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  1. When modding something like a HWK290 what would you use to cut the wings off? The plastic is so hard the knife I use is having a very hard time with it. I don't want to ruin them since I was going to mod and reattach a few with the new wings I've made from other old junk toys I've had around but they where much softer plastic then the FFG models
  2. The few I've done where free hand with citadel paints, and sharpie pen for extra small lines. I know some people airbrush
  3. That actually is a good question. I got into the game on my own after seeing YouTube videos for it, mostly played with my brother. When I wanted to expand my play options I joined our local Facebook group and went to the local game store and found to much discouragement the state if the game in our area. Wonder if I should post that very question in our local Facebook group. I've posted a few times looking for members without much luck no replies but quite a few views. Hmmm
  4. Wanted to thank everyone for all the advice. Started pestering my local game store more to posh X-Wing, best I've gotten is for them to post on there events X-Wing free play on Sundays, started this last week I'll be there every Sunday trying to grow this game I love in my area.
  5. Actually saying Save X-Wing is something that needs to be said in my area went to a store event for it today and I was the only one who showed up
  6. Oh I'm going to get attacked for even saying this but....... No way will we see X-Wing 2.0 before we see Star Trek Attack Wing 2.0, Attack Wing has more ships, factions, upgrades and broken combos then X-Wing will probably ever have. So panic if Attack Wing ever gets fixed.
  7. This is where I completely disagree, and why I'm more casual player. If I can't fly the ships I love I am not having fun.
  8. Yes but now after the Nerf we have no idea what the new meta is so how do you counter it? That being said hanger bay format is still a great idea you can take two completely different list that are built to different strengths. As far as making it the new stranded I come down little against it since two completely different list means more cash invested. Also doint like the two different faction rule, no unique upgrades shared yes but let me fly the same faction, besides why would Imps and Rebels be in the same hanger?
  9. I fully support FFGs actions, with 30+ ships in the game we where seeing only 5 or 6 of them in the current meta. Creative list building was all but shut down every list was built around can it handle trip defenders can get go toe to toe with dengaroo? FFG just did what they needed to and stop some broken combos. My option of it being broken or yours doesn't matter FFG is the final judge on that. This is a good thing new life has been given to list building. We should all celebrate just like Joe Boss is doing!
  10. I'm dumb too assumed it was 6 rounds of combat, never been in a tournament
  11. I doubt I ever sound like an experience X-wing vet. I'm sure it has already been said on here but with the merging of dengaroo I think FFG saw defenders and Palatine feeling the void very hard and still leaving an unbalanced meta so they had to be nerf too. This should be a good thing throws open the doors for list building again.
  12. Should I be the guy that points out this is posted under the wrong section of the forums?
  13. Bombs should still effect him? Would they trigger loss of stealth device?
  14. Personally I'd like to dust Boba Fett off and fly him with Fenn and a second fang fighter or maybe try to fly Kath again love me a redhead
  15. Totally expected for this to be another thread complaining about mindlink not getting nerf, never expected tlt. Don't have a problem with tlt myself but maybe its cause I've never flown against it. I tend to fly aggressive and try to get into range 1 so it still might noit hurt me if I did fly against it
  16. Totally agree, before most changes where on cards I never use and didn't care. But a lot if these new ones I do care, Manny and Zuckuss for sure big changes. At least with Heavy Scyk the C-Roc will have new cards for iut but what about all the rest?
  17. OK I may be missing something here but epic ships have no way of clearing stress, there are no colors but white on the dial even double checked my CR90 dial for it. So Zuckuss on a C-Roc is a one time use. If I'm wrong please correct me but in a nice non-rude way thanks!
  18. Trust me play itself is my only goal since the game is dead in our area. Gotten only 2 games in since the start of 2017
  19. You see a lot of fix/save topics on here these days and this one is a little different. In my local area X wing has died out and I'm having a horrible time finding any other players. Even my local store is getting away from it they focus more on magic and other card games and have no plans to push x wing anytime soon. We have a local Facebook page with 40 members but only one or two active. I've tried reaching out and even lurking at the store for players no one is interested. How do you save the game in your community?
  20. Stupid but I think the real "fix" is more ships that synergies as well as paratinni, think FFG dropped the ball on the UWing would have been the perfect ship for Rebels to have a manoro like ability or giving it a unique upgrade that let's you swap a crew for an astromech on any ship with 2 crew slots, rebel only.
  21. Correct way to fix the game is remove tournaments! Casual play only
  22. I love this game, its all I ever want to play. Even at work I'm constantly on the forums or list building. My only complaint is its dead in my area all the local store guys have moved on to Armada, its all they want to play when I try to get a group together. Can't even get games going at the college I work at, no one ever shows.
  23. OK took the suggestion about Thane and worked this out, kinda crazy Thane Kyrell M9-G8 Weapons Engineer Alliance Overhaul. 32 points Corran Horn Adaptability (increase) Fire Control System R2-D2. 41 points Jess Pava BB8 Integrated Astro. 27 points So 100 points total, I would try to fly this list close together. Thane would target lock his wingmen to give them free reroll. Jess would get rerolls on attack and defense. Corran would get reroll on first attack free target lock and reroll on the second if he takes it. R2 for a little regent on Corran. All ships 3 attack dice 2 with rerolls plus Corran can double tap. Don't know how strong it is till I try it but on paper it looks fun!
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