing and he's such a clod. *shrug* It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, believe it or not, and there were parts I liked, and overall it's worth watching...once...if you don't have to pay to do so.....but I'm glad that watching TLJ cost me nothing more than some time that I wasn't using to do anything else. Hopefully the next movie is better. Fire the clowns that wrote this one, fire Riann or however you spell her/his/its name, fire Kennedy, and let someone who actually likes Star Wars see if they can salvage it. I won't be holding my breath waiting for that though.
  7. There are a lot of issues with that movie, and especially the scenes after the destruction of that ship. I'll just say that from a resource management perspective, the loss of the bombers was a bigger blow to the rebels than the loss of the dreadnaught was to the Empire/First ORder/whatever they're calling themselves now. The FO/E apparently can build plenty of ships, and somehow magic up the crews for them. The rebels, OTOH, can scrape together a couple dozen fighters, a handful of bombers, one Mon Cal cruiser, two frigates, and a bunch of small transports. And promptly get their $h1t pushed in by the Empire/FO. They're actually worse off than the rebels were during the original trilogy and the period leading up to it. Back then, the Empire controlled the galaxy but there was resistance on a great many worlds. Now, the FO is lurking on the outskirts of the galaxy, and the republic is doing their best Alfred E. Neuman impression. It looks like there's maybe a couple hundred beings, galaxy-wide, that dislike the FO enough to do anything about it. Which makes you wonder, why are the rebels even bothering? What's the point? If they're outclassed THAT badly in every category, why not just pack up their stuff and head into the Unknown Regions? If the republic can't be arsed to defend itself from the FO, and the people of the republic can't be arsed to even show up, then why risk your life fighting the FO? Obviously the republic is even worse than it was during the runup to the Clone War. If it was worth anything, there would be a lot more showing up to defend it/restore it/whatever. Heck, it's so worthless, it can't even be bothered to enslave beings to defend it through conscription! OK, a little off topic. I just had that in my mind and wanted to get it out before it fled the scene.
  8. I really need to watch those movies at some point.
  9. HappyDaze obviously owns stock in Gamorrean Glue.
  10. I try to keep dice rolling to a minimum. And encourage role-playing. If someone wants to assist another party member with a task, I want to know *how* before I hand out boost dice. And if the player can actually role-play out the interaction, I might just let them succeed without a roll of dice, depending on what they say, what the NPC's attitude is toward them, what kind of effect it will have for the NPC, etc. Any time the player touches dice, failure is on the table. I saw a D&D session once that took about two hours to get *anything* accomplished because the GM made them roll dice to find objects, hair samples, etc, of a kidnap victim. In their own home. And because they rolled like crap, they couldn't find loose hairs. In a hairbrush. In the victim's bedroom. I also want to reward role-play. If players have to roll whenever they want to talk to someone, once they fail enough times they'll just lead with grabbing dice.
  11. You link isn't. After hunting on that site, I found a total of one post, page, whatever (dated November 1, 2018) for Enlightened Travelers. Are there more that I didn't see, or is that the only one?
  12. I ordered it. Now it's just a matter of waiting for Amish Express to bring it from China. It would really be great if FFG would switch to a printing company in North America.
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