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  1. any of you fellows have any idea on how to stat out a Apache helicopter?
  2. dude i looked at your regiment, also thank you for your help with the dragoon regiment i like your version
  3. seriously is the post this confusing? i am not creating a regiment i am creating a regiment archetype(aka like armored or grenadiers, or drop troops) also charging with lances is what there not ment to do(however charging with sabers or chainswords they can do nicely in a pitch) these guys are supposed to be dragoons(aka cavalry that can fight on foot as well on horseback, and mainly run around and shoot on horseback) though thanks for posting and trying to be helpfull
  4. uhhhmmm because rough riders vanilla are essentially useless except for one thing charging with explosive lances that are one use only(why they dont have other hunting lance tips that they can screw on to use their lances repeatedly after they cut and shoot their way out is beyond me) also you completely missed the point of the post im creating this regiment type because rough riders are melee lancer cavalry(aka shock), what i am looking for is skirmisher cavalry that can fight unmounted when needed and can also charge on horse back with sabres(or in this case chainswords)
  5. hey guy's i am looking for advice for abilty's and aptitudes and bonuses to give to a new regiment type that specializes in dragoon tactics(shooting both unmounted and mounted with the occasional sabre charge when needed or alternatively charge in a wedge then cut your way out then start riding around shooting stuff) i have decided for regimental gear each player gets a mount(or if you wanna go biker route replace riding skill or whatever you use with tech use and operate surface vehicle and exchange horse or whatever your using for a verbian combat bike), a chainsword, and a las carbine with miscellaneous riding tack and supply's, i am thinking of giving them a new order type(cavalry wedge though this goes for lancer aka vanilla rough riders as well) i also plan on something that allows them to use a two handed basic ranged weapon while being able to steer their horse(or velociraptor or lizard cow or whatever your using as a mount) with their legs! at any rate how would you guy's(or gals) implement this type of actually practical rough riding, any tips or advice or new ideas are appreciated! also let me know if there was a oversight at any point on my part! thanks in advance!
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1918_Browning_Automatic_Riflehow would you stat it out? Heavy stubber damage with select fire of one shot and full auto with basic weapon? Or perhaps a heavy stubber with a 20 shot magazine, with select fire of again one shot or full auto and maybe only a -10 penalty to use the handed without bracing? Any thoughts, suggestions or any ideas of your own?
  7. my only idea is to give them same availability as laslocks? any other advice?
  8. also if it helps any this is a pdf(planetary defense force) regiment
  9. Hey y'all i am relatively new but long story short i am gming for a agri-world(that consist's of many many islands and island continents with not an ocean but many rivers,lakes, and man made canals with roughly the temperature and climate of rural England) anyways the main enemies are dark eldar and......feral tyranids now here is the issue i need to figure out stats for the 'Nids now i know the mutations i am gonna give them( i am going to give them amphibious however i feel i should nerf their armor cause i am going to give them berserk to make them more dangerous boarders and beach landers) now while these ain't the only type of tyranid(theres are those weird mine-spore shooting things however they will be shooting landmines) also what would be a appropriate nerfing point for the amphibious tyranids, anyways they are a river patrol regiment from here(:https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/177675-maritime-operations/ a really awesome resource)
  10. maybe automatically give them the scavanger doctrine?
  11. i would have put something techy to go with them!
  12. yeah that is kinda weird.....though if you give them bolters......
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