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  1. Yeah my thought was to keep point cost down, where I'd really like to see this is on a pathfinder u-wing. Need a rebel only mod that if your ship has 2 crew slots you can swap one for an astromech
  2. So was playing around and came up with Braylen Stramm Arc170 M9-G8 astro Weapons engineer crew Alliance Overhaul title Total 31 points Arc170 is the only rebel ship with both crew and astro, what this would do is let him target lock 2 friendly ships on turn 1 and for the rest of the match those 2 ships would get a free reroll on attack. Wondering if this seems useful for 31 points support. And if so what would be good to fly with him? I was thinking of a Ghost build maybe or flying a couple T70 close to him to overlap firing arcs.
  3. Errrr sorry to point this out but Adaptability came with the Mist Hunter NOT Jumpmaster
  4. My big pet peeve is price, I dont mind spending $15 as the base price for a small ship or $20 for a slightly bigger ship with more cards. $30 for large ships is usually fine its the odd ones like IG2000 and the UWing, there pretty much the same size as an arc or tie punisher but your trying to get me to spend $10 more cause its a large base ship? So im paying $10 more for the larger base?
  5. Think its been well documented at this point that LFL messed up. Seen this discussion before on here. Personally it doesn't bother me that the model is the wrong size, if it was smaller the $15 price point would bug me. Already feel the IG2000 and UWing should have been $20 and not $30
  6. As with all things its personal preference, myself I mightget one sabine tie and 1 quadjumper but no shuttle
  7. Love the Hostage illicit idea imagen its point cost would be onthe higher side
  8. When they release the Phantom II it should just be a rebel most wanted that adds new cards for Sabine and Hera in B, Y and A wings
  9. Just do the same thingad the ARC170 dirty up the model and give an alliance overhaul title
  10. Really like the idea of the N1 with Leia as a pilote, I know that many players dont want the N1 but withher passing this would be agood idea to honor her
  11. Im surprised no one has mentioned it yet, the YT-2400 is a gorgeous model, hasnt seen much table play for me but I love looking at it. The Ghost is also one of my favorit designs reminds me of a fatter version of the escape shuttle from Alien.
  12. Scum Epic needs a fix BADLY like NOW
  13. AdamGATX105

    Stopping acronyms

    I actually agree with you. I dont think the orginal post was written or composed in a way that was harsh or rude at all. And I even agree with it, the internet and mobile device are making people more lazy. But human beings don't like to be called out on it. And with the internet people can respond much more harsh or rude then they would face to face with you.
  14. AdamGATX105

    Stopping acronyms

    PTL, VI, TLT will probably never fade away, there the ones I see the most and are easy enought to pick up and learn from the content of the post. But ill admit any acronym outside of those 3 bugs the hell out of me. An example is OP since ive seen this used for orginal post and over powered on the same page! STOP IT! Or SI if you understand that better
  15. This seems a little self gratifying, everyone is encouraged to brag about there skill and what great ability they would have. Im out
  16. Oh I can dig it! Ill dig it with two shovels! Id preorder 2 of those bad boys!
  17. Untill Scum epic is announced every day is meh-monday, not usually much of a complainer and understand you can play scum epic easy with all the large ships we have, but I just really want one anyways!
  18. Yv-666 = C-130 or the plane from Tail Spin cause thats a party bus, spin it! Firespray = AH-64 Apache
  19. ...grabs popcorn and waits for someone to rage quit over this.....
  20. From my point of view I can see why we should all be happy, wave 9 just released and wave 10 was announced. But as a scum player, rebels and imperial players still have something we dont, scum epic ships. So everyday theres no scum epic news its bad news
  21. True Trekkies pretend the NX01 never existed. well both fan bases have something in commen both Star Trek fans and Star war fans like to pretend part of there universes never existed
  22. I actually rather enjoy Joe Boss style of humor. Too many people take the forums way to seriously.
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