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  1. I was very pleased in general with the flexibility of the system and the improvements they implemented, as well as the addition of the Rune skill (which is far better than the Shard skill I made for my campaign...time to scrap it.) However, I was expecting a Bard-like class to be in their instead of a talent. That seems like an odd move in my opinion. I also expected to see Spirit Magic of some sort as well, along with magic related to inborn abilities or bloodlines (I made some very basic forms for my campaign, and I mean basic. I was really hoping for something better to use to come from Terrinoth). The lack of any new spell modifications was also shocking. But the different focus materials, focus types, runes, talents, and the Forbidden Knowledge skill more than makes up for it I believe. If anyone is interested: Blooded (Presence): Common Titles: Sanguinem, Blooded, Spells: · Attack (+Non-Lethal) (+Split) · Augment (+Reflection) · Barrier · Dispel · Heal · Utility Spirit (Willpower): Common Titles: Shaman, Conjuror Spells: · Attack · Barrier (+Spirit Backlash) · Conjure (+Possession) · Curse (+Doom) · Heal · Utility Shard (Intellect): Note: Any shard spell requires an Average Knowledge check to use regardless of spell complexity, with narrative effects such as casting a barrier against incoming winds costing one spell use regardless of the spells inherit difficulty. However, rolling a Despair immediately shatters the shard. A bold mage may find themselves dabbling in this art if they can carry the risks alongside the boons. Shard Creation: To create a working shard the player character must first create a vessel out of any hard and solid material of at least the size of a grapefruit whether it be stone or iron or petrified wood. They must then succeed on a Hard Shard check. On a success the player is inflicted 4 strain with every un-canceled Success and Advantage reducing that damage by 1 and every un-cancelled Threat dealing 1 additional strain damage. On a failure, the shard is destroyed and you are dealt 2 strain with every un-canceled Failure and Threat dealing 1 additional strain and every Advantage reducing it by 1 strain. Once it is created the player has 12 Shard Points to invest a single spell into its form. The player chooses the spell and then modifies it up anywhere from Easy to Formidable difficulty. The rank of difficulty the spell is subtracts from the amount of Shard Points and a new spell cannot be added to it, meaning a shard hold multiples of a singular spell with the amount depending on its complexity. For example, if one wished to create an Attack Spell (1 Difficulty) with Destructive (2 Difficulty) and Range (1 Difficulty) then that would cost 4 Shard Points, allowing me to use that spell three times before it becomes useless. One cannot create a spell over Formidable difficulty. Any shard spell requires an Average Knowledge check to use regardless of spell complexity, with narrative effects such as casting a barrier against incoming winds costing one spell use regardless of the spells inherit difficulty. However, rolling a Despair immediately shatters the shard. A single shard is 1 encumbrance. Common Titles: Enchanter, Carver Spells: · Attack · Augment · Barrier · Conjure · Dispel · Heal (-Resurrection) New Mods: Attack: · Split: You may select an additional target within the same range band. If the attack hits, both are damaged but the attack loses 2 non-cancelled Successes. (+2 Difficulty) Barrier: · Spirit Backlash: Target one hostile Engaged with your original target. Treat it as being targeted by an Attack with Damage 0, Critical -, Knockdown and Disorient 2. (+1 Difficulty) Conjure: · Possession: The spell instead summons a spirit inside an Engaged target of your choice. They must make a Hard Discipline check or lose control of their bodies to the spirit. They may make the check again every one of their turns after that until they succeed at dispelling the spirit and regain control. The GM retains control during the possession. (+2 Difficulty).
  2. I know the book hasn't been released yet...but if by chance someone received an early copy I would like to ask: Is there any sign of an Undead PC race? Or any traditionally 'evil' PC races (dark elves, demons, etc) ? Don't want to know the stats or anything; I'd prefer to find that out for myself. Thank you.
  3. If you would allow (I know you said 1-3 but it's worth a crack) , I would be happy to give it a shot. I've been wanting some more experience with the system before I developed my own setting.
  4. The boat transporting 'Fully Operational' for AoR probably sank long ago as well. I just hope 'Realms of Terrinoth' doesn't fall to a similar fate as that and 'Strongholds of Resistance' (that one took forever).
  5. I'm here, just trying to catch up. A lot has been going on here in my absence
  6. More than likely Sorry for the absence everyone; between finals and work I've had very little time for much of anything else l:l
  7. "Niggardly" (noun: "niggard") is an adjective meaning "stingy" or "miserly". It can be traced back at least to the Middle English word nigon, which has the same meaning, and is perhaps related to the Old Norse verb nigla, which means "to fuss about small matters".
  8. They are no match for Droidekas. Also, perhaps an upstart new to the field Mustafarian bounty hunter armed with laminate armor, a modified Dragon Calvary blaster and tons of "Mercy" grenades from Desperate Allies who learned through word of mouth about the players ship and decides to try and claim them even before a bounty as been posted to boost his reputation and get in good with the Empire. Perhaps have a Hutt spice lord desperate to leave the station make his men begin sabotaging the security systems so they can slink out with their stash in the chaos to come. You could even change that to a Rebel cell looking to escape quickly as well.
  9. Congratulations! Charm Check: Motivating a Mechanic: 2eA 1 success, 2 advantage +1 Success
  10. Sorry it took so long everyone, these last few weeks have been horribly hectic
  11. Watching as the mechanic slides onto the wall, Neelig attempts to recollect himself. This didn’t seem to be the enemy- no pointed ears no little face horns, just a slave woman hobbling to doing her rounds. Perhaps she could assist them in freeing her friends in bondage along with his herd. Well, there was only one way to find out. Drawing and releasing a sharp breathe, the Ithorian tried his best to keep the rage at bay for the time being, his hands shaking lightly as he leaned on his staff, stepping clumsily out to meet the young woman. “Peace young friend, we are not here to harm you. I am called Neelig by my birth herd as well as my new herd: a herd that is being held captive by those would try to claim you as their own. Please, I know you don’t know us, I know this isn’t certain and you have every reason to fire that blaster clean though my forehead…but wouldn’t you like to try? Help us, so that we might help the rest, please.” He kept his voice as silken as possible in his unstable state, his staff clenched between his palms in case this mechanic tried to do the aforementioned. The last thing he wanted to do is to double cripple a cripple, someone who it seemed had seen enough hardship for one lifetime.
  12. ...I thought I already did. I thought we agreed I was going to try and convince the mechanic to enter. What would kind of dice am I looking at there for which kinda of checks?
  13. Would anyone have a problem if Neelig showed himself, leaning on his staff as if he needed it for support pretending to be a slave and rolling for a Deception check to try to convince her to enter?
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