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  1. In the variant, No Glory, generic B-Wings are not enabled. This must be a mistake as I see no reason that they should be excluded from the format. Just a heads up.
  2. Thane is coming for you. All of you! Without relent, he shall exterminate all who are almost exterminated anyway. Be warned.
  3. DubWing


    Braylen is like a baby Dash if you equip Trickshot and Collision Detector. I think Ten is great with Advanced Sensors. They are the best knife fighters, by far, that rebels have to offer.
  4. ProTorps are strong in general. Best ordnance in the game (hence the cost) and the Y-Wing is a great platform for them. Even as a filler ship, a grey Y with ProTorps is just 41pts. Add R4, 43pts. Thats a steal. I like your list a lot. You have a lot of options on setup and approach. Your opponent really has to make tough decisions, which in most cases will be wrong and you can make them pay dearly for that. The Y-Wing is in a really good place in 2.0 although not many are talking about it (maybe Norra gets some run, she is really good). Lets try to keep it a secret >.>
  5. Put Swarm Tactics on Wedge unless you plan to flank him out wide. Don’t plan on Garven’s focus passing, consider it a bonus when it works. Keep Thane alive at all costs. He is much stronger in the later rounds. By much stronger I mean, brutal.
  6. Horn is good if you can feed him actions. Try running him with AP5 and Fenn. Fenn coordinates boost or barrel roll to help get the bullseye lined up. I have flown it a few times with APT, FCS, Pred, R2, Afterburners Horn and a healthy 8 point bid. Horn feels really powerful this way. The major weakness is keeping the pedes up. Lots of fun, but not sure if I would call it top teir. Seasoned Nav/R4 on Fenn is really good btw. I agree that no locks @ R1 is bad. It comes into play enough to notice.
  7. The fundamentals of v1 are the same in v2. The difference right now is that the landscape of list building is vast and uncharted. That will change in 2 months, maybe less, as long as there is some centralized way for the netlisters to find the winning lists (RIP MJ) and then start spamming them to shape the meta. Relish the current state of the unknown and have some fun. The meta will be cast soon enough.
  8. My guess is that fat turret will be north of 140 2.0 points. Han with •MF, some Talent, Gunner slot Luke and Engine Upgrade seems to be more above the 2.0 power curve than Phat Han ever was in 1.0. Hopefully, there aren’t any other powerful ships that will fit in a list with him (Jan Ors comes to mind >.<). It is certainly the pinnacle of easy mode from all that we know so far of 2.0. I suspect he will be the meta defining ship soon after release.
  9. I had this very same thought. It could easily be done with a title or torp slot. 3-4 points for the upgrade? Doesn’t seem broken on any of those ships ( Nera would be a little scarier). Do we really want additional efficient munitions carriers though??? >.<
  10. Imagine if the U-Wing had a Mobile Arc that only worked on each side (no rear arc) and the Landing (name should be changed) side of the title allowed you to switch the Mobile Arc passively (like Gyroscopic Targeting). The dial would probably need a k-turn, but not really. Thematically and functionally that fixes the U-Wing. Oh and add K2SO to the game...
  11. TS very specifically reads “instead of dropping”. As written, I don’t think Deathrain’s ability will trigger with TS. I like your build with prox mines & mapper better anyway. Your plan to cut off/funnel your opponents approach is valid. You could free up points for EPTs on the Rho’s by dropping linked battery. It is redundant on the Alpha, although it is useful in later rounds, I think with Slam you can get out to LRS range and have rerolls with TLs when reengaged in later rounds. You could also just do Harpoons on the Rhos with title freeing up 1 pt each for crackshot.
  12. TLT would have to miss both. BTL Ys, on the other hand, shoot twice (primary then turret) no matter which turret is equipped. Dorsal turret is great for that combo and keeps them cheap btw
  13. BTL Y-Wings and Snapshot A-Wings/TIEs are WAY better with one or two Operations Specialists hovering nearby.
  14. DubWing

    Thank you, FFG

    I like it. This may be the jankiest scum build I have ever seen. Looks awfully fun!
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